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From David Nalley <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Tags
Date Fri, 04 May 2012 20:44:23 GMT
I had brief discussion with some folks this afternoon around tags and
wanted to open that discussion up on the mailing list:

Quick background:
CloudStack uses the concept of tags on resources so that when an
instance is provisioned if it has matching tags it will be provisioned
on the matching tagged resources. (e.g. you'd tag your SSD storage
with a 'really_really_fast' tag and if you provisioned the an instance
with a service offering that had a matching 'really_really_fast' tag
it would be provisioned onto the SSD storage.

The particular behavior in question is how we handle provisioning
instances that don't have a matching tag. Today, you might not have
that 'really_really_fast' tag but your machine might still end up on
the 'really_really_fast'-tagged storage. (e.g. the tagged resources
aren't exclusively reserved for instances with matching tags)

My initial POV was that instances that possessed non-matching tags
should be lower priority for the deployment, but that deployment
shouldn't fail merely because an or matching tagged or untagged
resource wasn't available.

Alex however may have swayed me a bit - he advocated explicit
matching. Untagged deployments could only have untagged resources,
etc. And that any failure to provide enough resources results in a
failed deployment.

Thoughts, comments, flames?


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