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From Murali Reddy <>
Subject Re: NetScaler Best Practices
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 10:01:54 GMT
There isn't a best practice document. At this point I doubt if there could
be clear recommendation when a customer should move from virtual router to
NetScaler. Logically any customer that want high throughput or think
software load balancer in virtual router will not fit their needs could
consider a network offering that gives NetScaler as LB. As CloudStack
begins to have deeper integration (e.g. SSL termination) in upcoming
releases with external devices their value add becomes more evident.

There is no recommendation for the 'capacity' as well. This value could
depend on the throughput/pps a particular VPX/MPX/SDX device can handle or
licensed for. There is no inherent notion of tenant in the NetScaler
devices (at least with MPX, VPX) based on which you can reserve  the
resources (CPU cores, throughput etc) or provide QoS guarantees. So
CloudStack currently uses simple hueristic of number of tenants a device
can be used as capacity of the device. This value is cloud admin
configured and editable so he can fine tune what capacity should be.

On 06/06/12 2:07 PM, "Paul Angus" <> wrote:

>I'm looking for best practices with respect to:
>a. when a client should be considering using a NetScaler for load
>balancing rather than the virtual router
>b. the capacity setting for any given NetScaler model.
>I understand that it depends on the type of load that the virtual router
>or NetScaler would experience, but we need to have some guidelines as a
>starting point.
>Paul Angus
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