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Subject [13/13] git commit: updated refs/heads/4.3 to 15ded4f
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2014 18:26:09 GMT
CHANGES: add backported commits on 4.3 branch since 4.3.1 release

Signed-off-by: Rohit Yadav <>


Branch: refs/heads/4.3
Commit: 15ded4fddab6a888002202dfdda339f05648bdc9
Parents: a165309
Author: Rohit Yadav <>
Authored: Mon Nov 24 23:54:18 2014 +0530
Committer: Rohit Yadav <>
Committed: Mon Nov 24 23:54:18 2014 +0530

---------------------------------------------------------------------- | 41 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 41 insertions(+)
diff --git a/ b/
index 56bc084..90bd557 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -4,6 +4,47 @@ Apache CloudStack CHANGES
 Full release notes for each release are located in the project's documentation website:
+Version 4.3.2
+This is a bug fix release. The following issues were fixed:
+    CLOUDSTACK-6738: Add configs in developer prefill to avoid restart mgmt server
+    CLOUDSTACK-7517: loading ftp modules in VR
+    CLOUDSTACK-7633: fix "Provides" in most LSB headers
+    CLOUDSTACK-7658: Upgrading debian packages as part of system vm template build
+    CLOUDSTACK-7674 throw an exception when encountered
+    CLOUDSTACK-7679: bump up the RabbitMQ AMQP java client version from 2.8.7 to 3.3.5
+    CLOUDSTACK-2625, CLOUDSTACK-3401: Usage records are ordered by start_date which is not
unique. While listing large datasets or when page size is small this will result in duplicates
+    CLOUDSTACK-7855: NIC3 should set MTU and not NIC1 for storage network nic
+    CLOUDSTACK-7871: allow VM and template details update using update APIs
+    CLOUDSTACK-6438, CLOUDSTACK-6442: XAPI plugins must be copied to XS master first
+    CLOUDSTACK-6805: UI > create account > fix a bug that account creation failed when
password contains # character.
+    CLOUDSTACK-6892: use lowercase noredist, as lowercases build type
+    CLOUDSTACK-6371: Set snapshot size in copycommand answer during snapshot backup
+    CLOUDSTACK-6432: Blocking DHCP server to service DNS outside network
+    CLOUDSTACK-6761: Fixed removing proxy arp rule on deleting static nat or PF rule on ip
+    CLOUDSTACK-7250: [vCenter 5.5] SourceNAT,StaticNAT and Portfowrding is not working with
Vmware DVS in vCenter 5.5
+    CLOUDSTACK-6652: CLONE - [Automation] Vmware-  System's StartCommand failed with "NumberFormatException"
while using VMware DVS
+    CLOUDSTACK-5785: VM display name cell not updated upon detaching volume from VM
+    CLOUDSTACK-6011: When detach is called on a deleted volume, avoid the NPE and throw an
appropriate exception instead
+    CLOUDSTACK-7752: Fixed deployment planner stuck in infinite loop. If we create VM with
shared service offering and attach disk with local disk offering, and one of storage pool
is full
+    CLOUDSTACK-7937: CloudStack accepts unauthenticated LDAP binds
+    CLOUDSTACK-7822: Fixed SSL Cert Tests and relaxed chain validation
+    CLOUDSTACK-7952: Remove private key from SslCertResponse (listSslCerts)
+    CLOUDSTACK-3383: Fetch CPU utilization more reliable.
+    CLOUDSTACK-7415. Host remains in Alert after vCenter restart.
+    CLOUDSTACK-6261: remove the forceful timeout setting when login to NetScaler.
+    CLOUDSTACK-7954: ListTags API is ignoring the resourceID and displaying
+    CLOUDSTACK-6647: appending instance name with custom supplied info that contains - character
can break vmsync.
+    CLOUDSTACK-6463: password is not set for VMs created from password enabled template
+    CLOUDSTACK-5992: default values of configuraiton parameters in configuration table are
set NULL on fresh setup Some configuration parameters have Component names different from
+    CLOUDSTACK-6859:Management Server PermGen run out of memory after some time due to class
+    CLOUDSTACK-6970: Protect event interpretion from causing NPE exception
+    CLOUDSTACK-6466: cpu and ram is not getting updated correctly in usage_vm_instance table
for usage type 2
+    CLOUDSTACK-6669: Support volume resize in usage server
+    CLOUDSTACK-6669: Fix support resize in usage server
 Version 4.3.1

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