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Subject RE: BIG-IP F5 support in cloud stack 3.0.x
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 17:51:32 GMT
Hi Kevin, 

Thanks for reply. My CS installation is domain-based, i can't say how many domains can be
supported by TMOS 11.x, but on my side i checked TMOS 10.x partition concept (access domain)
was introduced there (can't say about exact version), so even TMOS rollback will not help
me. I'll be looking around what can be done and how to adjust F5 module to support partition
model, but as i see it will not be easy task for me. At this moment i screwed my CS installation
need to fix it. BTW do you have any information about 3.0.3 release ? 

> Dan, when we did the original F5 support in 2010 we decided not to 
> use the domain concept.  It didn't scale very well.  IIRC there were 
> at most 256 domains per device (mapping to 256 virtual networks in 
> CloudStack terminology).  This would have underutilized the device.  
> I would suggest investigating whether this constraint has been 
> relaxed in 11.x.  If so you could consider moving CloudStack to a 
> domain-based model.  That might be more desirable long term as it 
> could allow guest IP address overlap (across domains) but the changes 
> would have to consider addressing and upgrade of existing deployments 
> in addition to changes in the use of the F5 SDK.   It will be much 
> easier to adapt CloudStack to the new API...
> -kevin
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>> Subject: BIG-IP F5 support in cloud stack 3.0.x
>> Hi All,
>> After several days of experiments and test, digging around source code (im
>> not programmer) i've found that BIG IP F5 with installed TMOS 11.x is not
>> supported at all. Mainly as i found BIG-IP is prefixing vlans and 
>> server pools
>> (and probably other objects) with partition name, for exmaple:
>> CloudStack vlan name: vlan-652
>> BIG-IP returns "/Common/vlan-652"
>> From my understanding CloudStack module need to be redesigned to
>> support F5 partitioning, or partition name need to be stripped from each F5
>> object. Could you please confirm it.
>> Dan/borei.
>> Soleks Data Group.
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