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From Alex Huang <>
Subject RE: License header update: Tuesday August 7
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 19:33:06 GMT
>   XenServerJava:
>     Ewan noted that the Citrix team is currently working to get this re-licensed.
> Ewan - any update on progress?
>     incubator-cloudstack/deps/XenServerJava/GPL-2
>     incubator-cloudstack/deps/XenServerJava/Makefile

I'm not certain if there's been discussion on why this is needed.  We had to add some client
timeouts into the java stubs for xenserver because it didn't have it.  We should really push
these changes upstream to XenServer rather have these here.  There's a separate conversation
that's been going on with the  XenServer team about this.  I'll try to patch Ewan in on that
topic and see if we can just remove this altogether.

>   Mockito:
>     Alex and Chiradeep had conflicting opinions about removing this folder
> from tools.  Can we get to an agreement about how to disposition the
> Mockito folder within tools?
>     incubator-cloudstack/tools/mockito/*

I've answered this one in a separate mail thread.
>     This file is in the public domain (see the header), but we need to attribute
> the author:
>     incubator-cloudstack/utils/src/com/cloud/utils/encoding/

This is a file I pulled off public domain and was using well before CloudStack.  I realized
later that apache has tools for this function.  I think other codes in cloudstack has started
using the apache one.  We should switch over to just using the apache one and remove this
file all together.

The apache library is here.

I did a quick check and see that this is only used in about five places.  I'll see if we can
change those places over.

>   Sun Licenses:
>     These files are potentially a problem.  They are either CDDL or GPL.  GPL is
> not allowed, and CDDL will require discussion.
>     incubator-cloudstack/utils/src/javax/ejb/
>     incubator-cloudstack/utils/src/javax/persistence/
>     incubator-
> cloudstack/utils/src/javax/persistence/

These are mine as well.  I pulled these files mainly because I didn't want to pull in a big
heavy jar just to get the persistence annotations.  The files are not modified and we should
be able to remove them completely and replace them with just the jar file.

A quick search on stackoverflow turns up this link.  The last post indicates there is already
a jar file in maven we can use.

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