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From Kishan Kavala <>
Subject RE: How can i get documentation about CloudStack project ?
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 06:42:37 GMT

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> Sent: Thursday, 7 June 2012 11:19 AM
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> Subject: Fwd: How can i get documentation about CloudStack project ?
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> From: guang wu <>
> Date: 2012/6/5
> Subject: How can i get documentation about CloudStack project ?
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> Hi, friends, i'm intersted in the project(CloudStack), i want to do something
> change about this project, such as developed it that add some
> function,update some function...and so on, but i don't found detailed
> information about how to development CloudStack, i found the most of
> documentation that about how to use it , can you help me ?  

Documentation can be found on CloudStack wiki [1] . Go through the developer related pages
[2] for setting up your development environment.

> Another question is about DB, the same as last question,i can't any document about
> DB, i want to get details documentation about DB's design and DB's introduce.

DB schema is available in the source (setup/db/create-schema.sql). I'm not sure if there is
a DB design document.

> at last ,  i download the source code about CloudStack project , but i can't
> compile for eclipse, the source code missing console project ,i need help for
> you, thanks !

How did you import the project?

Below are the steps to import project in eclipse:

1. Create a new workspace
2. Select File->Import
3. Select General->Existing Projects into Workspace in the new Dialogue
4. Click Next
5. Type where you checked out the source to into "Select root directory"
6. A list of projects should appear and select the projects you want to add
7. Click Finish



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