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From Eric <>
Subject Bug Fix + Feature Request:
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 23:51:27 GMT
1. If I understand the syntax correctly, I believe that the usage information emitted by
is wrong in a couple of ways...

> [eric@sn2 ~]$ sudo /usr/lib64/cloud/agent/scripts/storage/secondary/cloud-install-sys-tmplt
> Usage: cloud-install-sys-tmplt: -m <secondary storage mount point> \
>   -f <system vm template file> \
>   [-h <hypervisor name: kvm|vmware|xenserver> ]  \
>   [ -s <mgmt server secret key, if you specified any when running cloud-setup-database,
default is password>]\
>   [-u <Url to system vm template>] \
>   [-F <clean up system templates of specified hypervisor>] \
>   [-e <Template suffix, e.g vhd, ova, qcow2>]
> or
> cloud-install-sys-tmplt: -m <secondary storage mount point> \
>   -u <http url for system vm template> \
>   [-h <hypervisor name: kvm|vmware|xenserver> ] \
>   [ -s <mgmt server secret key>]

 a. The usage information indicates that the hypervisor option+argument (i.e., "-h") is optional
and, IIUC, that is incorrect.

 b. The first stanza of the usage information also indicates that the URL option+argument
(i.e., "-u") is optional when using the the system vm template file flag (i.e., "-f") and,
IIUC,this is also incorrect. The two are mutually exclusive.

 c. The second stanza is missing clean-up and suffix options+arguments (i.e., "-F" and "-e",
respectively) and, IIUC, this is also incorrect.

2. I rather prefer NOT to install data files under the /usr/lib64 directory but this is where places the system template archive before installing/registering
a new system template VM. IMHO, these kinds of files should be placed elsewhere (e.g., /tmp)
so I propose modifying the script to allow the use of a temporary
working directory specified with a new option, "-T". 

I've made these fixes to the script and added the temporary working
directory feature to my local copy and have created a patch file from the deltas. How can
I submit the changes for consideration?

Eric Pretorious

Truckee, CA

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