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From Joe Brockmeier <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] links within a document.
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2012 21:31:42 GMT
On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 03:37:33PM -0400, sebgoa wrote:
> David, IMHO we need to decide on what guides we want to have for 
> 4.0(I have not seen such discussion), it will be a subset of all 
> the documentation we have out there. Then we work on migrating the 
> rest (what is not in publican fmt right now) as well as 
> updating/correcting it.

I think for the 4.0 release we should have:

- Full Install Guide
- Admin Guide
- Developer's Guide 
- Runbooks

A Runbook for KVM and XenServer/XCP at a minimum.  

> I don't think we should automate right now, we should do a manual 
> configuration of couple guides that are going to build for the release. 
> We could decide on that during the IRC meeting. Then Joe can build them :)

As David said, we can discuss this - but decisions will be taken on the
mailing list. 

I'm happy to build the guides for the release, of course, if that's how
we wind up doing things. 


Joe Brockmeier
Twitter: @jzb

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