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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Development with multiple devclouds
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2012 09:43:47 GMT
Hi Edison and everyone,

Devcloud works fine as one hypervisor/xen host. But, in order to develop/test certain features
of CS such as migration among hosts in a cluster, you would require at least two hypervisor

To solve this problem, using VBox's NAT and host-only adapter I tried various combinations,
but none of them are working.

I tried VBox's; 1. host-only adapter in place of NAT, keeping the same gateway and network
(my system crashed); 2. the default NAT +  one host-only adapter; with another devcloud vm
which is only used as a hypervisor/xen host.

@Edison: On the wiki page, you mention not to reinitialize the NAT. Is the NAT's mac and dom0/xen's
IP values tightly coupled with the present devcloud image?

How can I run run multiple devclouds/vms on VBox such that only one is used for management/storage/xen
and the others are just used as xen hosts (as within a cluster the hypervisors hosts should
be homogenous, using the same devcloud vm should be fine).

To solve this problem, now I've two separate Citrix XenServer vms on VBox and trying to setup
a management server/nfs-storage running on a third Ubuntu desktop VM on VBox.
Comment/suggestions on this issue and my approach now?


Best regards,
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