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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject Re: Runbook for a very small setup
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2012 07:59:58 GMT

On 06/30/2012 07:39 PM, David Nalley wrote:
>> Looks great! Seems like an easy way for people to set up their first
>> cluster.
>> Although I really do like this initiative, shouldn't we be cautious that we
>> are bringing up to much documentation?
> It is indeed a concern - too much documentation becomes un-maintained
> documentation. (such as the quick install guide that was once useful
> but has now fallen into disrepair)
>> We already have a PDF where we explain people how to set up CloudStack. We
>> should prevent having multiple docs which might say different things :)
> So the best and worst of the existing install guide is that it's
> descriptive, and talks about every possible trip down the rabbit hole.
> That is good and bad - much like Linux - so many things that you can
> do, but for most people your first experience with Linux shouldn't
> involve custom compiling your kernel. That makes it descriptive rather
> than prescriptive - and it also assumes a large amount of knowledge in
> multiple domains (virtualization, networking, linux, etc) Those really
> are prereqs for success in deploying CloudStack, but precious few
> people possess all of the necessary knowledge in each of those
> domains. I fully expect the install guide to remain the canonical
> document - and I copied much from it (many thanks to Kevin, Jessica,
> and Radhika for their work on the document). I don't think that
> necessarily means that there is no place for things like the runbook
> though, provided that they remain maintained. (we should probably
> actively cull documents that aren't maintained for every major
> release.)

Ack. As long as stuff stays maintained I don't see a problem. We should 
just be aware of documents telling contradictions.

"The runbook says I should do A, but the Install Guide says B: Which one 
is right?"


> --David

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