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From Robert Schweikert <>
Subject Re: XAPI API (aka xenserver-java)
Date Fri, 18 May 2012 15:37:33 GMT
On 05/17/2012 01:26 AM, David Nalley wrote:
> Hi folks:
> I saw the recent changes to the dependency license page[1] and wanted
> to discuss XAPI API - which I think is the xenserver-java package. I
> don't think this is in any of the currently targeted distributions.

And I just learned that this is Citrix-Xen specific, which would be a 
reason that it is not in any distribution, i.e. no such bindings are 
part of the code.

This would imply that there is a potential that CloudStack depends on 
APIs that are only available in the Citrix incarnation of Xen. This in 
turn would put CS into an unfortunate position as CloudStack will not be 
able to run on any distribution that supports Xen ( origin), but 
will only be able to run on distros that also get Citrix-Xen.

This newly gained insight of course makes some of the earlier comments i 
made in this thread useless. What would have to happen is that the 
generation code would have to be pushed to and CloudStack would 
have to limit itself to those APIs.

> I
> maintain this package for Fedora and EPEL (so you can install it on
> EL6.2 - but it's using a non-supported yum repo to do so.) Also I
> don't ship the patched version that ships with CloudStack today - I
> build from source as Fedora and EPEL have guidelines around patches,
> one of which requires at least upstreaming patches - and honestly I
> can't even find an upstream repo for it, much less a record of where
> the patches have been upstreamed.
> I am pretty certain that aside from my packaging work, no other distro
> has the above package - and a quick google supports that belief.
> --David
> [1]

Based on the above I think there is a lot of clarification necessary 
w.r.t. the dependency list and it is necessary to sort out what the 
Citrix product will use (Citrix-Xen presumably) and what an open source 
incarnation of CloudStack depends on.


Robert Schweikert                           MAY THE SOURCE BE WITH YOU
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