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Subject [4/4] git commit: updated refs/heads/master to b6e212f
Date Sat, 05 Sep 2015 09:43:44 GMT
Merge pull request #773 from ekholabs/fix/vpc_nic-CLOUDSTACK-8759

CLOUDSTACK-8759 - Destroying VPC router results in a new unusable VPC routerHow to reproduce
the problem:

1. Stop/Destroy the VPC router
2. Add a virtual machine to one of the VPC tier - it will trigger a VPC router creation
3. Router is created, but the NICs are not configured

How to recover without this fix:
1. Stop/destroy the VPC router and restart the VPC

Side effects: private gateways could be misconfigured.

Root cause:

In the VpcNetworkHelperImpl.configureDefaultNics() method, the guest network nic was added
in the map prior to the control and public NICs. The order in the map should not matter, however
in the LibvirtComputingResource.createVifs() method, there is a logic that relies on the device
index - the array index - in order to create the  control nic. I advise a refactor on the
data model in order to be able to identify the NIC type instead of relying in the array index.

An integration test was added to cover the fix:

Management Server running on CentOS 7.1
KVM host running on CentOS 7.1
CloudStack Agent/Common 4.6.0-SNAPSHOT

Executing the test:

nosetests --with-marvin --marvin-config=/data/shared/marvin/mct-zone2-kvm2-ISOLATED.cfg -s
-a tags=advanced,required_hardware=true component/

Remark: during the SSH there might be stack traces on the console due to the connection retry.
It takes some time to get the PF rules in place and reach the VMs. So, just let the test run
until the end.

Test results:

Create a vpc with two networks with two vms in each network ... === TestName: test_01_VPC_nics_after_destroy
| Status : SUCCESS ===

Ran 1 test in 774.020s

/tmp//MarvinLogs/test_vpc_router_nics_VH6E9S/results.txt (END)

* pr/773:
  CLOUDSTACK-8759 - Fix guets nic allocation
  CLOUDSTACK-8759 - Adding a marvin test in order to cover the fix
  CLOUDSTACK-8759 - The guest nic has to be added after the control nic

Signed-off-by: Remi Bergsma <>


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: b6e212f2c73e8bcc87ae44cc0be76cce7c5213f2
Parents: 1077f86 53c9bb4
Author: Remi Bergsma <>
Authored: Sat Sep 5 11:41:17 2015 +0200
Committer: Remi Bergsma <>
Committed: Sat Sep 5 11:41:18 2015 +0200

 .../cloud/network/router/ |  20 +-
 .../component/           | 449 +++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 461 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

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