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Subject [2/2] git commit: updated refs/heads/4.6 to 4f6ff6c
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2015 09:45:37 GMT
Merge pull request #1163 from remibergsma/arping-to-gw

Send arping to the gateway instead of our own addressWe need to send an Unsolicited ARP to
the gateway, instead of our own address. We now encounter problems when people deploy/destroy/deploy
and get the same public ip.

Packets arrive, but with incorrect / cached mac and are ignored by the routervm kernel.
Run arping manually to update the arp-cache on the gateway and things start to work.

Then we discovered the `arping` is actually done, but sent to its own address. Therefore the
gateway doesn't pick it up. We only saw this happening when rapid deploy tools are used, like
Terraform that do deploy/destroy/deploy and might get the same ip but on a new router having
a new mac.

2015-12-03 18:07:25,589 execute:160 Executing: arping -c 1 -I eth1 -A -U -s

The integration tests seem happy, although the full run is still ongoing:

=== TestName: test_01_create_redundant_VPC_2tiers_4VMs_4IPs_4PF_ACL | Status : SUCCESS ===

Thanks @sspans for helping trouble shoot this. Ping @wilderrodrigues can you review please?

* pr/1163:
  CLOUDSTACK-9097 Make public ip work immediately

Signed-off-by: Remi Bergsma <>


Branch: refs/heads/4.6
Commit: 4f6ff6ca0835b322d0ddcbb0e4687f8e7c826c47
Parents: beeb104 90e01c9
Author: Remi Bergsma <>
Authored: Fri Dec 4 10:44:48 2015 +0100
Committer: Remi Bergsma <>
Committed: Fri Dec 4 10:44:48 2015 +0100

 systemvm/patches/debian/config/opt/cloud/bin/cs/ | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

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