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From Frank Zhang <>
Subject RE: Config public network without VLAN(error:no route to the host)
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 22:42:13 GMT

> Hi
> We have following setup
> management network(public IP range, storage
> network(private IP range public network(public IP range
> 1 CP
> 1 Nic on management network
> 1 Nic on storage network
> 2*Host
> 1 Nic on management network
> 1 Nic on storage network
> 1 Nic on public network
> 1 storage
> 1 Nic on management network
> 1 nic on storage network
> Management server has an NFS share which mounted on the storage
> network as secondary storage.
> So two questions:
> 1. for the public network, there is no vlan setup, the IP is direct routed to
> both host server(they are on access point), the question is, while I config the
> public network and guest network, it always ask for vlan number, which we
> don't have.

When you create zone, the vlan of public network is optional you should be able to 
Safely ignore it. What's exact error you suffered?

> 2. We saw "no route to the host" error in all the template, ISOs, in which we
> can not create any instance on.
> Please, if any one have good suggestion in this network setup, how can we
> do it.

Do this:
1. login your SSVM
	1.a go to the host where the SSVM is running
	1.b ssh -i  /root/.ssh/  -p 30922 link_local_ip_address 
	       The link local ip address can be grabbed from SSVM page on UI which starts with 169
	1.c try to mount your secondary storage to somewhere in your SSVM
	1.d if 1.c won't work, check if you can mount secondary storage on the host where SSVM running.
If failed, then it's your network issue
	1.e. if it works on your host, try to figure out any ip table rules in host blocking NFS
	1.h check routes of SSVM by 'ip route', the traffic to secondary storage should go thru storage
network which is (private IP range in you case

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> Kind regards.
> Lu
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