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From Pranav Saxena <>
Subject RE: Little help submitting a patch on 3.0.x branch
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2012 17:05:31 GMT
Also I observed  that you are cloning the repository from instead of the Apache
repository which is this (
). Clone it from here and checkout to master since 3.0.x is considered to be a dead branch
as David mentioned. Please go through this document once (
) and follow the procedure which I mentioned in my previous mail.


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From: Pranav Saxena [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 10:30 PM
Subject: RE: Little help submitting a patch on 3.0.x branch

Hi Jamshid , 

You could follow this to submit a patch - 

To submit a patch , you might want to go through this document once -

Procedure for submitting a patch through Review Board Tool - 

1) Then once you have generated your patch and applied to apache branch(say 3.0.x) , you can
go to the review board tool ( ) to create a new Review request.
You'll need to create your account here and then login to your dashboard.
2) To create a new service request , you need to do the following - 
     2.1) - Click on New Review Request 
     2.2) - Choose the repository as - cloudstack-git
     2.3) - Upload your patch where the "Diff"  label is mentioned .  You can leave the "Parent
Diff" label empty and click on "Create Review Request".
3) Once this is done , you need to choose - 
     3.1) - Branch - The name of apache branch you are working on ( 3.0.x /Master) 
    3.2) - Specify the bug ticket number against "Bugs" label
     3.3) - Choose groups as "cloustack" which will automatically send an email to cloudstack-dev
list for your patch review.
     3.4) - Similarly you can specify specific people under the "Peoples" label , in case
you want anyone in particular to review your patch.
     3.5) - Mention the details under the description , summary , Testing done  labels.
4) Finally click on publish to send the patch for review. You'll see an email being sent to
the cloudstack group , the specific people you added and yourself.

Let me know in case you have any problems while submitting patches.

Also can you please tell how have you created your patch ?

Thanks & Regards,

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From: [] On Behalf Of Jamshid Afshar
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 10:24 PM
Subject: Little help submitting a patch on 3.0.x branch

Hi, I'm having trouble submitting a patch for review. Sorry, I'm new to git and Review Board.

I created my working directory from this repository and branch and I made my edits:

git clone --branch 3.0.x

If I choose "cloudstack-git" at and submit a diff file (the
output of "git diff"), it reports the error "The file 'awsapi/conf/'
(r08f5603) could not be found in the repository".

I think I need to specify the Parent Diff, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to be.

I'm probably having a similar problem when I tried using "post-review":

   $ post-review --tracking-branch=upstream/3.0.x  --server
   There don't seem to be any diffs!

Jamshid Afshar

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