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From John Kinsella <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] The CloudStack Brand
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2012 22:42:07 GMT
Well put…think I completely agree on all the points. I can't think of a strong reason not
to hold course. The only negative thing I can think of against the CloudStack brand is it's
not as well known as the other IaaS project with the strikingly similar name - hopefully we'll
fix that. :)


On Jul 9, 2012, at 8:15 PM, David Nalley wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 10:41 PM, David Nalley <> wrote:
>> Hi folks:
>> So one of the things that PMCs are charged with is maintaining the
>> brand of a project[1][2], and while it's a responsibility of the PMC,
>> I brought the discussion here to enable some broader conversations and
>> to solicit input from folks in general.
>> This discussion is not about the mascot - but rather the name and
>> logo. (or in trademark terms, the wordmark, logo, logotype)
>> As a project we are provided tremendous flexibility in establishing
>> our brand - you'll even note some projects have completely changed
>> their name (Cordova nee CallBack, nee Phonegap). In this email I am
>> not going to share my opinion (I'll follow up with that in a bit), but
>> rather want to call for participation on this topic. Please weigh in.
>> --David
>> [1]
>> [1]
> Hi folks,
> I am back, this time with my opinion. I am breaking this up into two sections:
> 1. my stance
> 2. my reasoning
> Branding is an interesting thing to me, and I am biased wrt to this
> project, as I think I had a small part in promoting the existing
> CloudStack brand.
> #Stance
> My personal stance is that the name should be 'Apache CloudStack' .
> For the record, you can see the two different types of brand logos
> currently in use here:
> The main logo is center of the page - and says cloudstack in blue and
> gray with a ruled line and 'open source cloud computing' below it.
> The secondary logo is in the top left hand of the page above - and
> just has cloudstack in blue and gray. (best seen with firefox or
> chrome, I seem to recall IE not liking SVGs, but maybe that's a
> non-issue now).
> There's been some discussion of adding some Apache elements like the
> feather or the 'Apache' wordmark, and while I am thrilled to be at the
> ASF, I don't personally want to see us do this, and I'll discuss that
> below as well.
> #Justifications:
> * The 'Apache CloudStack' name shows both our lineage (CloudStack) and
> our (hopeful) future at the ASF - and it complies with the incubator
> guidelines to boot.
> * This logo is already widely in use, and all things considered is
> relatively well spread for an open source brand as nascent as it is.
> * This logo is already on thousands of items of swag from luggage tags
> to tshirts and everything in between
> * The current logo works well even in single color, which is
> economical should we desire to produce swag or use it in print.
> * I'd argue the current brand is pretty good, and changing it,
> especially if it's a drastic change is a decent amount of work to get
> done.
> * (Warning: Lazy side of me appearing) If there's nothing broken, we
> shouldn't expend the cycles on reinventing the brand which distracts
> us from the real objective of the project.
> ##Reasons for not adding Apache elements:
> * Some of the most successful ASF projects do not have either the
> wordmark in their logo or feather-logo. Namely Hadoop, Cassandra, etc.
> * The incubator frowns on projects with an undue fascination with the
> Apache brand.[1]
> * If it's the feather-log it becomes much more difficult to print
> ## Potential downsides
> There are some downsides - I realize that - and am even happy to point
> them out.
> 1. There was previously a commercial product (as well as the project)
> also known as CloudStack - and the producer of that product still has
> some folks that can't discern the difference between the ASF project
> and their product based on the ASF-project. (this is a training
> problem with individuals, not the body corporate IMO, but I am biased)
> 2. There's some striking similarity to another IaaS project, though
> FWIU the two names originated within a few months of each other.
> Your thoughts, comments, and flames are welcome
> --David
> [1]

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