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Subject [cloudstack] branch 4.10 updated (98a9856 -> d53f500)
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2017 18:44:47 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

bhaisaab pushed a change to branch 4.10
in repository

    from 98a9856  Merge branch '4.9' into 4.10
     add 980be4d  CLOUDSTACK-9757: Fixed issue in traffic from additional public subnet
     add 033631f  CLOUDSTACK-8871: fixed issue with the xenserver 6.2 ipset nethash
     add 6471978  CLOUDSTACK-9821: Fixed issue in deploying vm in basic zone
     add ca60ebb  Fix for using nfs2 instead of nfs template
     add 823d197  Fix for test failure
     add 0bc5678  CLOUDSTACK-9611: Dedicating a Guest VLAN range to Project does not work.
     add e61815a  CLOUDSTACK-9794: Unable to attach more than 14 devices to a VM
     add af9c6b7  CLOUDSTACK-9851 travis CI build failure after merge of PR#1953
     add 0fbbbdb  CLOUDSTACK-9720: [VMware] template_spool_ref table is not getting updated
with correct template physical size in template_size column.
     add 859b215  CLOUDSTACK-9784 : GPU detail not displayed in GPU tab of management server
     add 73c30f1  CLOUDSTACK-9793: Faster ip in subnet check
     add cdc9947  CLOUDSTACK-8841: Storage XenMotion from XS 6.2 to XS 6.5 fails.
     add c206098  Fix public IPs not being removed from the VR when deprovisioned
     add 7c58c37  ipv6: Set IPv6 CIDR and Gateway in 'nic' profile
     add a9050fa  CLOUDSTACK-8857 listProjects doesn't return tags vmstopped or vmrunning
when their value is zero
     add 54bd8ee   CLOUDSTACK-9724: Fixed missing additional public ip on tier network with
     add 120ac33  CLOUDSTACK-9682: Block VM migration to a storage which is in maintainenece
mode. If the destination pool is in maintenance mode do not allow a volume to be migrated
to the storage pool. Fixed it for volume migration and vm migration with volume.
     add 1d25582  CLOUDSTACK-9752: [Vmware] Optimization of volume attachness to vm
     add 5eb6397  CLOUDSTACK-9715: Update somaxconn value to default value
     add c14aa40  CLOUDSTACK-8950 Hypervisor Parameter check is not performed for registerTemplate
and getUploadParamsForTemplate API's
     add 38966ee  Marvin test to verify that adding TCP ports 500,4500 and 1701 in vpn should
not fail Bug-Id: CS-43653 Reviewed-by: Self
     add fa7ebaa  CLOUDSTACK-9731: Hardcoded label appears on the Add zone wizard
     add 1f44e88  CLOUDSTACK-9321 : Multiple Internal LB rules (more than one Internal LB
rule with same source IP address) are not getting resolved in the corresponding InternalLbVm
instance's haproxy.cfg file
     add ad5ec66  CLOUDSTACK-9831: Previous pod_id still remains in the vm_instance table
after  VM migration with migrateVirtualMachineWithVolume
     add 765ab54  CLOUDSTACK-9208: Assertion Error in VM_POWER_STATE handler- Fixed
     add e6855db  CLOUDSTACK-9685: delete snapshot on primary associated with a volume when
that volume is deleted      as that snapshot will never be going to use again and also it
will fill up primary storage
     add 645283a  CLOUDSTACK-9623: Deploying virtual machine fails due to "Couldn't find vlanId"
in Basic Zone
     add ba60718  VM snapshot is disabled if the VM Instance is off
     add 05f94b8  Bug fix for CLOUDSTACK-9762   Management Server UI (VM statistics page)
CPU Utilized value is incorrect.
     add a7cfdf6  CLOUDSTACK-9728: Fixed traffic sentinel HTTP 414 error response
     add 41d1d40  CLOUDSTACK-9748:VPN Users search functionality broken
     add 4c37e11  CLOUDSTACK-8931: Fail to deploy VM instance when use.system.public.ips=false
     add 5ce122c  CLOUDSTACK-9630: Cannot use listNics API as advertised
     add b696a00  CLOUDSTACK-9725 Failed to update VPC Network during N/w offering Upgrade
which doesnt have ACL service Enabled. check if acl service provider is configured when network
is associated with a acl.
     add f9e5165  CLOUDSTACK-8829 : Consecutive cold migration fails
     add 9ddbd9e  CLOUDSTACK-8833: Fixed  Generating url and migrate volume to another storage
, resulting two entry in UI and listvolume is not working for that volume Update the volume
id in volume_store_ref table to newly created volume for migration
     add 9ce2dde  CLOUDSTACK-9834: prepareTemplate API call doesn't work well with XenServer
& Local SR (Db_exn.Uniqueness_constraint_violation)
     add 42e60eb  CLOUDSTACK-9708: Router deployment failed due to two threads start VR simultaneously.
     add 63997b3  CLOUDSTACK-9666 Added basic configuration validation for the config drive
global settings
     add 16b67b4  CLOUDSTACK-9686: Fixed multiple entires for builtin template in template
store ref table so builtin template is never downloaded completely  In handleSysTemplateDownload
method creating template only if there exists no entry handleTemplateSync will take care of
other scenario
     add 9effd47  Changing vlan to None since network offering being used has Specify Vlan
set to False
     add 64d09c7  CLOUDSTACK-9017 : VPC VR DHCP broken for multihomed guest VMs
     add d03f499  CLOUDSTACK-9638 Problems caused when inputting double-byte numbers for custom
compute offerings
     add e574953  CLOUDSTACK-9814 : Unable to edit a Sub domain, which has the same name in
different domains
     add 9334e09  CLOUDSTACK-9937 : dedicateCluster API response does not return correct detail
in response
     add 1b26a48  BUG-ID:CLOUDSTACK-8921 Summary: CLOUDSTACK-8921      snapshot_store_ref
table should store actual size of back snapshot in secondary storage Calling SR scan to make
sure size is updated correctly
     add af6c28b  CLOUDSTACK-8910: The reserved_capacity field increases suddenly after a
vmware host failure
     add 1535afe  CLOUDSTACK-9843 : Performance improvement of deployVirtualMachine, createFirewallRule,
createPortForwardingRule removed 1 sec sleep in SSHHelper.
     add 4bacb64  CLOUDSTACK-9842: Unable to map root volume usage to VM
     add 8240bc4  CLOUDSTACK-9701: When host is disabled/removed, capacity_type for local
storage in op_host_capacity is still enabled
     add 75c81d9  CLOUDSTACK-9705: Unauthenticated API allows Admin password reset  Now, Updating
the password via UpdateUser API is not allowed via integration port
     add f8f71a5  CLOUDSTACK-9694: Unable to limit the Public IPs in VPC
     add 6977cb3  CLOUDSTACK-9684 Invalid zone id error while listing vmware zone Issue =====
While listing datacenters associated with a zone, only zone Id validation is required. There
is no need to have additional checks like zone is a legacy zone or not.
     add 30bb558  CLOUDSTACK-9610: Disabled Host Keeps Being up status after unmanging cluster.
     add 77fb2c9  CLOUDSTACK-9592 Empty responses from site to site connection status are
not handled propertly
     add 9667154  CLOUDSTACK-9567 Difference in the api call outputs for CAPACITY_TYPE_CPU
= 1
     add aaae977  CLOUDSTACK-9555 when a template is deleted and then copied over again ,
it is still marked as Removed in template_zone_ref table
     add 26bcb9a  CLOUDSTACK-9935 : Search in VPN Customer Gateway not working
     add b70879c  CLOUDSTACK-9560 Root volume of deleted VM left unremoved
     new d53f500  Merge branch '4.9' into 4.10

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repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
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