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From Dean <>
Subject Event Publish and Subscribe ( was perhaps Re: Cloudstack Questions )
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 20:57:45 GMT
Cross reference to:

[ from: Marlon Davids ]
< munch >
> 2) How do we monitor VM's that are in Cloudstack when they are in an isolated VLAN does

> anyone have a clever workaround?
> 3) Has anyone developed a script for parsing and alerting on warning events in the 
> management Log yet?

I would like to propose cloudstack consider a pub/sub model for event handling to complement
API calls like listEvents.

Polling can be problematic and sensitive to scaling.

A simple example would be state change on a physical device.  The admin server can simply
publish a message on a network socket indicating that the device has changed it's state.

If a subscriber was interested in that device, it could make an api call to the admin server
for state change information for that device only.  The admin server may choose to validate
that physical device against the current state table in the database.

The API would reply that this node changed it's state from Operational to Prep For Maintenance.
 (or whatever the transition state would be)

The message exchange could be wrapped around vm states, resource additions/removals etc.

Using a library like zeromq, a developer can write any number of consumers in any language
they wanted to subscribe to the Event Bus. 


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