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Subject [41/63] [abbrv] cloudstack-docs-admin git commit: 50% des chaines sont traduites en FR
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2017 01:18:54 GMT
diff --git a/source/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.po b/source/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.po
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..f30df63
--- /dev/null
+++ b/source/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.po
@@ -0,0 +1,1904 @@
+# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
+# or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
+# distributed with this work for additional information
+# regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file
+# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
+# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
+# with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
+# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
+# software distributed under the License is distributed on an
+# KIND, either express or implied.  See the License for the
+# specific language governing permissions and limitations
+# under the License.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: Apache CloudStack Administration RTD\n"
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+"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-06-30 12:52+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-12-20 22:52+0100\n"
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+"Language: fr\n"
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+"X-Generator: Poedit 1.8.11\n"
+# 4425df0b51c64a33802d59f9f7eb5bd8
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:20
+msgid "Configuring a Virtual Private Cloud"
+msgstr "Configurer un Cloud Privé Virtuel"
+# 60b4e45448554da0a9df907a8e700391
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:23
+msgid "About Virtual Private Clouds"
+msgstr "A propos des Clouds Privés Virtuels"
+# 9caa2b864b03431aae6a6f47aa583653
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:25
+msgid ""
+"CloudStack Virtual Private Cloud is a private, isolated part of CloudStack. A VPC can have its own virtual network topology that resembles a traditional physical network. You can launch VMs in the virtual network that can have private addresses in the range of your choice, for example: You can define network tiers within your VPC network range, which in turn enables you "
+"to group similar kinds of instances based on IP address range."
+msgstr ""
+"Un Cloud Privé Virtuel CloudStack est une partie privée, isolée de CloudStack. Un VPC peut avoir sa propre topologie de réseau virtuel qui ressemble à un réseau physique traditionnel. Vous pouvez lancer des VMs dans le réseau virtuel qui peuvent avoir des adresses privées dans l'intervalle de votre choix, par exemple : Vous pouvez définir des parties de réseau dans "
+"l'étendue du réseau de votre VPC, permettant le regroupement des types d'instances similaires en fonction de leur intervalle d'adresse IP."
+# e8c6a442ed744a6c96df83edc8c28763
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:33
+msgid "For example, if a VPC has the private range, its guest networks can have the network ranges,,, and so on."
+msgstr "Par exemple, si un VPC dispose de la plage privée d'adresses IP, ses réseaux invités peuvent être dans les plages réseaux,,, etc."
+# d7dd703816c14c8ab823fc4ac5ee3c02
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:39
+msgid "Major Components of a VPC"
+msgstr "Composants majeurs d'un VPC"
+# c50712e0b85b4e8d8a37c525dc8f77d0
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:41
+msgid "A VPC is comprised of the following network components:"
+msgstr "Un VPC est constitué des composants réseaux suivants :"
+# 7805e308c7f14ae4b5bf6813c742fd84
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:43
+msgid "**VPC**: A VPC acts as a container for multiple isolated networks that can communicate with each other via its virtual router."
+msgstr "**VPC**: Un VPC agit comme un conteneur pour plusieurs réseaux isolés qui peuvent communiquer les uns les autres via son routeur virtuel."
+# 6837ce595efa433cb0a4eeef3c61bd86
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:46
+msgid "**Network Tiers**: Each tier acts as an isolated network with its own VLANs and CIDR list, where you can place groups of resources, such as VMs. The tiers are segmented by means of VLANs. The NIC of each tier acts as its gateway."
+msgstr "**Segments réseaux** : chaque segment agit comme un réseau isolé avec ses propres VLANs et listes CIDR, dans lequel vous pouvez placer des groupes de ressources, comme des VM. Les segments sont segmentés par l'utilisation des VLANs. L'interface de chaque segment agit comme sa passerelle."
+# eaa3327f752e430ba437d3048c8cd517
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:51
+msgid "**Virtual Router**: A virtual router is automatically created and started when you create a VPC. The virtual router connect the tiers and direct traffic among the public gateway, the VPN gateways, and the NAT instances. For each tier, a corresponding NIC and IP exist in the virtual router. The virtual router provides DNS and DHCP services through its IP."
+msgstr ""
+"**Routeur Virtuel** : Un routeur virtuel est automatiquement créé et démarré lorsque vous créez un VPC. Le routeur virtuel connecte les segments et dirige le trafic entre la passerelle publique, les passerelles VPN et les instances NAT. Pour chaque segment, une interface et une IP correspondante existent dans le routeur virtuel. Le routeur virtuel fourni les services DNS et DHCP via "
+"ses IP."
+# 2922aef73276424d86c458cab53d05d6
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:58
+msgid "**Public Gateway**: The traffic to and from the Internet routed to the VPC through the public gateway. In a VPC, the public gateway is not exposed to the end user; therefore, static routes are not support for the public gateway."
+msgstr "**Passerelle publique** : Le trafic vers et provenant d'Internet est routé vers le VPC par la passerelle publique. Dans un VPC, la passerelle publique n'est pas exposée à l'utilisateur final ; en conséquence, les routes statiques ne sont pas supportées pour la passerelle publique."
+# 417e8d202f044580b6bef8868a97493b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:63
+msgid "**Private Gateway**: All the traffic to and from a private network routed to the VPC through the private gateway. For more information, see \":ref:`adding-priv-gw-vpc`\"."
+msgstr "**Passerelle privée** : tout le trafic provenant ou à destination d'un réseau privé est routé vers le VPC par la passerelle privée. Pour plus d'information, voir \":ref:`adding-priv-gw-vpc`\"."
+# 4776de29b7b1471084bbdc0a5fd8257d
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:67
+msgid "**VPN Gateway**: The VPC side of a VPN connection."
+msgstr "**Passerelle VPN** : Le pendant VPC d'une connexion VPN."
+# 208527258e274b0ea77846c710ba8258
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:69
+msgid "**Site-to-Site VPN Connection**: A hardware-based VPN connection between your VPC and your datacenter, home network, or co-location facility. For more information, see \":ref:`setting-s2s-vpn-conn`\"."
+msgstr "**Connexion VPN site-à-site** : Une connexion VPN matérielle entre votre PVC et votre datacenter, votre réseau domestique ou autres installations. Pour plus d'information, voir \":ref:`setting-s2s-vpn-conn`\"."
+# 3b96c83ddcc34269896e5573992e31b5
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:73
+msgid "**Customer Gateway**: The customer side of a VPN Connection. For more information, see `\"Creating and Updating a VPN Customer Gateway\" <#creating-and-updating-a-vpn-customer-gateway>`_."
+msgstr "**Passerelle client** : le pendant client d'une connexion VPN. Pour plus d'informations, voir `\"Créer et mettre à jour une passerelle client\" <#creating-and-updating-a-vpn-customer-gateway>`_."
+# bfadc68d3fbe458bb82d6692306f1319
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:77
+msgid "**NAT Instance**: An instance that provides Port Address Translation for instances to access the Internet via the public gateway. For more information, see \":ref:`enabling-disabling-static-nat-on-vpc`\"."
+msgstr "**Instance NAT** : Une instance qui fourni la translation de port pour que les instances puissent accéder à Internet via la passerelle publique. Pour plus d'informations, voir \":ref:`enabling-disabling-static-nat-on-vpc`\"."
+# aa7430e86dde41ea828ef58fdc9a2616
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:81
+msgid "**Network ACL**: Network ACL is a group of Network ACL items. Network ACL items are nothing but numbered rules that are evaluated in order, starting with the lowest numbered rule. These rules determine whether traffic is allowed in or out of any tier associated with the network ACL. For more information, see \":ref:`conf-net-acl`\"."
+msgstr ""
+"**ACL Réseau** : Une ACL réseau est un groupe d'entrées d'ACL réseau. Les entrées d'ACL réseau ne sont rien d'autre qu'un nombre de règles qui sont évaluées dans l'ordre, en commençant par la règle avec le plus petit numéro. Ces règles déterminent si le trafic est autorisé en entrée ou en sortie de n'importe quel segment associé avec l'ACL réseau. Pour plus d'informations, voir \":"
+# 3248944cfc5a49b7a0c47f7fe13a0385
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:89
+msgid "Network Architecture in a VPC"
+msgstr "Architecture Réseau dans un VPC"
+# 5f310f0748274a1a9d0a095aec7c9c2b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:91
+msgid "In a VPC, the following four basic options of network architectures are present:"
+msgstr "Dans un VPC, les quatres options basiques d'architectures réseaux suivantes sont présentes :"
+# 7cb03da5ae0b478690c6ab442164a344
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:94
+msgid "VPC with a public gateway only"
+msgstr "VPC avec une passerelle publique seulement"
+# ea9f2145319e406e957665bb7b53123c
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:96
+msgid "VPC with public and private gateways"
+msgstr "VPC avec des passerelles publiques et privées"
+# 2b4f4b4fbf46434c8e5534d0631bca33
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:98
+msgid "VPC with public and private gateways and site-to-site VPN access"
+msgstr "VPC avec des passerelles publiques et privées et un accès VPN site à site"
+# 45b4489a9fcc4360a6d5b2719a77dc79
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:100
+msgid "VPC with a private gateway only and site-to-site VPN access"
+msgstr "VPC avec une passerelle privée seulement et un accès VPN site à site"
+# b702ceb782244642b4369af267ce81d8
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:104
+msgid "Connectivity Options for a VPC"
+msgstr "Options de connectivité pour un VPC"
+# 6b1ff95952fe4ccbba871b1f5d84e8d8
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:106
+msgid "You can connect your VPC to:"
+msgstr "Vous pouvez connecter votre VPC à :"
+# 65aa43fb551b4f999e9e48eb5960893d
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:108
+msgid "The Internet through the public gateway."
+msgstr "à Internet en passant par la passerelle publique."
+# 09137011988c4abebde330c2201cbfe4
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:110
+msgid "The corporate datacenter by using a site-to-site VPN connection through the VPN gateway."
+msgstr "au centre de données de l'entreprise en utilisant une connexion VPN site à site en passant par la passerelle VPN."
+# 7a7466064859416c9bf3d5f6fb2828fa
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:113
+msgid "Both the Internet and your corporate datacenter by using both the public gateway and a VPN gateway."
+msgstr "A la fois à Internet et à votre centre de données interne en utilisant à la fois la passerelle publique et une passerelle VPN."
+# c4053fc0a35c4c30b312bd50f3cc946e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:118
+msgid "VPC Network Considerations"
+msgstr "Considérations sur le réseau du VPC"
+# f884bf37cfa444299fac3dd70425950c
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:120
+msgid "Consider the following before you create a VPC:"
+msgstr "Prendre en compte ce qui suit avant de créer un VPC :"
+# 3d67118ab9e24f4d861c4b78cd07fe86
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:122
+msgid "A VPC, by default, is created in the enabled state."
+msgstr "Un VPC, par défaut, est créé dans l'état activé."
+# 64f62904ffbf4d0998ef58a29ec39785
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:124
+msgid "A VPC can be created in Advance zone only, and can't belong to more than one zone at a time."
+msgstr "Un VPC peut être créé dans une zone avancée seulement, et ne peut pas appartenir à plus d'une zone à la fois."
+# 146628ae783e4af79b8cdd56694e87b3
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:127
+msgid "The default number of VPCs an account can create is 20. However, you can change it by using the max.account.vpcs global parameter, which controls the maximum number of VPCs an account is allowed to create."
+msgstr "Le nombre par défaut de VPC qu'un compte peut créer est de 20. Toutefois, vous pouvez le changer en utilisant le paramètre global max.accounts.vpcs, qui contrôle le nombre maximum de VPCs qu'un compte est autorisé à créer."
+# 548f4246178a412ba72c20238355c619
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:131
+msgid "The default number of tiers an account can create within a VPC is 3. You can configure this number by using the vpc.max.networks parameter."
+msgstr "Le nombre par défaut de segment qu'un compte peut créer dans un VPC est de 3. Vous pouvez configurer ce nombre en utilisant le paramètre vpc.max.networks."
+# 8f4ab58bb2db48e7ab28e709ee99c791
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:135
+msgid "Each tier should have an unique CIDR in the VPC. Ensure that the tier's CIDR should be within the VPC CIDR range."
+msgstr "Chaque segment devrait avoir un CIDR unique dans le VPC. Assurez vous que le CIDR du segment est bien dans l'intervalle CIDR du VPC."
+# a3ab5225e8e649a38b583c6dfa85dd0b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:138
+msgid "A tier belongs to only one VPC."
+msgstr "Un segment n'appartient qu'à un seul VPC."
+# cbf79c1dbbb04abeb940ac4a4e63693b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:140
+msgid "All network tiers inside the VPC should belong to the same account."
+msgstr "Tout segment réseau à l'intérieur du VPC doit appartenir au même compte."
+# 4697685b3c1c4f75888b23d1f474ad37
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:142
+msgid "When a VPC is created, by default, a SourceNAT IP is allocated to it. The Source NAT IP is released only when the VPC is removed."
+msgstr "Lorsqu'un VPC est créé, par défaut, une IP Source NAT lui est allouée. L'adresse IP source NAT est libérée seulement lorsque le VPC est supprimé."
+# f790d826d90d4341885a39022d276efc
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:145
+msgid "A public IP can be used for only one purpose at a time. If the IP is a sourceNAT, it cannot be used for StaticNAT or port forwarding."
+msgstr "Une IP publique ne peut être utilisée que pour un seul besoin à la fois. Si l'IP est une IP source NAT, elle ne pourra pas être utilisée pour le NAT Statique ou la redirection de port."
+# cccc0c77482c4721a48a8e3eee6370e0
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:148
+msgid "The instances can only have a private IP address that you provision. To communicate with the Internet, enable NAT to an instance that you launch in your VPC."
+msgstr "Les instances peuvent seulement avoir une adresse IP privée que vous provisionnez. Pour communiquer avec Internet, activer le NAT pour une instance que vous lancez dans votre VPC."
+# b833eb4050c145869c7a419c8f37aee9
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:152
+msgid "Only new networks can be added to a VPC. The maximum number of networks per VPC is limited by the value you specify in the vpc.max.networks parameter. The default value is three."
+msgstr "Seulement les nouveaux réseaux peuvent être ajoutés à un VPC. Le nombre maximum de réseaux par VPC est limité par la valeur que vous spécifiez dans le paramètre vpc.max.networks. La valeur par défaut est trois."
+# 1180f413398548729b7198559dc5eb33
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:156
+msgid "The load balancing service can be supported by only one tier inside the VPC."
+msgstr "La service de répartition de charge ne peut être supporté que par un seul segment à l'intérieur du VPC."
+# 1d6388d964364caa8d134f7673bfa2dd
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:159
+msgid "If an IP address is assigned to a tier:"
+msgstr "Si une adresse IP est attribuée à un segment :"
+# 92d15597ceda4a5383fd25cb566b47c7
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:161
+msgid "That IP can't be used by more than one tier at a time in the VPC. For example, if you have tiers A and B, and a public IP1, you can create a port forwarding rule by using the IP either for A or B, but not for both."
+msgstr "Cette IP ne peut pas être utilisée par plus d'un segment à la fois dans le VPC. Par exemple, si vous avez les segments A et B et une IP1 publique, vous pouvez créer une règle de transmission de port en utilisant l'IP soit pour A ou B mais pas pour les deux."
+# a92e77fa9415458b960baded020a27ac
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:166
+msgid "That IP can't be used for StaticNAT, load balancing, or port forwarding rules for another guest network inside the VPC."
+msgstr "Cette IP ne peut pas être utilisée pour du NAT Statique, pour la répartition de charge ou pour les règles de transmission de port pour un autre réseau invité au sein du VPC."
+# e138623610a449e8a6fd5bb3f4a2ab3f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:169
+msgid "Remote access VPN is not supported in VPC networks."
+msgstr "Les accès distants VPN ne sont pas supportés dans les réseaux du VPC."
+# 02efff273d294762ad189c6d19730f71
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:173
+msgid "Adding a Virtual Private Cloud"
+msgstr "Ajouter un Cloud Privé Virtuel"
+# d1100a2ab1a54454bece6b2f5a47e4f8
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:175
+msgid "When creating the VPC, you simply provide the zone and a set of IP addresses for the VPC network address space. You specify this set of addresses in the form of a Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) block."
+msgstr "Lorsque vous créer le VPC, vous fournissez simplement la zone et un ensemble d'adresses IP pour l'espace d'adresse du réseau du VPC. Vous spécifiez cet ensemble d'adresses dans le format d'un bloc Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)."
+# 27c90db3b2d846b58c9abf075735077b
+# 23214314bc4c40d3bc784cf8b99c1273
+# 06da644a106746d9b22320df5442e7eb
+# 8292048a7bd74adeae7e3b6677cc7dc8
+# fb4e97f30b554d92af68a1e9d1886576
+# ceaea70c95b1422597606b789f77fae7
+# c80fe5feb23443ab8e81a05534c38d15
+# 612a8d98561a4b08824d22d8ab9cd815
+# 3d9f5b1f4cf7497ebaa39f40d2b7d3fb
+# 7af40adf2d7f49ee82115cf17558f076
+# 54efcc991da44e5b87cab339063f09cc
+# 98308f9c7c7e4548b3e6ef0828178c9d
+# b16c2e02fd8e42a1aacb687d60b4fb46
+# 1d2a5b77246843818d6d6cc8fd7482ae
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:179 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:223 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:331 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:380 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:492 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:662 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:729
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:788 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:848 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1014 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1227 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1282 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1360 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1388
+msgid "Log in to the CloudStack UI as an administrator or end user."
+msgstr "Se connecter à l'interface de CloudStack comme administrateur ou utilisateur final."
+# 25aa9d2390434c03a89b6b16c9b69fe9
+# 6e8e81dbb9f447c3aaabac12cbbebc79
+# 7daeed72e5de4f68b5d3fec3deae5a12
+# ad50664f103d4bc3b95d04f0c6891395
+# b462daef366f4f119997d229bdcd4fde
+# cbb8c618e79f4f5bb024ac637c94f155
+# d418a0fbecc7474d89b0c7122cb9f046
+# c1602cd2089a4465bb64a310c84582ae
+# 692a153c672746fa937e636f18024241
+# f2241fbd031643a498b64bc52bc9a3ed
+# 35b9e68484d140e1813335d0a33c68d1
+# bb61fadd006d4624a91bb45665efac73
+# 0cdbc29c89c540c08fa87bd601f4976c
+# 2706338d19fe43d589acd0c274b932c0
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:181 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:225 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:333 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:382 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:494 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:664 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:731
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:790 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:850 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1016 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1229 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1284 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1362 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1390
+msgid "In the left navigation, choose Network."
+msgstr "Dans la navigation à gauche, choisissez Réseau."
+# 4a2df6815f134b918345eaf3d39193fa
+# a59b8d1dfb334d948ed4ad0764ce5b84
+# 12b0ac2563474462b71654534aba088a
+# 08995e8ef0484b879f2982b11278720c
+# 0913e0292efb41c284ad04d0d8ec0c1d
+# f66916dd15334247bb50483cd9c296b7
+# d34dad2acbce43aa9f28ce7014089f24
+# 50500a3f8df347e19b005d01525ac7e1
+# c538254df2644b7fb6e4aa16f80f84a6
+# 92649f86d20849b498765a29fd1d7973
+# 9528e3d88e224cacb28e4e204ddab6a7
+# 934c19367f124113b2d3d8f8aabab4a6
+# cd85c04d5e0b4e7c901b189b7ab5e96e
+# 2028f717603c4390944c6c6cb703af37
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:183 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:227 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:335 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:384 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:496 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:666 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:733
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:792 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:852 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1018 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1231 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1286 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1364 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1392
+msgid "In the Select view, select VPC."
+msgstr "Dans la vue de Sélection, choisissez VPC."
+# 03b833a9bbc14d2f8ccd0561f8bac779
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:185
+msgid "Click Add VPC. The Add VPC page is displayed as follows:"
+msgstr "Cliquer sur Ajouter VPC. La page Ajouter VPC est affichée comme suivant :"
+# 007c69b8b7c640d2a9dd08b2b4a86102
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:187
+msgid "|add-vpc.png|"
+msgstr "|add-vpc.png|"
+# 7bd4344fc68d4e6c8939286640c64ff6
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:189
+msgid "Provide the following information:"
+msgstr "Fournir les informations suivantes :"
+# fecc1622a73f4e299c4fe16149ef3c1e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:191
+msgid "**Name**: A short name for the VPC that you are creating."
+msgstr "**Nom** : Un nom court pour le VPC que vous êtes en train de créer."
+# 9fe964ec13864d159f7f9fe45e612351
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:193
+msgid "**Description**: A brief description of the VPC."
+msgstr "**Description** :  Une description courte du VPC."
+# 75bab09118a641cd94d798e0450bb114
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:195
+msgid "**Zone**: Choose the zone where you want the VPC to be available."
+msgstr "**Zone** :  Choisir la zone dans laquelle vous voulez que le VPC soit disponible."
+# 38e1b19b64074aebbc448d4398522e6a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:197
+msgid "**Super CIDR for Guest Networks**: Defines the CIDR range for all the tiers (guest networks) within a VPC. When you create a tier, ensure that its CIDR is within the Super CIDR value you enter. The CIDR must be RFC1918 compliant."
+msgstr "**Super CIDR pour les réseaux invités** :  définir l'intervalle CIDR pour tous les segments (réseaux invités) au sein du VPC. Lorsque vous créez un segment, assurez vous que son CIDR soit compris dans la valeur du Super CIDR que vous avez entré. Le CIDR doit être conforme à la RFC1918."
+# 2b3cb992f4d9418699ec71ad0d7892b7
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:202
+msgid "**DNS domain for Guest Networks**: If you want to assign a special domain name, specify the DNS suffix. This parameter is applied to all the tiers within the VPC. That implies, all the tiers you create in the VPC belong to the same DNS domain. If the parameter is not specified, a DNS domain name is generated automatically."
+msgstr "**Domaine DNS pour les réseaux invités** : si vous voulez assigner un nom de domaine spécial, spécifier le suffixe DNS. Ce paramètre est appliqué à tous les segments au sein du VPC. Cela implique que tous les segments que vous créez dans le VPC appartiennent au même domaine DNS. Si le paramètre n'est pas spécifié, un nom de domaine DNS est généré automatiquement."
+# ae282958b5fb4ea594fe92f009ca5f46
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:208
+msgid "**Public Load Balancer Provider**: You have two options: VPC Virtual Router and Netscaler."
+msgstr "**Fournisseur publique de répartition de charge** :  Vous avez deux options : Routeur Virtuel VPC et Netscaler."
+# f0a8bdb0febf4b97879a69db489ba8b8
+# a37c6acaf1254a6f818d9f64ae0960aa
+# 677238e0e48a40898578fd007249ecaa
+# 650c882688974599ba5c3660d14f2838
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:211 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:281 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:455 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:479
+msgid "Click OK."
+msgstr "Cliquez sur OK."
+# 83d71b83ff1b413187423073f1a1c957
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:215
+msgid "Adding Tiers"
+msgstr "Ajouter des Tiers"
+# 8202063e990e4086bb8c476cfa8f2650
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:217
+msgid "Tiers are distinct locations within a VPC that act as isolated networks, which do not have access to other tiers by default. Tiers are set up on different VLANs that can communicate with each other by using a virtual router. Tiers provide inexpensive, low latency network connectivity to other tiers within the VPC."
+msgstr "Les Tiers sont des endroits disctincts à l'intérieur d'un VPC qui agissent comme des réseaux isolés, et qui n'ont pas accès aux autres tiers par défaut. Les Tiers sont configurés sur différents VLANs qui peuvent communiquer entre eux en utilisant un routeur virtuel. Les Tiers fournissent un moyen simple et à faible latence pour se connecter avec d'autres tiers au sein d'un VPC."
+# 6f156f2256294f94a48422c02a2a33f1
+# 91fdfd64076446a1af782ea3021c6911
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:229 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1366
+msgid "All the VPC that you have created for the account is listed in the page."
+msgstr "Tous les VPC que vous avez créé sur ce compte sont listés dans cette page."
+# 98e3757975184289b5414253c54bd6c9
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:233
+msgid "The end users can see their own VPCs, while root and domain admin can see any VPC they are authorized to see."
+msgstr "L'utilisateur final peut voir ses propres VPCs, alors que l'administrateur du domaine ou le root peuvent voir n'importe quel VPC qu'ils sont autorisés à visualier."
+# 3293738bea7a4e3c97fc6b8cd60f65ba
+# 4c89fd343c734f5cabc8cb26dd48bf94
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:236 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1369
+msgid "Click the Configure button of the VPC for which you want to set up tiers."
+msgstr "Cliquez sur le bouton Configurer du VPC pour lequel vous désirez configurer un tiers."
+# a3b02bf28e484233b337b84341a2f39e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:239
+msgid "Click Create network."
+msgstr "Cliquer sur Créer un réseau."
+# e8b22e1b54b84b1e9945e0c94e3fd069
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:241
+msgid "The Add new tier dialog is displayed, as follows:"
+msgstr "La boîte de dialogue Ajouter un nouveau tiers s'affiche comme suit :"
+# 1f18a2fd76094e94947690c4064b2a75
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:243
+msgid "|add-tier.png|"
+msgstr "|add-tier.png|"
+# 830f50fe9c8041c9821f1cf9b94f87bd
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:245
+msgid "If you have already created tiers, the VPC diagram is displayed. Click Create Tier to add a new tier."
+msgstr "Si vous avez déjà créé un tiers, le diagramme de VPC est affiché. Cliquez sur Crée Tiers pour en ajouter un nouveau."
+# b372cab6baf04844a5ff7a1611d1d5b6
+# 4bc6b0a5224f4b8383ff3c5322dc34c6
+# 95ebee159c7a49d6a38872dfbba22963
+# 1490eec9177146d0bb7ef70ee1896fb9
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:248 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:539 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1062 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1330
+msgid "Specify the following:"
+msgstr "Spécifier les informations suivantes :"
+# 07194bca2d77463fb722f6b3a2d51fd6
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:250
+msgid "All the fields are mandatory."
+msgstr "Tous les champs sont obligatoires."
+# 26b1c6c9cd4747a0b399711d03ee9f7f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:252
+msgid "**Name**: A unique name for the tier you create."
+msgstr "**Nom** : Un nom unique pour le segment que vous créez."
+# b4b14e979a074d9fbdd39309629f1524
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:254
+msgid "**Network Offering**: The following default network offerings are listed: Internal LB, DefaultIsolatedNetworkOfferingForVpcNetworksNoLB, DefaultIsolatedNetworkOfferingForVpcNetworks"
+msgstr "**Offre réseau** : Les offres par défaut de réseaux sont listées :  Internal LB, DefaultIsolatedNetworkOfferingForVpcNetworksNoLB, DefaultIsolatedNetworkOfferingForVpcNetworks"
+# 54126af9bcfb4590a766f2324d72f790
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:259
+msgid "In a VPC, only one tier can be created by using LB-enabled network offering."
+msgstr "Dans un VPC, seule un tier peut être créé en utilisant l'offre de réseau LB."
+# 083df7653efc42938c67b7537bbc4bc3
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:262
+msgid "**Gateway**: The gateway for the tier you create. Ensure that the gateway is within the Super CIDR range that you specified while creating the VPC, and is not overlapped with the CIDR of any existing tier within the VPC."
+msgstr "**Passerelle** : La passerelle pour le segment que vous créez. S'assurer que la passerelle est inclue dans l'intervalle du Super CIDR que vous avez spécifié lors de la création du VPC et qu'elle n'est pas en conflit avec un segment du VPC."
+# abb381823abe42c78600368125e95a5a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:267
+msgid "**VLAN**: The VLAN ID for the tier that the root admin creates."
+msgstr "**VLAN** :  L'ID du VLAN pour le segment que l'administrateur root créé."
+# e6585788ce994cfba6fa7581d88af8df
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:269
+msgid "This option is only visible if the network offering you selected is VLAN-enabled."
+msgstr "Cette option n'est seulement visible que si l'offre réseau que vous avez sélectionné est VLAN-enabled."
+# 383ce12e9bc44d939d3ae386c0ca42aa
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:272
+msgid "For more information, see `\"Assigning VLANs to Isolated Networks\" <hosts.html#assigning-vlans-to-isolated-networks>`_."
+msgstr "Pour plus d'informations, voir `\"Assigner des VLANs à des réseaux isolés\" <hosts.html#assigning-vlans-to-isolated-networks>`_."
+# 88877f2edc5f40a9949cf663c7c306a0
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:275
+msgid "**Netmask**: The netmask for the tier you create."
+msgstr "**Masque de sous-réseau** : Le masque de sous-réseau pour le segment que vous créez."
+# 25897e33d08b4bedb702059f77e2f09e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:277
+msgid "For example, if the VPC CIDR is and the network tier CIDR is, the gateway of the tier is, and the netmask of the tier is"
+msgstr "Par exemple, si le CIDR du VPC est et que le réseau CIDR du tiers est, la passerelle du tiers est, et le masque de sous réseau du tiers est "
+# 6da01b412d664e3baa5324abd03955b7
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:283
+msgid "Continue with configuring access control list for the tier."
+msgstr "Continuer avec la configuration des contrôle d'accès pour ce tiers."
+# dc2a5ea9afaf4bb8b1d188b3cadc5fb2
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:289
+msgid "Configuring Network Access Control List"
+msgstr "Configurer une liste de contrôle d'accès réseau"
+# 79dbace67e0b4872ba1da3458f8ccb16
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:291
+msgid ""
+"Define Network Access Control List (ACL) on the VPC virtual router to control incoming (ingress) and outgoing (egress) traffic between the VPC tiers, and the tiers and Internet. By default, all incoming traffic to the guest networks is blocked and all outgoing traffic from guest networks is allowed, once you add an ACL rule for outgoing traffic, then only outgoing traffic specified "
+"in this ACL rule is allowed, the rest is blocked. To open the ports, you must create a new network ACL. The network ACLs can be created for the tiers only if the NetworkACL service is supported."
+msgstr ""
+"Définissez la liste de contrôle d'accès réseau (ACL) sur le routeur virtuel VPC pour contrôler le trafic entrant (ingress) et sortant (egress) entre les VPC des segments, les segments et Internet. Par défaut, tout le trafic entrant vers les réseaux invités est bloqué et tout le trafic sortant des réseaux invités est autorisé, une fois que vous ajoutez une règle ACL pour le trafic "
+"sortant, seul le trafic sortant spécifié dans cette règle ACL est autorisé, le reste est bloqué. Pour ouvrir les ports, vous devez créer une nouvelle ACL réseau. Les ACL réseau ne peuvent être créées pour les segments que si le service NetworkACL est pris en charge."
+# c9d908950964474eb10940d7ba15e7ba
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:303
+msgid "About Network ACL Lists"
+msgstr "A propos des listes d'ACL réseau"
+# c28b7fe0e1f04f65ad1968b74ca91f03
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:305
+msgid ""
+"In CloudStack terminology, Network ACL is a group of Network ACL items. Network ACL items are nothing but numbered rules that are evaluated in order, starting with the lowest numbered rule. These rules determine whether traffic is allowed in or out of any tier associated with the network ACL. You need to add the Network ACL items to the Network ACL, then associate the Network ACL "
+"with a tier. Network ACL is associated with a VPC and can be assigned to multiple VPC tiers within a VPC. A Tier is associated with a Network ACL at all the times. Each tier can be associated with only one ACL."
+msgstr ""
+"Dans la terminologie CloudStack, une ACL réseau est un groupe d'entrées d'ACL réseau. Les entrées d'ACL réseau ne sont rien d'autre que des règles numérotées qui sont évaluées dans l'ordre, en commençant par la règle numérotée la plus faible. Ces règles déterminent si le trafic est autorisé en entrée ou en sortie de n'importe quel segment associé à l'ACL réseau. Vous devez ajouter "
+"les entrées d'ACL réseau à la liste d'ACL réseau, puis associer la liste ACL réseau à un segment. L'ACL réseau est associée à un VPC et peut être affectée à plusieurs VPC de segments dans un VPC. Un segment peut être associé à une ACL réseau à tout moment. Chaque segment peut être associé à une seule ACL."
+# e213818eed1947258f8bcb2896c4b24a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:315
+msgid "The default Network ACL is used when no ACL is associated. Default behavior is all the incoming traffic is blocked and outgoing traffic is allowed from the tiers. Default network ACL cannot be removed or modified. Contents of the default Network ACL is:"
+msgstr "L'ACL réseau par défaut est utilisée lorsqu'aucune ACL n'est associée. Le comportement par défaut est de bloquer tout le trafic entrant et d'autoriser le trafic sortant depuis les segments. L'ACL réseau par défaut ne peut pas être supprimée ou modifiée. Le contenu de l'ACL réseau par défaut est :"
+# e7163daf40764297bb4c9256f9b0db76
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:321
+msgid "Rule"
+msgstr "Règle"
+# 8c0f119efb90499885ad10d74e32f699
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:321
+msgid "Protocol"
+msgstr "Protocole"
+# 6a4e95a5005949559075e58b104e8b1e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:321
+msgid "Traffic type"
+msgstr "Type de trafic"
+# db7f138ccd254efda3045d28c44e5ebd
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:321
+msgid "Action"
+msgstr "Action"
+# 51c0d62f36c143a5baf332fb86f16b96
+# d597d570fbfc4080b2ea3998fa7d939e
+# eff385663f0941d4b6809c0c182cfaf2
+# 2599fa667bce44d7b2c977f4d835a98e
+# bc9aa77c4f984714a6cead0bf43281ad
+# a2e2cc9d31f448ecab07fc456663f5bd
+# d849de055dcd46a29493cd6942aa2cae
+# 7d80106d48c4421190d8c55e7ddd2f90
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:321 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:352 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:519 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:754 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:812 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:873 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1039
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1307
+msgid "CIDR"
+msgstr "CIDR"
+# fc484eb64ca04d1b8fed82414583e90a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:323
+msgid "1"
+msgstr "1"
+# c40bf7c2103d4006b064570d67b6b324
+# 8f113663532445cbb46226109e68fc87
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:323 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:324
+msgid "All"
+msgstr "Tout"
+# cd3fb0b3957f47a7b32acd1b403d5f55
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:323
+msgid "Ingress"
+msgstr "Règles entrantes"
+# e166cc8cfc04481391575caea5841312
+# d259eeaee8994ad79d0143e92a5fe39a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:323 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:324
+msgid "Deny"
+msgstr "Refuser"
+# acedcca878414c89b67e3f7e98d67e02
+# c2f3ea9812544c20a6fc02ac9aad34f0
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:323 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:324
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+# dd6e16cde8494347a2e77ca176fd8a0c
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:324
+msgid "2"
+msgstr "2"
+# 23726ba83ae748468e32ef14a54d573b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:324
+msgid "Egress"
+msgstr "Règles sortantes"
+# 464f3ed7f4f24169b73210972956651a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:329
+msgid "Creating ACL Lists"
+msgstr "Créer les listes d'ACL"
+# b4c82d1c9112484d92153e98ab6a2d33
+# 473281bb899a4393b7cf08840e8c8fde
+# 96a686680e5647d1b47c4067236c664f
+# a790843b311f4f1a9cd8d8d1ee5257a0
+# 4b114128189141c284315e2473ddc438
+# eee54cf82c9f4083b3ad53bb800a3bb4
+# 5c27b5d189844a82a379bc064c2b337e
+# 24808f02d0764c739d4aad58f9e15037
+# 1b11a2ac4b0e47ee9fc8a3f367edea68
+# 100ab8e1140f431bb36c49295576da40
+# 3ed6090af9fa4e238cf801269c4c072d
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:337 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:386 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:498 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:668 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:735 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:794 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:854
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1020 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1233 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1288 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1394
+msgid "All the VPCs that you have created for the account is listed in the page."
+msgstr "Tous les VPC que vous avez créé sur ce compte sont listés dans cette page."
+# 6aa87599a443418889e9db15cc500f7d
+# 0bb74bee4b2d4d6da70d6240c47afe8f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:340 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:389
+msgid "Click the Configure button of the VPC."
+msgstr "Cliquer sur le bouton Configurer du VPC."
+# a7a5868fc1c545d8b40456b1836b9ddc
+# 62d64d7c737248d3b49d2cfcf91ab9ea
+# a7576a24a2874ab89a29f6d0b1528bac
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:342 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1029 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1297
+msgid "For each tier, the following options are displayed:"
+msgstr "Pour chaque segment, les options suivantes sont affichées :"
+# c84c70798b73443ba7f00b174398ed30
+# 2b1209152c06414c809dd9cbe8e873f6
+# 2d40227490424cf0b08f531835947150
+# 5d234a982f1c449bb04697d7e629b3d7
+# b35cbc7845ed400cb02bd71b07eac64e
+# 68ca9e9b2011446da7adcef0d83d05ee
+# edde5a9896f94691829221191ccf24ca
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:344 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:511 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:746 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:804 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:865 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1031 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1299
+msgid "Internal LB"
+msgstr "Internal LB"
+# 840747d13a8548c3a1ed1cfa7aec94d8
+# 2cebf679ea3c44cea4495a0da3fdede4
+# 171baf1d98124ad5a9e0e93348d43959
+# 60793fb25c274674a39f4d6ca1d6f5e8
+# cdafdf21344242e391e50189def8e3f7
+# 22aed14946de415e844a06a396d14413
+# d215b78e0acd4886aaae10e01da3539a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:346 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:513 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:748 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:806 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:867 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1033 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1301
+msgid "Public LB IP"
+msgstr "Public LB IP"
+# 503c7c6831eb4f5ca96c64c2b8328442
+# b565e6a4cff8412f9d1c9032ea24e848
+# 749694902cf440fea4b8315f93dddf91
+# 0b5fb5da84014d7680951915cb26b0a8
+# f8fa3d05ec454df1abf7f6a5079c965b
+# 43f4ab42a09a499783f95aba183bd8a7
+# 88e9603df37e4eacb36619474a076744
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:348 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:515 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:750 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:808 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:869 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1035 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1303
+msgid "Static NAT"
+msgstr "Static NAT"
+# c7d592104fa6447da1b9471822e82ec8
+# 714747328af148798be74203cc3ea72e
+# 86f01795bd5c488fb9cbffd13a3b84a0
+# 1a4d0e4cefc648188e4e0d1e3f5f813f
+# 7df65f6c728842c680faa985c0d2b934
+# 0caa2b61a0d14a3893de13c06290cb7a
+# 8adba6b367094ad4bd769cc0a7ae13a8
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:350 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:517 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:752 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:810 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:871 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1037 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1305
+msgid "Virtual Machines"
+msgstr "Virtual Machines"
+# 2e579cf3f90345feb4b8edc18f78fd8d
+# 600d551d0f114e47a420f1c86cd445f4
+# 485eb313498a44e2ab1906012a044734
+# 92f01bcc2bcd45919753fcbc87f143c3
+# e6be963a127340ba88d4e76482c44368
+# e48b3a02fdbf4c1aab3e5704df727b54
+# 0a61a781736c436c9379e115fd3df3cb
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:354 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:521 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:756 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:814 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:875 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1041 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1309
+msgid "The following router information is displayed:"
+msgstr "Les informations sur les routeur suivants sont affichées :"
+# 4ed3754e8e014af2a5af0fb4036eeef2
+# 3d5c5cdec63d4e90aee5f9c884e80a5d
+# dcf31b093d01445ebfad5a3769f1a716
+# 4e06d785ce264f838a57f818a5eb51de
+# 33fd1f6f2fe94fbb8fcebb54432f6db5
+# 920576fcde1e43f5a7d673e3fc8c3961
+# 8d9aac57476145b98417e24b78edbee1
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:356 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:523 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:758 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:816 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:877 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1043 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1311
+msgid "Private Gateways"
+msgstr "Passerelles privées"
+# 0f79101b541d4297ad26fb3125843df6
+# 4e977612c45648cd8858b2f415c8d338
+# 764c6f4d2f214c1f9d33d36fec4bc931
+# 9ed4d3258aec4c01a9d1d7ab9ee6584a
+# 6210247a7c834558b9caf3e695d10eeb
+# b44f415f26cd49dcb58c424bce136a67
+# db0357d3ac9a479698e479d686e8cd9c
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:358 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:525 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:760 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:818 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:879 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1045 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1313
+msgid "Public IP Addresses"
+msgstr "Adresses IP publiques"
+# 70abe760545c42d0a794c6ce16a6c288
+# 0c346db4251b43b3a80a084bfd310d80
+# e6e45a6bac434db8b588e5a74c0902b8
+# d682a97cc5f14a0e801c4858edf11f48
+# 29fa45fc941945f891cbf96f6478db82
+# 941bc49890ae411aa05236d0e5102149
+# 3800a9e49a3b4745b17c1769febf9383
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:360 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:527 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:762 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:820 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:881 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1047 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1315
+msgid "Site-to-Site VPNs"
+msgstr "VPN site à site"
+# ba528c5024fa489689b4d8ce0c1a0d85
+# 9b993afc4ad845f081de9838ee06ba00
+# 64ec433ac68146178442d14772e8ef45
+# 5a1b96032f234dbc85b6c87e45c31b31
+# c6f194d9a94a415a914fccd54dd4cffa
+# 1148599659df40fc8189b9aaf51587de
+# 5ae9778ec74a46dca0c4191ae03ecbb0
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:362 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:529 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:764 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:822 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:883 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1049 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1317
+msgid "Network ACL Lists"
+msgstr "Listes d'ACL réseau"
+# a3498a3bc728411aa4d5a7313f8d1fca
+# 1fd8c162a2124419bfff5003f1d58fe3
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:364 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:391
+msgid "Select Network ACL Lists."
+msgstr "Sélectionner les listes d'ACL réseaux."
+# 9a1064fed3e342afb4b08a5d9e4ba3f9
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:366
+msgid "The following default rules are displayed in the Network ACLs page: default\\_allow, default\\_deny."
+msgstr "Les règles par défaut suivantes sont affichées dans la page d'ACL réseau : default\\_allow, default\\_deny."
+# eee1fde55c454e4ba76e51f7c0073681
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:369
+msgid "Click Add ACL Lists, and specify the following:"
+msgstr "Cliquer sur Ajouter des listes d'ACL et spécifier ce qui suit :"
+# 0019e51fcb5d4b609e3dfc8a2f798182
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:371
+msgid "**ACL List Name**: A name for the ACL list."
+msgstr "**Nom de la liste d'ACL** : Un nom pour la liste d'ACL."
+# 545d7afa82d944fc932e088624630881
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:373
+msgid "**Description**: A short description of the ACL list that can be displayed to users."
+msgstr "**Description** : Une description courte de la liste d'ACL qui peut être affichée aux utilisateurs."
+# 0eef9c80eb244e469737b6dbfed09ee5
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:378
+msgid "Creating an ACL Rule"
+msgstr "Créer une règle d'ACL"
+# 9ec1bad501f2492c875359dee57af36c
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:393
+msgid "In addition to the custom ACL lists you have created, the following default rules are displayed in the Network ACLs page: default\\_allow, default\\_deny."
+msgstr "En complément aux listes d'ACL personnalisées que vous avez créés, les règles par défaut suivantes sont affichées dans la page d'ACL réseaux : default\\_allow, default\\_deny."
+# 56fa96725745426090705b3dea696c75
+# a5a846532a7f4d51b3b4ad850b809ffc
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:397 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:477
+msgid "Select the desired ACL list."
+msgstr "Sélectionner la liste d'ACL désirée."
+# 9b8b87a05d164a1e9388a9e96455c916
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:399
+msgid "Select the ACL List Rules tab."
+msgstr "Sélectionner l'onglet Règles de liste d'ACL."
+# a35e39faa5504d4a939aa4cbc70ebd47
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:401
+msgid "To add an ACL rule, fill in the following fields to specify what kind of network traffic is allowed in the VPC."
+msgstr "Pour ajouter une règle d'ACL, remplir les champs suivants pour spécifier quel type de trafic réseau est autorisé dans le VPC."
+# 09875f1f997e40c78467e4afbfd008a0
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:404
+msgid "**Rule Number**: The order in which the rules are evaluated."
+msgstr "**Numéro de règle** : L'ordre dans lequel les règles sont évaluées."
+# 718a86130cf84374b39ef695d7c0319f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:406
+msgid "**CIDR**: The CIDR acts as the Source CIDR for the Ingress rules, and Destination CIDR for the Egress rules. To accept traffic only from or to the IP addresses within a particular address block, enter a CIDR or a comma-separated list of CIDRs. The CIDR is the base IP address of the incoming traffic. For example, To allow all CIDRs, set to"
+msgstr ""
+"**CIDR** : Le CIDR agit en tant que CIDR source pour les règles Ingress et en tant que CIDR de destination pour les règles Egress. Pour accepter le trafic uniquement depuis ou vers les adresses IP d'un bloc d'adresses particulier, entrez un CIDR ou une liste séparée par des virgules de CIDR. Le CIDR est l'adresse IP de base du trafic entrant. Par exemple, Pour "
+"autoriser tous les CIDR, saisissez"
+# 5e7871dde2bc4878b9630e4f89ef78a5
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:413
+msgid "**Action**: What action to be taken. Allow traffic or block."
+msgstr "**Action** : Quelle action doit être prise. Autoriser le trafic ou le bloquer."
+# 960f6ba511804daf84bb14b0ee7d9fcb
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:415
+msgid "**Protocol**: The networking protocol that sources use to send traffic to the tier. The TCP and UDP protocols are typically used for data exchange and end-user communications. The ICMP protocol is typically used to send error messages or network monitoring data. All supports all the traffic. Other option is Protocol Number."
+msgstr ""
+"**Protocole**: Le protocole réseau que les sources utilisent pour envoyer le trafic vers le segment. Les protocoles TCP et UDP sont généralement utilisés pour l'échange de données et les communications avec l'utilisateur final. Le protocole ICMP est généralement utilisé pour envoyer des messages d'erreur ou des données de surveillance du réseau. All supporte tout le trafic. La "
+"dernière option est de fournir le numéro de protocole."
+# f8c920b2724240f7bcce7a3ffa539142
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:422
+msgid "**Start Port**, **End Port** (TCP, UDP only): A range of listening ports that are the destination for the incoming traffic. If you are opening a single port, use the same number in both fields."
+msgstr ""
+# 6354d433a9d14d5aac441bc824aa18d8
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:426
+msgid "**Protocol Number**: The protocol number associated with IPv4 or IPv6. For more information, see `Protocol Numbers <>`_."
+msgstr ""
+# 07c3ccfb6e804b7b9f9c6ee3e97baab6
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:430
+msgid "**ICMP Type**, **ICMP Code** (ICMP only): The type of message and error code that will be sent."
+msgstr ""
+# fcf4685a451c434fa979261a9f4a989a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:433
+msgid "**Traffic Type**: The type of traffic: Incoming or outgoing."
+msgstr ""
+# 4cb2859d5c494c07a39e4f7f9c8b316d
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:435
+msgid "Click Add. The ACL rule is added."
+msgstr "Cliquer sur Ajouter. La règle ACL est ajouée."
+# 6a1dc858d8f64fc4b59744f3ce271735
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:437
+msgid "You can edit the tags assigned to the ACL rules and delete the ACL rules you have created. Click the appropriate button in the Details tab."
+msgstr "Vous pouvez éditer les étiquettes assignées aux règles d'ACL et supprimer les règles d'ACL que vous avez créé. Cliquer sur le bouton approprié dans l'onglet Détails."
+# f116157c2cc3452d9381d88f34e5edcc
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:443
+msgid "Creating a Tier with Custom ACL List"
+msgstr "Créer un segment avec une liste d'ACL personnalisée."
+# a6dcc18dbcf14658bbe49913ec9d7258
+# a9d8c9ab4785456fa3b539a958e0a391
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:445 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:461
+msgid "Create a VPC."
+msgstr "Créer un VPC."
+# c46ed610d0de4aabb7a66be1bc38b59c
+# 0eba50fd6c8241ce8c46b4f22adac8ce
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:447 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:467
+msgid "Create a custom ACL list."
+msgstr "Créer une liste d'ACL personnalisée."
+# d641158411d6429aa58b99856ae3aa3e
+# ee2e3bb2bdcf4ae6ac56d960eb5c8414
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:449 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:469
+msgid "Add ACL rules to the ACL list."
+msgstr "Ajouter des règles d'ACL à une liste d'ACL."
+# 1b9144de1d7c42478e9bcc5e58e8ad8b
+# 6416990ed47a46299ea5a399d45a25e5
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:451 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:463
+msgid "Create a tier in the VPC."
+msgstr "Créer un segment dans le VPC."
+# d7313c7f5dc741be9cab74d4cc465987
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:453
+msgid "Select the desired ACL list while creating a tier."
+msgstr "Sélectionner la liste d'ACL désirée lors de la création du segment."
+# a2518e7f8c9347b1b2c5d2a4575170df
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:459
+msgid "Assigning a Custom ACL List to a Tier"
+msgstr "Assigner une liste d'ACL personnalisée à un segment"
+# 67c4657175a040149f04332d949d57bf
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:465
+msgid "Associate the tier with the default ACL rule."
+msgstr "Associer le segment avec la règle d'ACL par défaut."
+# b83eff10b1ce44d2bcfae9e1e8920b6f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:471
+msgid "Select the tier for which you want to assign the custom ACL."
+msgstr "Sélectionner le segment pour lequel vous voulez assigner l'ACL personnalisée."
+# a44330dc8018442bb213f335afaab969
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:473
+msgid "Click the Replace ACL List icon. |replace-acl-icon.png|"
+msgstr "Cliquer sur l'icône Remplacer la liste d'ACL. |replace-acl-icon.png|"
+# dd9f88e9651f45199d45d102228e2574
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:475
+msgid "The Replace ACL List dialog is displayed."
+msgstr "La boîte de dialogue Remplacer la liste d'ACL est affichée."
+# 51a9c7e87c8c46bc8c2d01f1c70b1b5e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:485
+msgid "Adding a Private Gateway to a VPC"
+msgstr "Ajouter une passerelle privée à un VPC"
+# 5bb03fe2db6344479a16781735c33d36
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:487
+msgid "A private gateway can be added by the root admin only. The VPC private network has 1:1 relationship with the NIC of the physical network. You can configure multiple private gateways to a single VPC. No gateways with duplicated VLAN and IP are allowed in the same data center."
+msgstr ""
+# 56d5e3ac03e0437e95ee0073c44b19dd
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:501
+msgid "Click the Configure button of the VPC to which you want to configure load balancing rules."
+msgstr ""
+# 142dc427cda8454c943c18bb8066cbea
+# 508dbf4fb717460bbb35c009061f7564
+# fb95c3660854480db28704507ed4b900
+# 21eb0af33be64ade85d894838188a330
+# 75579da7cb264f9b80565e8bc7ef99b4
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:504 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:741 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:799 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:860 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1294
+msgid "The VPC page is displayed where all the tiers you created are listed in a diagram."
+msgstr "La page VPC est affichée dans laquelle tous les segments que vous avez créé sont listés dans un diagramme."
+# 57a669215b0c459babdfa0f7477512bb
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:507
+msgid "Click the Settings icon."
+msgstr "Cliquer sur l'icône Paramètres."
+# 27df09e575754d0bb04ff268ac13cd85
+# aec57c8f590a41ea9f3c4002d2bb2082
+# c83fad1cd6a74d3ba7da7551441402ad
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:509 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:744 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:802
+msgid "The following options are displayed."
+msgstr "Les options suivantes sont affichées."
+# c22be90142b04c5483ec525bb576d2c3
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:531
+msgid "Select Private Gateways."
+msgstr "Sélectionner Passerelles privées."
+# 2902accc6b5b49a1b204fd3fd16b1f5e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:533
+msgid "The Gateways page is displayed."
+msgstr "La page Passerelles est affichée."
+# 92c2f2f09846411594265950bf78b9e4
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:535
+msgid "Click Add new gateway:"
+msgstr "Cliquer sur Ajouter une nouvelle passerelle :"
+# 2c2c653d4d9d4521b4a7eb5c0e19f64c
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:537
+msgid "|add-new-gateway-vpc.png|"
+msgstr "|add-new-gateway-vpc.png|"
+# 891ea4ddb15443e5ab8f32c8088c452f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:541
+msgid "**Physical Network**: The physical network you have created in the zone."
+msgstr "**Réseau physique** : Le réseau physique que vous avez créé dans la zone."
+# ca06b3e4deaf4ce3a02322454f78ed68
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:544
+msgid "**IP Address**: The IP address associated with the VPC gateway."
+msgstr "**Adresse IP** :  L'adresse IP associée avec la passerelle du VPC."
+# a5410ac8843e4c719973edf2d9bab4e0
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:546
+msgid "**Gateway**: The gateway through which the traffic is routed to and from the VPC."
+msgstr "**Passerelle** : La passerelle par laquelle le trafic est routé depuis et vers le VPC."
+# 955c1cc8e0f847408e1bd7754afbe13b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:549
+msgid "**Netmask**: The netmask associated with the VPC gateway."
+msgstr "**Masque de sous-réseaux** : Le masque de sous-réseaux associé avec la passerelle du VPC."
+# 852f638bb7234dc1a27dc43b5e016322
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:551
+msgid "**VLAN**: The VLAN associated with the VPC gateway."
+msgstr "**VLAN** : Le VLAN associé avec la passerelle du VPC."
+# 6f6c910aeb6d4ee29cfd16a8f169801a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:553
+msgid "**Source NAT**: Select this option to enable the source NAT service on the VPC private gateway."
+msgstr "**Source NAT** : Sélectionner cette option pour activer le service de NAT source sur la passerelle privée du VPC."
+# ca50f58a899f498d80e5d3cfaddc4e56
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:556
+msgid "See \":ref:`source-nat-priv-gw`\"."
+msgstr "Voir \":ref:`source-nat-priv-gw`\"."
+# 4004b1c124dc41d7afca981bfc6aa29d
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:558
+msgid "**ACL**: Controls both ingress and egress traffic on a VPC private gateway. By default, all the traffic is blocked."
+msgstr ""
+# e0641473896e4fc4abe0e8d8f6500ad5
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:561
+msgid "See \":ref:`acl-priv-gw`\"."
+msgstr "Voir \":ref:`acl-priv-gw`\"."
+# c748dfb7b8764ed2b63524e27be99156
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:563
+msgid "The new gateway appears in the list. You can repeat these steps to add more gateway for this VPC."
+msgstr ""
+# 67cc2c7079b445b1aa5c3f8d7b0ff2bf
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:570
+msgid "Source NAT on Private Gateway"
+msgstr ""
+# 2a8f60c14ac64d6e8d87dbce76bedb16
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:572
+msgid ""
+"You might want to deploy multiple VPCs with the same super CIDR and guest tier CIDR. Therefore, multiple guest VMs from different VPCs can have the same IPs to reach a enterprise data center through the private gateway. In such cases, a NAT service need to be configured on the private gateway to avoid IP conflicts. If Source NAT is enabled, the guest VMs in VPC reaches the enterprise "
+"network via private gateway IP address by using the NAT service."
+msgstr ""
+# 13ba311a60ee4d00b7c597fafb945d0b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:580
+msgid "The Source NAT service on a private gateway can be enabled while adding the private gateway. On deletion of a private gateway, source NAT rules specific to the private gateway are deleted."
+msgstr ""
+# d8e4c7cc999e4730ad5bf6aa6f1b810f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:584
+msgid "To enable source NAT on existing private gateways, delete them and create afresh with source NAT."
+msgstr ""
+# 8c1553f72c3d4599892c402b65672931
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:591
+msgid "ACL on Private Gateway"
+msgstr "ACL sur une passerelle privée"
+# 7a5729fff5c74521a2455b4e2b885a0f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:593
+msgid "The traffic on the VPC private gateway is controlled by creating both ingress and egress network ACL rules. The ACLs contains both allow and deny rules. As per the rule, all the ingress traffic to the private gateway interface and all the egress traffic out from the private gateway interface are blocked."
+msgstr ""
+# a7c844a5b9594a8c9090ef0fb4c815ac
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:599
+msgid "You can change this default behaviour while creating a private gateway. Alternatively, you can do the following:"
+msgstr ""
+# ce82be93f3014dafa0618abed1ddbc56
+# cf4dffd32e4045a0809d358aa5c89b4e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:602 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:633
+msgid "In a VPC, identify the Private Gateway you want to work with."
+msgstr ""
+# d931e9176936499f8a82583a1141f759
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:604
+msgid "In the Private Gateway page, do either of the following:"
+msgstr ""
+# df22ccb2fc4a4d4cbc59a8eced7cdd99
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:606
+msgid "Use the Quickview. See 3."
+msgstr ""
+# 2e88948ffe35436398eb3dcc24a068a1
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:608
+msgid "Use the Details tab. See 4 through ."
+msgstr ""
+# a6b863b1326a484080f38c0d2fffe32e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:610
+msgid "In the Quickview of the selected Private Gateway, click Replace ACL, select the ACL rule, then click OK"
+msgstr ""
+# 393090f44f4e449480ae7b9cd7171e2e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:613
+msgid "Click the IP address of the Private Gateway you want to work with."
+msgstr ""
+# 175a8bc977814206b1b438e55d487d9d
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:615
+msgid "In the Detail tab, click the Replace ACL button. |replace-acl-icon.png|"
+msgstr "Dans l'onglet Détail, cliquer sur le bouton Remplacer les ACL. |replace-acl-icon.png|"
+# cb57cf7f56bd4ab7b815980fd401d492
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:618
+msgid "The Replace ACL dialog is displayed."
+msgstr "La boîte de dialogue Remplacer la liste d'ACL est affichée."
+# 52fd814724fc4614a6513bc716822b2e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:620
+msgid "select the ACL rule, then click OK."
+msgstr "Sélectionner la règle d'ACL puis cliquer sur OK."
+# 0594c5c95e77436b9fba83680438d29f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:622
+msgid "Wait for few seconds. You can see that the new ACL rule is displayed in the Details page."
+msgstr ""
+# ab277710c8d843ae81e757e3336317d0
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:627
+msgid "Creating a Static Route"
+msgstr ""
+# 941e24b2fbef4bb7a3938f2fc6fb31ba
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:629
+msgid "CloudStack enables you to specify routing for the VPN connection you create. You can enter one or CIDR addresses to indicate which traffic is to be routed back to the gateway."
+msgstr ""
+# 6a994cb0af754d01bd335367a6f9d4f9
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:635
+msgid "In the Private Gateway page, click the IP address of the Private Gateway you want to work with."
+msgstr ""
+# ed8760a26f62434da30f3b3d3094da23
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:638
+msgid "Select the Static Routes tab."
+msgstr ""
+# dc6e78e20d8a49b18b1c7b68fc53d28f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:640
+msgid "Specify the CIDR of destination network."
+msgstr ""
+# a267ec664f35442db0c8d33d273ec07a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:642
+msgid "Click Add."
+msgstr ""
+# 0b06e4ce11114d68a1d616162a29b46b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:644
+msgid "Wait for few seconds until the new route is created."
+msgstr ""
+# f66d2b908d63453ba9331658c3105974
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:648
+msgid "Blacklisting Routes"
+msgstr ""
+# 5e262d8f57f94df080de1ebfd57089c5
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:650
+msgid ""
+"CloudStack enables you to block a list of routes so that they are not assigned to any of the VPC private gateways. Specify the list of routes that you want to blacklist in the ``blacklisted.routes`` global parameter. Note that the parameter update affects only new static route creations. If you block an existing static route, it remains intact and continue functioning. You cannot add "
+"a static route if the route is blacklisted for the zone."
+msgstr ""
+# c95c27354e2b4308b6fe6cd594b07c4b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:660
+msgid "Deploying VMs to the Tier"
+msgstr "Déployer des VM dans un segment"
+# d912fb084257494b9ea49a22d2952df6
+# 6a271ec843964a2392c14ea15bebcab2
+# 2db0b4a30faa4d2486de8987dc035b35
+# 42de70c0e3314b3b9312103ccf0318a3
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:671 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:738 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:857 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1291
+msgid "Click the Configure button of the VPC to which you want to deploy the VMs."
+msgstr ""
+# a10f32d36f52426288a9a524c7034bde
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:674
+msgid "The VPC page is displayed where all the tiers you have created are listed."
+msgstr ""
+# e8a7f18c2c2443b8afb0ba68b10df211
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:677
+msgid "Click Virtual Machines tab of the tier to which you want to add a VM."
+msgstr ""
+# 2021d183ee7640019cdf5bdbfe5498f3
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:679
+msgid "|add-vm-vpc.png|"
+msgstr "|add-vm-vpc.png|"
+# 2d48018b840946fd8af8d726d139f5d0
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:681
+msgid "The Add Instance page is displayed."
+msgstr "La page Ajouter une Instance est affichée."
+# 3090bc6cae14453a973abac600b9c2cf
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:683
+msgid "Follow the on-screen instruction to add an instance. For information on adding an instance, see the Installation Guide."
+msgstr ""
+# dcd8e45c721b400eaba7cde1328bdc81
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:688
+msgid "Deploying VMs to VPC Tier and Shared Networks"
+msgstr "Déployer des VM à un segment VPC et à des réseaux partagés"
+# 17212685c197411da69afebe1fd43553
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:690
+msgid "CloudStack allows you deploy VMs on a VPC tier and one or more shared networks. With this feature, VMs deployed in a multi-tier application can receive monitoring services via a shared network provided by a service provider."
+msgstr ""
+# fc5a14ca00a74032a5a578f32fe13799
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:695
+msgid "Log in to the CloudStack UI as an administrator."
+msgstr "Se connecter à l'interface de CloudStack comme administrateur."
+# 32b36a6c72fa45f99cc16fe65842edb4
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:697
+msgid "In the left navigation, choose Instances."
+msgstr "Dans la barre de navigation de gauche, choisir Instances."
+# 2f251266e8f84c3bb1eb88f9cbf3421b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:699
+msgid "Click Add Instance."
+msgstr "Cliquer sur Ajouter une instance."
+# e9423e60b1d047809ea35f96287dc4cb
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:701
+msgid "Select a zone."
+msgstr "Sélectionner une zone."
+# 270e50111a9d4c328ccfd3e302a1712c
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:703
+msgid "Select a template or ISO, then follow the steps in the wizard."
+msgstr ""
+# b9f9249e068d492a89e876e8d5282100
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:705
+msgid "Ensure that the hardware you have allows starting the selected service offering."
+msgstr ""
+# 646cca07fc3241d9bdcb00578a77e3e3
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:708
+msgid "Under Networks, select the desired networks for the VM you are launching."
+msgstr ""
+# c5f162c06a0641cf8ca1c4ee6f54f651
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:711
+msgid "You can deploy a VM to a VPC tier and multiple shared networks."
+msgstr ""
+# edcfad81a1b04c068848242fac9adfac
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:713
+msgid "|addvm-tier-sharednw.png|"
+msgstr "|addvm-tier-sharednw.png|"
+# efc4e3cc0b2843ccb58ccc673b8f20cd
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:715
+msgid "Click Next, review the configuration and click Launch."
+msgstr ""
+# 34b1022eb48b4dbf92712eb65b1308c8
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:717
+msgid "Your VM will be deployed to the selected VPC tier and shared network."
+msgstr ""
+# e75183b01c2e4d9a87561e256f60760d
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:721
+msgid "Acquiring a New IP Address for a VPC"
+msgstr ""
+# 8712a3a4537f4038a9703ae12a15da40
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:723
+msgid "When you acquire an IP address, all IP addresses are allocated to VPC, not to the guest networks within the VPC. The IPs are associated to the guest network only when the first port-forwarding, load balancing, or Static NAT rule is created for the IP or the network. IP can't be associated to more than one network at a time."
+msgstr ""
+# f3548df663fd4502b857204d85782486
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:766
+msgid "Select IP Addresses."
+msgstr "Sélectionner les adresses IP."
+# 8b29cfd1cdcd4018ae63dfe1624f5e58
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:768
+msgid "The Public IP Addresses page is displayed."
+msgstr "La page des adresses IP publiques est affichée."
+# b571bcf25fd64067a9bc6c684f923ef4
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:770
+msgid "Click Acquire New IP, and click Yes in the confirmation dialog."
+msgstr "Cliquez sur Obtenir une nouvelle adresse IP, et cliquez sur Oui dans la boîte de dialogue de confirmation."
+# 5bc9804e2b3a444c9eca95b480c5247e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:772
+msgid "You are prompted for confirmation because, typically, IP addresses are a limited resource. Within a few moments, the new IP address should appear with the state Allocated. You can now use the IP address in port forwarding, load balancing, and static NAT rules."
+msgstr ""
+# f14eea7624044595966630cad5fb25a4
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:779
+msgid "Releasing an IP Address Alloted to a VPC"
+msgstr ""
+# a32c2ee15c7f41209d11d1460881df99
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:781
+msgid ""
+"The IP address is a limited resource. If you no longer need a particular IP, you can disassociate it from its VPC and return it to the pool of available addresses. An IP address can be released from its tier, only when all the networking ( port forwarding, load balancing, or StaticNAT ) rules are removed for this IP address. The released IP address will still belongs to the same VPC."
+msgstr ""
+# cff29ec3366646748c80c78ae0b21df3
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:797
+msgid "Click the Configure button of the VPC whose IP you want to release."
+msgstr ""
+# e61ac663ca83460e902eb75be8323c7b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:824
+msgid "Select Public IP Addresses."
+msgstr ""
+# d6214f88ed8e46abb807a2b8e2f87bf7
+# fee8b392a6654e98b2a92ed46a6a1d09
+# 86b1ba91303847249fe71e091aa53075
+# e80daef3c8c548fe905c71e3888d9d35
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:826 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:887 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1053 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1321
+msgid "The IP Addresses page is displayed."
+msgstr "La page des adresses IP est affichée."
+# 7100a75c5b7f4e94af12eba67cc769d7
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:828
+msgid "Click the IP you want to release."
+msgstr "Cliquer sur l'IP que vous voulez rendre."
+# 5d08cda75ef64158bc169fa0b4d55bfd
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:830
+msgid "In the Details tab, click the Release IP button |release-ip-icon.png|"
+msgstr ""
+# 66b58ca8d7e8481184b5f30fb10aeb3a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:836
+msgid "Enabling or Disabling Static NAT on a VPC"
+msgstr ""
+# 5ffcce98eb5341c4815405feb3f45e3d
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:838
+msgid "A static NAT rule maps a public IP address to the private IP address of a VM in a VPC to allow Internet traffic to it. This section tells how to enable or disable static NAT for a particular IP address in a VPC."
+msgstr ""
+# 3a033892a74543d4a655001ee01f7102
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:842
+msgid "If port forwarding rules are already in effect for an IP address, you cannot enable static NAT to that IP."
+msgstr ""
+# 3ced6dfc6cda40c59a7663608968ae25
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:845
+msgid "If a guest VM is part of more than one network, static NAT rules will function only if they are defined on the default network."
+msgstr ""
+# a101d2d938bd44ef8b442c2dd878803b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:863
+msgid "For each tier, the following options are displayed."
+msgstr ""
+# 2aa87b8efca045199c60a69232f4100c
+# f29854dbe679478497f195c125c70fc3
+# 0ca75518c2c1401bada82a5f5b3953b2
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:885 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1051 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1319
+msgid "In the Router node, select Public IP Addresses."
+msgstr ""
+# ecb19327446e44f7a44f71eaef9cc73a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:889
+msgid "Click the IP you want to work with."
+msgstr ""
+# 54b9ba8fad964d51a0442fc5838ba574
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:891
+msgid "In the Details tab,click the Static NAT button. |enable-disable.png| The button toggles between Enable and Disable, depending on whether static NAT is currently enabled for the IP address."
+msgstr ""
+# ee96b8eeef6f44169338cbec4bd552e2
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:896
+msgid "If you are enabling static NAT, a dialog appears as follows:"
+msgstr ""
+# 2934b5d934b343aab14d143fb537ce07
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:898
+msgid "|select-vmstatic-nat.png|"
+msgstr "|select-vmstatic-nat.png|"
+# ba4894eec4ee4f8ab908308bf7f2b682
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:900
+msgid "Select the tier and the destination VM, then click Apply."
+msgstr ""
+# 6bc44c698b784002948ea93ac931ccb3
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:904
+msgid "Adding Load Balancing Rules on a VPC"
+msgstr ""
+# d55b224d3d4d427da85774962a911e9b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:906
+msgid ""
+"In a VPC, you can configure two types of load balancing: external LB and internal LB. External LB is nothing but a LB rule created to redirect the traffic received at a public IP of the VPC virtual router. The traffic is load balanced within a tier based on your configuration. Citrix NetScaler and VPC virtual router are supported for external LB. When you use internal LB service, "
+"traffic received at a tier is load balanced across different VMs within that tier. For example, traffic reached at Web tier is redirected to another VM in that tier. External load balancing devices are not supported for internal LB. The service is provided by a internal LB VM configured on the target tier."
+msgstr ""
+# 40e935f35e0c40ada19216e535aa1258
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:919
+msgid "Load Balancing Within a Tier (External LB)"
+msgstr ""
+# f415c289521945488fc0ee0094a1dab0
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:921
+msgid "A CloudStack user or administrator may create load balancing rules that balance traffic received at a public IP to one or more VMs that belong to a network tier that provides load balancing service in a VPC. A user creates a rule, specifies an algorithm, and assigns the rule to a set of VMs within a tier."
+msgstr ""
+# 3e4fdfab26c8433f985733abf6b8fab2
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:929
+msgid "Enabling NetScaler as the LB Provider on a VPC Tier"
+msgstr ""
+# f4009b64ee9a4abc935568ba00072b14
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:931
+msgid "Add and enable Netscaler VPX in dedicated mode."
+msgstr ""
+# 11c807f9e62a4acb9f8b3ef0d007c2c9
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:933
+msgid "Netscaler can be used in a VPC environment only if it is in dedicated mode."
+msgstr ""
+# 57a85fbc857449ee89781dd4fce1788c
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:936
+msgid "Create a network offering, as given in \":ref:`create-net-offering-ext-lb`\"."
+msgstr ""
+# 08a0f277fc3f43b694322360de337dfc
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:938
+msgid "Create a VPC with Netscaler as the Public LB provider."
+msgstr ""
+# ecc067da6bf9448587d900d0602ecacd
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:940
+msgid "For more information, see `\"Adding a Virtual Private Cloud\" <#adding-a-virtual-private-cloud>`_."
+msgstr ""
+# aa3b5b48c05343338d0ee08f3382b40d
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:943
+msgid "For the VPC, acquire an IP."
+msgstr ""
+# 7c4c3743af9240d882f3ba1d438b3bd8
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:945
+msgid "Create an external load balancing rule and apply, as given in :ref:`create-ext-lb-rule`."
+msgstr ""
+# 65a1193d54904d989149249c4257b9c1
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:952
+msgid "Creating a Network Offering for External LB"
+msgstr ""
+# e69c20a921124dc7b5ac28a8bc23f254
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:954
+msgid "To have external LB support on VPC, create a network offering as follows:"
+msgstr ""
+# 27d475982a384fed8f13220941eded23
+# 2da0ddfe20c0412a9dc8725da9ebfb08
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:957 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1163
+msgid "Log in to the CloudStack UI as a user or admin."
+msgstr ""
+# 2e6d402ef3d044488597c6501ca6749d
+# f974a014675745ceae4ebb19113bc49e
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:959 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1165
+msgid "From the Select Offering drop-down, choose Network Offering."
+msgstr ""
+# 08107e25d3ae4ed5a4e72a9ef68249af
+# f88397d4525c49d4b10ca8f6d24c5999
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:961 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1167
+msgid "Click Add Network Offering."
+msgstr "Cliquer sur Ajouter une offre de réseau."
+# 0b77090696474c0a9cab45f79b1c7986
+# e1cffd47fe2e4f3089c2620a68b839a1
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:963 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1169
+msgid "In the dialog, make the following choices:"
+msgstr ""
+# 60d2abd68eb948dbaba04e1ac5723b86
+# 2e15e5f8b3704612a4d58813e4d32f6b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:965 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1171
+msgid "**Name**: Any desired name for the network offering."
+msgstr ""
+# 3959d6091cd747cb937e8f842088c32e
+# 5f694898705c49328c1a2e142eb14d1f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:967 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1173
+msgid "**Description**: A short description of the offering that can be displayed to users."
+msgstr ""
+# 2e0e45c2f8604206ab9ab52b64e032e0
+# 40a66509e3424c24bb6186610a441bac
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:970 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1176
+msgid "**Network Rate**: Allowed data transfer rate in MB per second."
+msgstr ""
+# 33f13b044bc94b5b8696d75ddf4b8bc3
+# a160a569847143f797400c4ff977efdf
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:972 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1178
+msgid "**Traffic Type**: The type of network traffic that will be carried on the network."
+msgstr ""
+# aaf9ff68483341d98ede19f290845e4d
+# c3356024660a4455a0ceac2dcae5caee
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:975 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1181
+msgid "**Guest Type**: Choose whether the guest network is isolated or shared."
+msgstr ""
+# 78da437179454d2e9bb2b2566016b345
+# 8e43b8eb7620486dafe2037f9644fc74
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:978 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1184
+msgid "**Persistent**: Indicate whether the guest network is persistent or not. The network that you can provision without having to deploy a VM on it is termed persistent network."
+msgstr ""
+# b8efdabd98ae4986a6423993e842848f
+# a09dbae19ba24a44abe4d1e06d94391d
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:982 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1188
+msgid "**VPC**: This option indicate whether the guest network is Virtual Private Cloud-enabled. A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a private, isolated part of CloudStack. A VPC can have its own virtual network topology that resembles a traditional physical network. For more information on VPCs, see `\"About Virtual Private Clouds\" <#about-virtual-private-clouds>`_."
+msgstr ""
+# f833921e66e7405e90b64ecab4f06585
+# 60780dc0b1414010b97ef9ee9fdf6896
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:988 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1195
+msgid "**Specify VLAN**: (Isolated guest networks only) Indicate whether a VLAN should be specified when this offering is used."
+msgstr ""
+# c39ddc76ab104334a4dc179d2666185f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:991
+msgid "**Supported Services**: Select Load Balancer. Use Netscaler or VpcVirtualRouter."
+msgstr ""
+# 0f2a2787484945d4893a95c93e013659
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:994
+msgid "**Load Balancer Type**: Select Public LB from the drop-down."
+msgstr ""
+# 012d5de507d14d86a63f00c612267262
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:996
+msgid "**LB Isolation**: Select Dedicated if Netscaler is used as the external LB provider."
+msgstr ""
+# 32714ec60c95462a86fad6f4ea8a389f
+# 6d1b55437586405195f96d4e1901a030
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:999 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1203
+msgid "**System Offering**: Choose the system service offering that you want virtual routers to use in this network."
+msgstr ""
+# ccddc4e596ac4b9590b1e89143679f4c
+# 5b0c2de816bb4f3489ea6c0aaf56dd92
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1002 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1206
+msgid "**Conserve mode**: Indicate whether to use conserve mode. In this mode, network resources are allocated only when the first virtual machine starts in the network."
+msgstr ""
+# 64b8ac5900b040949abdbe1be369798e
+# 86eacc968b5642af9d7708d20b05fa0b
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1006 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1210
+msgid "Click OK and the network offering is created."
+msgstr ""
+# 7d8aa307714e45a48e2b8a026f88ecd5
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1012
+msgid "Creating an External LB Rule"
+msgstr ""
+# ec858cbb6d054d82b7344347f3d1f80a
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1023
+msgid "Click the Configure button of the VPC, for which you want to configure load balancing rules."
+msgstr ""
+# 24c4acc56c8546b48b0d1ba8225aa2c3
+# 8623ea1fa5f64fc882bc161a00e0de31
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1026 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1239
+msgid "The VPC page is displayed where all the tiers you created listed in a diagram."
+msgstr ""
+# faa2aca06f244ec79e1495f403d60fba
+# f6b4d72a1ace463aaeae65e85f5351fe
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1055 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1323
+msgid "Click the IP address for which you want to create the rule, then click the Configuration tab."
+msgstr ""
+# 05fb941cda1540a6ae76a68c80d28164
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1058
+msgid "In the Load Balancing node of the diagram, click View All."
+msgstr ""
+# a68bbaad32ad4fb1a32434a21627c7df
+# 513eb1682d554f15af9624073505f185
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1060 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1328
+msgid "Select the tier to which you want to apply the rule."
+msgstr ""
+# 48072a5bd67b4fc2b091903b2930ef20
+# 23e879002b734874bb3fb8648d82ec9f
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1064 ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1249
+msgid "**Name**: A name for the load balancer rule."
+msgstr ""
+# 035ce1c6b7094ddfb03cf84e79fe13fb
+#: ../../networking/virtual_private_cloud_config.rst:1066
+msgid "**Public Port**: The port that receives the incoming traffic to be balanced."


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