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From Ewan Mellor <>
Subject RE: [ASFCS40] CloudStack 4.0 release plan
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2012 19:46:29 GMT
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> +1, from monday on we'll have a 4.0 branch.
> That means however that you have to submit bugs fixes into master and
> 4.0.x, right?

Yes, that's right.  All changes should go into master, and anything that we want for 4.0 should
go into the release branch too.  That's going to mean pretty much everything at this point.

If there is going to be any value in having a release branch, we should have someone gatekeeping
between master and 4.0, so rather than throwing everything into 4.0, we have an additional
review step.  We should be aiming to slow down the rate of churn on 4.0 so that we can fix
a build to give people time to do some testing.  This person needs to be a committer, and
needs to know the codebase in and out.  Alex, I think that this person is you.  What do you

The only exception I would make to the "everything in 4.0" rule is for documentation.  I don't
see any value in branching the docs, and I want to make sure that we can keep updating the
docs at a fast pace even as we're deliberately slowing down the rate of change on the code.
 For this reason, I would have all the docs work continue in master, so there would be no
additional gatekeeping there, just the usual review.  Is everyone OK with that?



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