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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: ASF repo tags
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 18:18:12 GMT
On Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 1:49 PM, John Kinsella <> wrote:
> Can we add git tags for the 3.0.0, 3.0.1, and 3.0.2 releases? I realize they're not ASF-blessed
releases, but would be very handy for when folks want to grab a particular release from the
> I think 3.0.0 is cf0a4e02743abb87b665ea585cb3cf1786c4d966? The zip file on mentions
bcc4833 but I don't see that as a rev. I haven't tracked down the other two, yet.
> John

There in lies the problem.
Typically the branching methodology would work something like this:

master would be where cutting edge development would happen - for
really big features or major rewrites
Each release series would have it's on branch 3.0.x for the 3.0 series
and 2.2.y for the later 2.2 series.
Features would be introduced into those branches directly (and
cherrypicked into master).
As a release drew near, each release would branch as well so ongoing
work could happen as well. So you'll see branches in the old repo for
3.0.{1,2,3} etc. During this phase work should be checked into 3.0.2,
3.0.x, and master. However, several factors complicate that. First,
not all patches applied cleanly as the three different codebases were
often in very different places. Second, people are human, and I
imagine some commits just didn't make it.

I suppose one could go and do check the branches/tags and sync them,
but it strikes me as a good bit of work.


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