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From Salvatore Orlando <>
Subject RE: Code vs DB version
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2012 16:10:18 GMT
I was running the branch with the SDN controller (final test before check in master and 3.0.x),
and I though the problem might be specific to that branch.
I then switched to master, but I am having the same problem.
I think we can exclude the problem being due to an incorrect db state, as it seems that the
DatabaseUpgradeChecker looks at latest available upgrade class and at current code version,
therefore not looking at the database at all.

Changing the patch version to '3' solves this problem, apparently.


From: Kevin Kluge
Sent: 23 April 2012 16:57
To: Salvatore Orlando;
Subject: RE: Code vs DB version

Moving over to the public mailing list.

Salvatore, which branch were you working on?


From: Salvatore Orlando
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2012 8:34 AM
Subject: Code vs DB version

I had the following error while starting up the management server with fresh code and pre-existing
2012-04-23 08:12:12,220 ERROR [cloud.upgrade.DatabaseUpgradeChecker] (main:null) The end upgrade
version is actually at 3.0.3 but our management server code version is at
2012-04-23 08:12:12,223 ERROR [utils.component.ComponentLocator] (main:null) Problems with
running checker:DatabaseUpgradeChecker The end upgrade version is actually at 3.0.3
but our management server code version is at

It seems that build/ needs to be updated accordingly, is that correct?
# major.minor.patch versioning scheme for CloudStack
company.patch.version=2  <-- Should this be 3?

This problem does not happen to me on fresh installs (new DB). Seems specific to DB upgrade.
Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong

Thanks in advance,

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