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From Ewan Mellor <>
Subject Unresolved review requests
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2012 23:31:06 GMT
We have lots of old unresolved review requests.  If you are the original author, you are the
one who has to close the request (mark it as submitted) once it has been committed.  (Yes,
this is daft, but it's the way that the tool works right now.)

Please close your requests (either as submitted or abandoned) or if it hasn't been reviewed
satisfactorily please send an email to this list asking for progress to be made.  I want all
reviews closed out so that we can see what's pending for the upcoming 4.0 release.

I see old requests from:

* Deepti
* Jayapal
* Koushik
* Likitha
* Mice
* Pradeep
* Radhika
* Salvatore
* Sanjay
* Sebastien
* Hugo
* Prasanna
* Vijay B
* Wido



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