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From Hugo Trippaers <>
Subject Fixes for unittest and automated-test-run, please review
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 16:15:20 GMT
Heya all,

In order to get my automated build working I had to make a few changes to the build procedures.
The good thing now is that I can run a completely automated testrun using both the "unittest
ant target" and the "" testruns.  The bad thing is they both consistently fail
in the actual tests, but the framework to executes the tests does its job. (And actually reports
failures back to Jenkins now).

Summary of the changes:
	Modify xmltest ant targets to find the python module generated by build-marvin
	Modify xmltest ant targets to propagate a failure and trigger ant fail target when the testClient
       		(requires ant 1.8.x, will still report OK with older versions)
	Modify automated-test-run to start tomcat in the background and shoot it when the testrun
is done.
	Added utils/conf to the test classpath allowing Tests to find
	Added DBROOTPW to with a default value
	Modified to allow the user to specify the location of tomcat (ORIG_TOMCAT)
	Added a default logger to in case the higher level will not supply

Disabled checks in unittest:, somehow this triggers SSL errors on one of my boxes and hangs the build process.
Might be a genuine issue though
	Upgrade/*, these depend on a fake.sql to load an old database which does not exist, this one drops the cloud and cloud_usage database while other tests
depend on those

Wrote a little bit about testing here:

The patch is here:
Or see the Jenkins-build branch here:

If this is something we can include in the master branch, the next step would be to configure/fix
the tasks in Jenkins and start fixing stuff that breaks the build. 



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