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Subject [cloudstack-primate] branch master created (now 0a7d767)
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2019 17:38:22 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

rohit pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 0a7d767  package: fix npm install issue, downgrade to previous versions

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new e580140  primate: initial UI v0.1
     new 5ab150f  cloudmonkey: add search bar to component
     new 7c89941  stuff
     new d40b9f3  package updates and fix router/list groupings
     new b650d21  fix icons, and add support for fontawesome svg icons
     new 41b4d40  add fontawesome dependencies
     new 8b754e1  fa link and examples
     new 467cb96  test route fix
     new edf4a99  add stub views
     new 6086b1a  icon and adjustments
     new 48c1d60  cleanup, new loader and themeing fixes
     new 79d0afe  cleanup
     new f21c3db  style: create new .less files structure (#3)
     new 968977b  bug: fix console error (#6)
     new d45f640  login: Remove console output of login credentials (#5)
     new 156efa4  Fix eslint errors (#7)
     new 64178e4  Fix project selection request (#4)
     new cdd7474  dashboard: fix styling and enhancements (#8)
     new f34b5a2  refactor config and make it small and light
     new c0fcffa  simply and refactor old router config into multiple files
     new 5f81099  fix lint issues
     new 432df3d  dashboard fixes
     new 80f2e44  fix gutter
     new 4307cdf  dashboard fixes, working event card, new public ips view
     new c7c7074  fixes and removals
     new b48cc4a  refactoring of less rules (#26)
     new b7c414d  fix alignment bugs, fix issue on mobile by changing icons to small/round
     new dc35640  fix lint issues
     new 39b6c87  resource table fixes and enhancements
     new 76639bf  lint fixes
     new 8c1be25  dashboard improvements (#27)
     new 3401dea  fix css issues, stripped table etc.
     new 097ca0b  add columns/order for most cloud resources
     new 2a65a7c  lint fixes
     new 30566b9  use svg banner and logo, fix routing issue
     new 377b78d  notification bar changes
     new 62b2486  login page cleanup
     new b58634c  new servers svg background from
     new fe6b335  styling fixes
     new c56e3db  details view and css margin fixes
     new a75fe18  fix columns order for rest of the remaining resource views
     new fc3bc53  fix infinite component loop
     new 190d9f6  update packages and dependencies
     new 09b5c3e  keep it simple and minimal: remove background svg
     new 2ea0c70  show breadcrumb in resource view for mobiles
     new e04d0d6  Readme: fix upgrade dependencies command
     new 75670d2  add button on compute and volume views and logic to show/hide in data/list
     new 7932b48  test/demo custom component
     new c1ab186  fix lint issue
     new 739092f  Refactor login layout and styles (#29)
     new 069b9e7  upgrade dependencies, ant-design and eslint to fix lint issue
     new 261ba5d  Add translation support (#30)
     new 52cb576  update dependencies and cleanup
     new 78ae309  new instance component and several other fixes
     new 7fd17e4  Add links in custom instance component
     new 6d24efe  fix lint issues
     new ace9060  Added some fixes and made language change not reload (#31)
     new a0bda8f  custom instance component, hindi lang
     new 98d8d72  show breadcrump on top global header for desktop
     new 30862ca  lint fixes
     new 0e8b850  Async job poller and notifications for actions (#32)
     new 4423aea  prettify custom VM component
     new bc341a9  minor fixes
     new f92c2dc  display lang/flag on the translation header button
     new 8ff9a5f  show card/table view on listing of resources
     new 0131640  fix key error
     new b4a2ede  minor fixes based on advise
     new 35df598  remove colored tags
     new c11d8f4  Make the api url for development configurable via env file (#33)
     new 3666a53  Fix README on using env file
     new dc97192  fix README
     new a280aa9  Enhancement/linting (#34)
     new d7e859b  README: cleanup
     new 4d3a23b  Remove unused vue cookies dependency
     new bb1d7b3  cleanup api, core and main files
     new ca3ba8b  cleanup code, refactor locales and bootstrapping
     new ef095f1  fix typos and unnecessary comments
     new 4a39158  translation: Fix catalan flag
     new 45d2c34  projectmenu: Use project displaytext and use name as fallback
     new b159e90  package: fix version to start from 0.1.0
     new e9700ce  layout: refactor move
     new c90d37e  use a simpler loader and fix import file path
     new 82e0e24  update packages, refactor out components
     new 8901f76  refactor out component
     new ec52e8d  allow ordering and filtering of API param args
     new 42df4e3  only import used fa icons
     new bb24c8f  component refactoring
     new 53112c2  Create LICENSE
     new 4c28cad  refactor: framework changes to allow custom action component
     new 510f39a  Create
     new d02cd1c  config: allow custom action component needs to be in popup
     new 2a3fea2  Implement resource pagination on table #15
     new 2af197f  dashboard: render human readable statistics with units
     new d427d5e  README: add screenshot
     new 0cb0567  README: update history
     new 5e51407  docs: add docs on router config management
     new 11d0a96  docs: fix link
     new b65f300  compute: enhancements and tweaks in custom vm component
     new 7cb559a  package: update dependencies
     new 0f8245a  package: add metadata about project
     new 1ea6221  compute: fix lint issue
     new 2e57dfd  translation: remove flags usage
     new 2b28f0c  compute: vm view customisation
     new 0540fea  project: bugfix, show projects and its details
     new 1a25a96  compute: fix lint issue
     new b016525  README updates and CS_URL fix
     new 9e036b6  compute: Fix markup (#65)
     new 180a109  component: new info card component with tags and annotations support
     new e725e5f  component: UI-wide detail view with new layout and info-card
     new 62d230a  detailsview: show card in cards (for now)
     new 4a209ac  detailsview: translate the keys if possible
     new d4a187f  infocard: support for tags and config across UI
     new ba5a785  docs: progress text file
     new bcc2ed9  offering: add tags support for vpc offerings
     new b4c314f  views: fix autogen view, use loading and remove old dataview component
     new 9f09bd0  info-card: fixes and improvements
     new b8221bc  actions: add all actions from old UI including labels and translation fixes
     new b3a83da  autogen: fix actions bar width
     new 4171f09  config: explicit details list for each view
     new 6b55c9f  config: add details keys for all views based on old UI
     new 56e5320  info-card: apikey/secretkey for users
     new 9669e22  iam: fix nav issue for /user to /accountuser
     new d3b09c7  views: fix lint issue
     new b099e70  info-card: styling fixes and missing params
     new c151ed2  offering: don't show system offering to non-root admins
     new a77190d  views: refactor into a separate layout with slots
     new ef5dd71  icons: remove unused icons and fix css
     new 559c425  breadcrumb: de-duplicate and reuse component
     new 6cdb03d  views: add infra summary dashboard
     new a8ac527  infrasummary: css cleanup
     new 146e4a5  views: fix lint issue
     new 74f3780  status: fix css and display status inline with badge
     new 5cfcb5f  infocard: styling fixes
     new 53954cf  component: new OS logo component
     new 6d65868  views: refactor instance and generic info-card, use os logo component
     new 7794996  README: package upgrades and doc fix
     new d3dca59  views: lint fixes
     new 5f57f1b  views: on delete don't refresh same view, go back in history
     new 4995537  views: refactor to new tabs styled component rendering
     new 2586979  views: fix watchers and don't call APIs many times
     new 51f933f  docs: fixes and updates
     new 3138003  infocard: subjective navigation buttons on info card
     new 5e29a1f  config: add actions for compute, storage and network, custom action stubs
     new 185a12c  config: add actions for image, projects, monitor and iam
     new 8f54ecc  config: fix all actions in infra
     new 65b01a8  views: remove card view, stick with default table view as list view
     new 419012a  views: add custom action component stubs
     new 248378f  network: add detail view component stubs
     new 99e2ec4  config: add offering and misc apis
     new 2bea685  apis: temp folder to track api progress wrt old UI
     new 1b684ce  config: fix missing vpn users tab, review/fix icons
     new b2215b0  docs: fix api remaining and generation script
     new 6aea638  src: codebase refactoring
     new ce548f8  ssh: handle ssh details view
     new f15c558  src: codebase wide cleanup and refactorings
     new 89b15bf  package: update dependency
     new 47927b4  listview: fix css after antd upgrade
     new 6e85d04  compute: fix config
     new 821274a  autogen: fix issue, make keys with function iterable
     new de387a1  locales: fix extra spaces issue
     new 4515b30  locales: revert/fix the space fix from index.js
     new 81c0d6d  src: add apache v2.0 license header to files
     new 4e13e8a  src: new resource details settings tab for vm and templates
     new eeaa337  compute: VM deployment wizard
     new aa8588a  package: update latest dependencies
     new 7cc2704  docs: update docs
     new 0a7d767  package: fix npm install issue, downgrade to previous versions

The 167 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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