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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: git branching & commits list
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2012 21:58:50 GMT
I've sent an email to apache list announcing VPC branch creation in asf
repo (more than a month ago). The email also included all feature related
online docs (PRDs/FS).

The branch was created as soon as we started VPC feature development. We
didn't want to merge it to master directly (the feature is too big, still
in development and isn't covered by unittests just yet). At the same time
we wanted to enable it to the community asap, therefore asf/vpc branch was
created. The merge will be done as soon as the feature is properly tested
in the topic branch.

Resending the functional spec for the feature:


On 7/25/12 2:46 PM, "Wido den Hollander" <> wrote:

>On 07/25/2012 03:35 AM, Brett Porter wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Being based in Sydney, I tend to get a lot of list traffic in one big
>>lump when I wake up. Looking at cloudstack-commits today, there are 139
>>messages - most of which are a result of git branch merges. This has
>>been the situation a few times before, but this is the largest I recall
>Same in the EU. When you wake up your mailbox is loaded with e-mail :)
>> There isn't anything necessarily wrong with that, but it has me
>>thinking about the effectiveness of watching that list to provide
>>oversight on the code being committed. I'm asking this out of interest
>>as a mentor in how the podling deals with internal code review, and also
>>to understand how the ASF can best provide git infrastructure as a
>>relatively new service. I'm not actively developing the project, so I
>>wanted to hear how others who are find working with it.
>> The VPC branch is the obvious example at the moment. It has been active
>>since June 15, and has this breakdown of commits:
>> - 232 unique commits
>> - 14 merge commits
>> - 259 commits merged from master
>> So this seems like a good period of time and work to review. Do the
>>other developers here feel they adequately understand what is happening
>>on a feature branch such as this, both in terms of the overall plan for
>>the branch, and the review of the specific commits? Is the commits list
>>remaining an effective tool to keep track of this information?
>I honestly haven't looked at that branch. I've seen in there, but I
>think most developers are busy enough with their own daily work.
>Reviewing other code and understanding what is happening around you is
>important, but CloudStack is a BIG project.
>A quick peek at the VPC branch shows me that a lot of UI work is being
>done there.
>I understand what they are changing, but as a new committer I can't say
>that I fully understand what they are working on.
>Another problem still is that it seems to me that a lot of work is being
>done in the Citrix offices which the community don't know about.
>With open source projects I always assume most stuff goes over the
>mailinglist, but it seems a lot of the work goes through the bugtracker
>and other channels. I'm missing that information, so I don't have a clue
>what most developers are working on.
>> Regards,
>> Brett
>> --
>> Brett Porter

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