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Subject [cloudstack] annotated tag cloudian-cloudstack-4.9_6.2 deleted (was 4a2e080)
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2019 17:41:18 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

rohit pushed a change to annotated tag cloudian-cloudstack-4.9_6.2
in repository

*** WARNING: tag cloudian-cloudstack-4.9_6.2 was deleted! ***

   tag was  4a2e080

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard d9b71c7  cloudian: fix typo in UI plugin config file
 discard a327d2d  cloudian: fix logging message
 discard 2183a4f  cloudian: add logging, don't update for group 0 users
 discard 84f1a50  cloudian: HTTP204 is resource does not exist
 discard 635d1ca  cloudian: fix logging and error handling, updated docs
 discard b302e5c  cloudian: throw exceptions on operations time out, check http ok
 discard de5a6d0  cloudian: fix auth failure cases
 discard 160ede3  cloudian: handle auth failure, fix logging/messages
 discard 0113afc  cloudian: log for auth failures, add unit test
 discard ca209eb  cloudian: refactor package names
 discard 9930270  cloudian: Improve docs with outputs from actual rpm install/remove
 discard 2206741  cloudian: fix rpm pkging post install/uninstall step
 discard 34b62fa  cloudian: fix doc issues
 discard dd1c8e7  cloudian: update docs
 discard 31e6520  cloudian: refactor global setting names
 discard b8efe33  cloudian: connector docs wip
 discard bcdd481  cloudian: port docs to new connector impl
 discard 6593c41  cloudian: rpm spec building wip
 discard 370941b  cloudian: code cleanup and last refactoring/changes
 discard 23b2b34  cloudian: refactor public api
 discard 02907da  cloudian: refactor wiremock static method usage
 discard 078112d  cloudian: remove methods from test
 discard faabecc  cloudian: have pre-emptive basic http/s auth
 discard bcd12ab  cloudian: add more unit tests around delete/put/post
 discard 3e8e30a  cloudian: add more unit tests
 discard 195913d  cloudian: start adding unit tests using wiremock
 discard a699714  cloudian: move test around
 discard f50955d  cloudian: cleanup tests, wip unit testing
 discard c542b9e  cloudian: fix ui regression, throw exception on timeout
 discard bc0bb89  cloudian: refactor code around SSO and url handling
 discard 7bc74bc  cloudian: major refactorings, add logout hook on loading
 discard 269964c  cloudian: wip logout javascript hook
 discard 931e992  cloudian: set client timeouts, don't attach to message bus when plugin is
not enabled
 discard 1382d0e  cloudian: sync first, last names and account name
 discard cefbe51  cloudian: get fresh client on each requirement, to not require restart everytime
global setting is changed
 discard c9a23eb  cloudian: test fixes
 discard f420a19  cloudian: make mgr impl robust wrt uncaught exceptions, improve logging
 discard 7ef84d5  cloudian: make client refactorings, add email, use http status codes for
 discard ca37238  cloudian: refactor client code
 discard 8f220a5  cloudian: some apis don't return response, fix add apis to return boolean
 discard 738b89b  cloudian: add mandatory/missing user attribute
 discard e9244cf  cloudian: let's guard more apis wrt NPEs
 discard 7307168  cloudian: more npe fixes, around response contents (this needs fixing)
 discard 2188815  cloudian: fix base admin url
 discard b5d81fe  cloudian: fix NPEs
 discard 1cc3e73  cloudian: wip integration with client api/lib
 discard f85e332  cloudian: support most crud apis for user/group wip
 discard 5f86ad6  cloudian: api request experiments
 discard 77e1535  cloudian: add client/test stubs using apache hc (httpclient)
 discard 64aeba6  cloudian: file path/name refactorings
 discard 4c6ed44  ui: use http GET redirection for now until Tom sorts out POST-ability of
 discard 38e72d6  cloudian: fix sso param generation code
 discard d537afd  cloudian: POST does not work :(
 discard a61c430  cloudian: port sso signature generation code
 discard ceb0b9f  cloudian: ui integration
 discard d4085ac  cloudian: ui plugin enable/disable based on api/setting value
 discard 32ffe1e  cloudian: wip ui->cmc opening
 discard db76972  cloudian: wip sso integration
 discard 170ad66  cloudian: fix NPE
 discard e1983c9  cloudian: add message bus listeners
 discard f9b3b4a  cloudian: add configs from connector props file to db
 discard df1a802  cloudian: add connector plugin stubs
 discard 60b9142  cloudian: UI plugin stub

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