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From Kevin Kluge <>
Subject RE: CloudStack 4.0 KVM system requirements
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2012 20:50:06 GMT
> > So I think it's important to realize that the actual release is a
> > source release. That makes the question (at least in my mind) what
> > platforms will we build convenience binaries for, as I suspect anyone
> > who builds from source doesn't really care about our concepts of
> > 'supported platforms'. The better question to define in my mind is
> > what versions of required libraries need to be there. (and perhaps
> > secondarily, will it work elsewhere - for instance the existing Ubuntu
> > 10.04 KVM support doesn't include snapshot capabilities IIRC).
> >
> I agree with you. I just want to make it easier for users. If you say you need
> at least libvirt X.X.X and Qemu X.X.X with kernel Y.Y.Y it could confuse
> people.
> If we say we support:
> * Ubuntu 12.04
> * CentOS 6.2 / 6.3
> But also mention which libraries we require, we should be safe?

Yeah, exactly.  Most CloudStack users will not build from source, and they rationally expect
some statement of Linux distro (for KVM) that is required.   They just need to know what ISOs
they can boot the hypervisor host from and expect CloudStack to manage the host.

For Ubuntu, I'd personally be fine with only supporting 12.04, but then we should have a procedure
that tells people running CS 3.0.2 with ubuntu 10.04 how to upgrade to CS 4.0 with Ubuntu
12.04 with minimal downtime.  Same for RHEL/CentOS at 6.2+.


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