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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: Cloudstack Questions
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 17:19:11 GMT
There's a few approaches to the "monitoring VMs" question.
A. Install agents on the VMs and get the agents to phone back to your
monitoring server.
B. Add a dedicated monitoring VLAN per tenant and get the tenant VMs to be
dual homed on the original isolated VLAN and the monitoring VLAN
C. Like B, but the VLAN is shared among tenants. There is no isolation
guarantees in this case.
D. Create a monitoring VLAN. Every tenant creates (or admin creates for
them) a new routing VM (can be any old Linux distro) that has an interface
on both the monitoring VLAN and the tenant's VLAN. Tenant VMs add static
routes to the monitoring server to go via the new routing VM.

See attached PDF
You can use (D) to add any special networking service. For example you can
add a site-to-site VPN using the additional routing VM (the monitoring
VLAN becomes a VLAN with public Ips).

On 4/25/12 4:49 AM, "David Nalley" <> wrote:

>Welcome Marlon
>> 1) Will NFS be phased out for secondary storage in the future?
>I don't think this is going to happen - and if it is, certainly not
>any time soon.
>> 2) How do we monitor VM's that are in Cloudstack when they are in an
>>isolated VLAN does anyone have a clever workaround?
>I dont have a good answer for this at the moment
>> 3) Has anyone developed a script for parsing and alerting on warning
>>events in the management Log yet?
>So you should check out Zenoss's CloudStack ZenPack [1] they poll the
>listEvents API call and parse that for events.
>Alternatively, you could configure log4j to send logs of warning or
>higher to syslog - and thus on to some central logging facility like
>logstash, greylog, or splunk.

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