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From Geoff Higginbottom <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] releases going forward
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 19:13:07 GMT
My concern here is that the roadmap has lots of new features, and we do not want to be waiting
6 months for the next release which was due out in May


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From: David Nalley []
Sent: 14 May 2012 20:07
Subject: [DISCUSS] releases going forward

Hi folks,

We had some chatter on private@ list regarding the approrpiateness of announcing the 3.0.2
release on the ASF-hosted lists - and that turned into a discussion of where we go from here
with regards to releases with a few opinions circling on whether we should assume that it's
the last release to be generated by Citrix - and when the Apache CloudStack community will
assume responsibility. Matt dutifully reminded us that the discussion need not be private
- and thus I am bringing that discussion here.

The concern is that there is a fairly significant amount of work to be done to generate an
Apache CloudStack release - a good deal of which will be trial and error and completely new
processes. By way of reference - it appears that Apache OpenOffice took about 10 months from
entering incubation to pushing out a release. I think we are substantially better off with
less to migrate than AOO - but nonetheless it could be a non-trivial amount of time, whereas
we have historically been doing about a release a month.

At the same time, pushing out a Citrix-generated CloudStack release is a pretty closed process
- QA happens behind closed doors, as does decision making about dates, release criteria, and
virtually everything else. It also requires a non-trivial amount of work for folks who presumably
would be otherwise engaged in pushing Apache CloudStack forward.

While I certainly hope that 10 (or even 6)  months doesn't go by without a release, my personal
inclination is to focus on Apache CloudStack - but I am but one voice - please discuss.

Thoughts, comments, flames?


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