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From Mukesh Kumar <>
Subject RE: port-range support in createPortForwardingRule API method
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 09:26:15 GMT
Dear Alena
Thanks for your comment.   Please find my inline reply. Also, take a look at the email I've
sent at addressing Jason Bausewein

-----Original Message-----
From: Alena Prokharchyk [] 
Sent: donderdag, 16 augustus, 2012 18:31
Subject: Re: port-range support in createPortForwardingRule API method

On 8/16/12 5:49 AM, "Mukesh Kumar" <> wrote:

>>Dear All,
>>We are trying to setup Cloudstack 3.0.2 with advance network.
>>One of our business case, is to forward all the traffic (TCP/UDP), for 
>>a IP that belongs to a network, to an instance within the same network.
>>Using createPortForwardingRule API method seems good solution, but 
>>we're not sure how to assign a port-range, as the API doesn't have 
>>something like privateendport & publicendport.
>>we definitely don't want to do ~130k API calls specifying all TCP/UDP 
>>ports separately.

>Port ranges are not supported in createPortForwarding rule API.

Found the same in  API manual.   but it is indeed possible; we patched createPortForwardingRule
method to just have public/private endport parameter and its working.
Are there some reasons why it's not provided in CloudStack 3.x?

>>did we overlook some way of using the network source nat address  as 
>>the static nat address for an instance?  or some another solution to 
>>achieve the same?

>We do have static nat support in cloudStack. Following commands need to be called

>* enableStaticNat&virtualMachineId=<vmId>&ipAddressId=<publicIpId>
- maps vm to public ip address
>* createFirewallRule&ipAddressId=<publicIpId>&startPort&endPort - opens
access to the public ip address for specific port range

I'm afraid, Not if you want to to use the network's source nat IP address  as the static nat
address for an instance. It gives an error saying "Can't enable static, ip address Ip[]
is a sourceNat ip address"

>Hope this solution helps you.




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