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Subject [cloudstack] branch debian9-systemvmtemplate updated (30b8305 -> 5e9092e)
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2017 14:07:37 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

bhaisaab pushed a change to branch debian9-systemvmtemplate
in repository

    omit 30b8305  CLoudstack UX improvements
    omit 85cbd3a  UI feature: Event timeline listing
    omit 4760eac  fix blocker, cyclical imports, several UI fixes
    omit 2e596aa  minor fixes
    omit 0ba8839  fix ssh patching
    omit 86d83d0  wip- make redundant routers work again
    omit e0fa409  fixes
    omit 593d125  more fixes
    omit 2b31308  reformating
    omit c27d547  fix passwd server test
    omit 5880923  pass test
    omit 49884b2  fix haproxy syntax
    omit 4dcf083  fix test failures
    omit 8dd930a  fixes
    omit c5084f2  improvements
    omit 25388d4  remove postinit
    omit 3555f66  Fixed ssvm tests, make them faster
    omit 9596650  fix failures
    omit ee6e66b  make systemvms faster and better
    omit 76ae9bb  refactor individual setup scripts
    omit 272e774  template changes
    omit 1caae17  fix removing shar scripts
    omit 54e270b  remove all logs
    omit 24b40f7  remove stuff
    omit a719a97  fix description for
    omit 6d2525e  Remove unknown key with random user key
    omit aabd6380 don't disalbe hyperv daemon it runs anyway from cloud-early-config
    omit abe56b0  regression fixes
    omit 8e44acd  major scripts refactoring, make cloud-early-config small
    omit 4ae34cb  use log4j xml don't patch via cloud-early-config
    omit 332c791  disable services by default
    omit 383857f  misc fixes changes
    omit 8bb33cb  Use sha512 sum, use distro provided packages
    omit 8de9af5  use hostnamectl to add hostname
    omit 7d206e1  fix regression
    omit 074b3f2  make console proxy launch faster
    omit 23b55dc  fix dnsmasq starting issue
    omit 2c68bc4  speed up console proxy service loading
    omit c63c4fa  sshd is enabled by default
    omit fd09e65  update vhd-util url
    omit 615dc63  enable additional modules
    omit 9ee9623  update: update iso url
    omit 8bc20f8  remove unknown ssh key
    omit 8dd68ad  Start services after enabling them using systemd
    omit 56b2e6c  Ignore files from build of SSVM
    omit ea160f6  Disable most services by default and enable in cloud-early-config
    omit ea8d313  Accept DOS/MBR as file format for ISO images as well
    omit 3abcfec  Move systemd services to /etc and enable services after they have been installed
    omit a4d7862  Load the nf_conntrack_ipv6 module for IPv6 connection tracking on SSVM
    omit b492094  CLOUDSTACK-10013: Migrate systemvmtemplate to Debian9
     add d65f044  CLOUDSTACK-10138: Load br_netfilter in security_group management script
     add fdf2509  CLOUDSTACK-10160: Fix typo in Libvirt XML definition for Virtio-SCSI (#2341)
     add f506a99  CLOUDSTACK-10154: fixing some smoketests failures (#2335)
     add bec48c6   CLOUDSTACK-10140: Fix for when template is created from snapshot
are corrupted (#2322)
     add cd56112  Resource dedicated to a domain is owned by the root domain
     add bd56044  Merge pull request #2124 from GabrielBrascher/CLOUDSTACK-9432
     new fbb6c18  CLOUDSTACK-10013: Migrate systemvmtemplate to Debian9
     new e268035  CLOUDSTACK-10013: Make Debian9 systemvmtemplates work with systemd
     new 8f41288  CLOUDSTACK-10129: UX improvements and event timeline
     new 9ead74a  CLOUDSTACK-10013: Debian9 SystemVM appliance improvements
     new 5e9092e  wip- make redundant routers work again

This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.
That is to say, some revisions that were in the old version of the
branch are not in the new version.  This situation occurs
when a user --force pushes a change and generates a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O   (30b8305)
             N -- N -- N   refs/heads/debian9-systemvmtemplate (5e9092e)

You should already have received notification emails for all of the O
revisions, and so the following emails describe only the N revisions
from the common base, B.

Any revisions marked "omit" are not gone; other references still
refer to them.  Any revisions marked "discard" are gone forever.

The 5 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 .../cloud/storage/template/   | 53 +++++++++++-----
 debian/cloudstack-agent.postinst                   |  9 +++
 .../hypervisor/kvm/resource/      |  4 +-
 .../hypervisor/kvm/resource/  | 10 +++
 .../affinity/         | 73 +++++++++++++---------
 .../affinity/     | 43 +++++++++----
 .../resource/      |  8 +--
 .../debian/config/opt/cloud/bin/setup/ |  6 +-
 .../smoke/            |  7 +++
 test/integration/smoke/    |  1 -
 test/integration/smoke/             | 20 +++---
 ui/scripts/instances.js                            |  4 +-
 ui/scripts/metrics.js                              | 13 ++--
 ui/scripts/network.js                              |  1 -
 ui/scripts/storage.js                              |  8 +--
 ui/scripts/system.js                               |  2 +-
 16 files changed, 168 insertions(+), 94 deletions(-)

To stop receiving notification emails like this one, please contact
['"" <>'].

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