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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject Re: First review of RBD support for primary storage
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 13:50:02 GMT
> Other than these limitations, everything works. You can create instances
> and attach RBD disks. It also supports cephx authorization, so no
> problem there!

I found a bug in libvirt under Ubuntu 12.04. In short, the base64 
encoding/decoding inside libvirt is broken due to a third party library.

For more information:

> What do you need to run this patch?
> - A Ceph cluster
> - libvirt with RBD storage pool support (>0.9.12)

I recommend running 0.9.13 (just got out) since it contains RBD support. 
But there is a bug if you're not running with cephx, this just got 

In a couple of weeks libvirt 0.9.14 will be released and that will 
contain everything you need and will probably fix the base64/secret 
problem as well.

> - Modified libvirt-java bindings (jar is in the patch)

Tomorrow there will be a release of libvirt-java 0.4.8 which will 
contain everything you need. No more need for a homebrew version of the 
libvirt Java bindings, we can use the upstream ones!;a=summary

> - Qemu with RBD support (>0.14)
> - A extra field "user_info" in the storage pool table, see the SQL
> change in the patch
> You can fetch the code on my Github account [3].

Not true anymore, I'm now pushing to the "rbd" feature branch at the 
Apache CloudStack repository.

> Warning: I'll be rebasing against the master branch regularly, so be
> aware of git pull not always working nicely.
> I'd like to see this code reviewed while I'm working on the latest stuff
> and getting all the patches upstream in other projects (mainly the
> libvirt Java bindings).

Like said, the libvirt Java bindings have gone upstream and that should 
be settled by tomorrow.


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