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Subject [3/3] git commit: updated refs/heads/master to ab59877
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2014 13:14:01 GMT
Cleaning the README, INSTALL and CHANGES file

(cherry picked from commit 528ac4c6e913b3e39b376965e744714e8496c4be)
Signed-off-by: Rohit Yadav <>



Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: ab5987726ce3cb8e515d75045c4ca1681559639b
Parents: 983a3b8
Author: Sebastien Goasguen <>
Authored: Mon Sep 15 06:27:17 2014 -0400
Committer: Rohit Yadav <>
Committed: Wed Sep 17 15:12:37 2014 +0200

 CHANGES                          | 417 ------------------                       | 784 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                       | 215 +++-------                        | 197 +++------                  | 260 -----------
 pom.xml                          |   3 +-
 tools/logo/apache_cloudstack.png | Bin 0 -> 155790 bytes
 7 files changed, 921 insertions(+), 955 deletions(-)
diff --git a/CHANGES b/CHANGES
deleted file mode 100644
index e3e316e..0000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,417 +0,0 @@
-Apache CloudStack CHANGES
-Full release notes for each release are located in the project's documentation website: 

-Version 4.2.0
-In progress
-Version 4.1.0
-This is the second major release of CloudStack from within the Apache Software Foundation,
and the
-first major release as a Top-Level Project (TLP). 
-Build Tool Changes:
- * The project now uses Maven 3 exclusively to build. 
-New Features:
-* CLOUDSTACK-101: OVS support in KVM
-* CLOUDSTACK-132: Mash up marvin into an interactive auto-completing API shell for CloudStack
-* CLOUDSTACK-241: AWS Style Regions
-* CLOUDSTACK-297: Reset SSH Key to access VM (similar to reset password)
-* CLOUDSTACK-299: Egress firewall rules for guest network
-* CLOUDSTACK-306: Support SRX & F5 inline mode
-* CLOUDSTACK-618: API request throttling to avoid malicious attacks on MS per account through
frequent API request.
-* CLOUDSTACK-637: AutoScale
-* CLOUDSTACK-644: Resize volumes feature
-* CLOUDSTACK-706: Persistent Networks without running a VM
-* CLOUDSTACK-726: Implement L3 Router functionality in Nicira Nvp Plugin
-* CLOUDSTACK-780: Additional VMX Settings
-* CLOUDSTACK-926: ApiDiscoverService: Implement a plugin mechanism that exposes the list
of APIs through a discovery service on the management server
-Bug Fixes:
-* CLOUDSTACK-1600 Typo in dpkg-buildpackage command
-* CLOUDSTACK-1574 updateResourceCount API is failed saying to specify valida resource type
even after parsing the valid resource type
-* CLOUDSTACK-1562 Replace the short-cut solution of supportting @DB with the formal one
-* CLOUDSTACK-1541 NPE while deleting snapshot :Unexpected exception while executing org.apache.cloudstack.api.command.user.snapshot.DeleteSnapshotCmd
-* CLOUDSTACK-1521 Redundant router: Services are not stopped when switch to BACKUP state
-* CLOUDSTACK-1509 Failed to implement network elements and resources while provisioning for
persistent network(createVlanIpRange to an account]
-* CLOUDSTACK-1496 List API Performance: listAccounts failing with OOME for high values of
pagesize (>1000 )
-* CLOUDSTACK-1487 cloudstack-setup-agent fails to set on KVM host
-* CLOUDSTACK-1485 Add Baremetal Provider back to 4.1 branch
-* CLOUDSTACK-1484 "API Throttling : api.throttling.enabled, Global setting missing"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1473 deleteDomain is failing with NPE
-* CLOUDSTACK-1470 unhandled exception executing api command: deployVirtualMachine
-* CLOUDSTACK-1469 kvm agent: agent service fails to start up
-* CLOUDSTACK-1465 List Zones returns null under create instance when logged is as user
-* CLOUDSTACK-1449 listAccounts and listProjectAccounts API lists all the users not account-specific
users for each account returned
-* CLOUDSTACK-1447 [UI]Persistent Status is not displayed for VPC Tiers
-* CLOUDSTACK-1436 4.1 management server fails to start from RPM build artifacts
-* CLOUDSTACK-1429 single account is unable to use same vnet across multiple physical networks
-* CLOUDSTACK-1425 unhandled exception executing api command: migrateVirtualMachine &
-* CLOUDSTACK-1420 Ensure trademarks are properly attributed in publican brand.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1419 Apache-ify and apply trademark logos in the UI
-* CLOUDSTACK-1418 "As regular user , we are not allowed to deploy VM on a shared network."
-* CLOUDSTACK-1417 "When invalid values are passed to createNetwork() , error message does
not indicate the parameter name that has invalid values."
-* CLOUDSTACK-1414 Redundant router: BACKUP switch cancelled due to lock timeout after a glitch
in network
-* CLOUDSTACK-1403 Storage and console-proxy related error
-* CLOUDSTACK-1402 listRouters API response doesn't return linklocal IP and public IP details
-* CLOUDSTACK-1399 Unhandled exception executing api command: stopVirtualMachine
-* CLOUDSTACK-1397 Static Nat configuration is failing with NPE
-* CLOUDSTACK-1391 EventBus is not getting injected after javelin merge
-* CLOUDSTACK-1383 Deploying basic zone on 4.1 fails in NPE
-* CLOUDSTACK-1382 "vm deploy fails with Error ""cannot find DeployPlannerSelector for vm"""
-* CLOUDSTACK-1375 deploydb failing with acs master
-* CLOUDSTACK-1369 "Ipv6 - In dual Stack network , guest VM does not have the Ipv6 address
of the router programmed in /etc/resolv.conf for DNS resolution."
-* CLOUDSTACK-1367 NPE noticed in logs while AgentMonitor is monitoring the host ping interval
-* CLOUDSTACK-1357 "Autoscale: Provisioned VMs from Netscaler not being added to lb vserver,
provserver fails with provserver_err_asynctaskpoll"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1350 Management server Stop and start causes previously downloaded ISOs and
templates to redownload & reinstall
-* CLOUDSTACK-1347 "Not able to delete network. Error - ""Unable to insert queue item into
database, DB is full?"""
-* CLOUDSTACK-1346 "Check to see if external devices are used in the network, is hardcoded
for specific devices"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1345 BigSwitch plugin introduces 'VNS' isolation in UI without backend implementation
-* CLOUDSTACK-1344 Typo in use.external.dns setting description
-* CLOUDSTACK-1343 Porting Baremetal related UI changes to ACS
-* CLOUDSTACK-1341 URL for the KEYs file is wrong in the installation guide
-* CLOUDSTACK-1339 ASF 4.1: Management server becomes unresponsive
-* CLOUDSTACK-1338 Deploy VM failed using ISO
-* CLOUDSTACK-1334 vmware.root.disk.controller doesn't work.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1332 IPV6 - Router and guest Vms should be able to use an IPV6 address for external
DNS entry.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1331 Upgrade fails for a 2.2.14 Zone having multiple guest networks using network_tags
and Public Vlan
-* CLOUDSTACK-1330 ec2-run-instances - When -n option is used to deploy multiple Vms API returns
error even though few of the Vms have been deployed successfully.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1320 Routers naming convention is changed to hostname
-* CLOUDSTACK-1319 createCustomerVpnGateway response gives TypeError: json.createvpncustomergatewayresponse
is undefined
-* CLOUDSTACK-1315 [F5-SRX-InlineMode] Network implement failed with Run time Exception during
network upgrade from VR to SRX-F5
-* CLOUDSTACK-1313 Working with Volumes Section Is Missing
-* CLOUDSTACK-1312 "Fix rolling upgrades from 4.0 to 4.1 in 4.1 release, fix db schemas to
be same as 4.0"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1307 Noticed NPE when we put host in maintenance mode in clustered management
-* CLOUDSTACK-1303 Ipv6 - java.lang.NullPointerException when executing listnetworks() and
deployVirtualMachine() after extending the Ipv4 range of a dual stack network.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1300 section in wrong order in installation guide
-* CLOUDSTACK-1299 Errors in 4.5.5 section of installation guide
-* CLOUDSTACK-1295 NPE in usage parsers due to missing @Component inject
-* CLOUDSTACK-1289 [F5-SRX-InlineMode] Usage stats are not generated for Juniper SRX Firewall
in inlinemode
-* CLOUDSTACK-1288 [F5-SRX-InlineMode] classCastException during network restart with cleanup
option true
-* CLOUDSTACK-1277 ApiResponseHelper.createUserVmResponse failed to populate password field
set from UserVm object
-* CLOUDSTACK-1272 Autoscale: createAutoScaleVmProfile fails due to unable to retrieve Service
Offering id
-* CLOUDSTACK-1267 KVM's cloudstack-agent service doesn't log (log4j)
-* CLOUDSTACK-1265 logrotate dnsmasq configuration is wrong
-* CLOUDSTACK-1262 "Failed to Prepare Secondary Storage in VMware,"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1251 Baremetal zone doesn't need primary/secondary storage in UI wizard
-* CLOUDSTACK-1243 Failed to cleanup account :java.lang.NullPointerException
-* CLOUDSTACK-1242 [F5-SRX-InlineMode] Failed to create LB rule with F5-SRX inlinemode deployement
-* CLOUDSTACK-1241 Network apply rules logic is broken
-* CLOUDSTACK-1237 "Register Template fails with ""Cannot find template adapter for XenServer"""
-* CLOUDSTACK-1234 Unable to start KVM agent with 4.1 build
-* CLOUDSTACK-1233 Veewee configuration files are inappropriately identified as ASLv2 licensed
-* CLOUDSTACK-1232 "Ipv6 - Guest Vms are not able to get Ipaddress when executing dhclient
command when using ""/96"" network."
-* CLOUDSTACK-1226 Error while running Cloudstack-setup-databases
-* CLOUDSTACK-1223 Exception while starting jetty server: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException
Error creating bean with name 'apiServer':
-* CLOUDSTACK-1222 API rate limit configs: removed double quote in upgrade script
-* CLOUDSTACK-1220 Ipv6 - Better error message when deploy Vm fails to get a free Ip address.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1219 Ipv6 - Provide better error messages when deploying a Vm with Ip an address
that is outside the network's ip range / if the ip address already is assigned to another
-* CLOUDSTACK-1216 UUID is null for admin and failed to register user key with 4.1
-* CLOUDSTACK-1210 Make all pluggable services return list of api cmd classes
-* CLOUDSTACK-1206 Failure in Copy of System templates
-* CLOUDSTACK-1205 Ipv6 - Ubuntu 12.10 guest Vms looses default route (after it expiration
time ~ 30 mts) when ipv6.autoconfig parameters are disabled except for net.ipv6.conf.lo.autoconf
which is enabled.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1204 Fail to create advance zone due to fail to add host
-* CLOUDSTACK-1201 "Failed to create ssh key for user ""cloud"" /var/lib/cloud/management/.ssh/id_rsa
and failed to start management server"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1190 Make APIChecker interface throw a single sensible exception
-* CLOUDSTACK-1181 mvn deploy db failing with NPE
-* CLOUDSTACK-1176 Issue with snapshots(create/list)
-* CLOUDSTACK-1174 Snapshots related SQL error
-* CLOUDSTACK-1173 ConsoleProxyResource instantiation exception
-* CLOUDSTACK-1168 Create firewall rule broken
-* CLOUDSTACK-1163 Failed with NPE while creating firewall rule
-* CLOUDSTACK-1161 Differences between 4.1 and master in ongoing-config-of-external-firewalls-lb.xml
-* CLOUDSTACK-1154 Account/Users related API failed due to RegionService inject exception
-* CLOUDSTACK-1153 "Ipv6 - Vm deployment fails with ""n must be positive"" error."
-* CLOUDSTACK-1152 Missing tag in host-add.xml
-* CLOUDSTACK-1141 "Ipv6 - After network restart (and reboot router) , we do not see the existing
vms dnsentries not being programmed in the router."
-* CLOUDSTACK-1138 "Providing invalid values for gateway, netmask etc in the zoneWizard blocks
the VLAN container to load , throwing an error"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1123 ListStoragePools API broken by refactor
-* CLOUDSTACK-1113 "Ipv6 - Not able to deploy a new VM in this network because of ""Unable
to allocate Unique Ipv6 address"""
-* CLOUDSTACK-1112 "Errors in ""Prepare the System VM Template"""
-* CLOUDSTACK-1111 Ipv6 - listRouters() does not return guestipaddress/
-* CLOUDSTACK-1109 "Ipv6 - Unable to expunge User Vms that are ""Destroyed""."
-* CLOUDSTACK-1108 Ipv6 - Not able to restart Networks.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1107 Ipv6 - Unable to extend Ip range for a Ipv6 network using craeteVlanIpRange()
command - Error code 530 returned.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1105 "IpV6 - listVirtualMachines() does not return netmask ,gateway,ipaddress."
-* CLOUDSTACK-1104 Ipv6 - listVlanIpRanges() returns error 530.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1103 "IpV6 - listNetwork() command does not retrun gateway,netmask,cidr"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1095 Ipv6 - dhclient command needs to be run manually on the Vms to get the
Ipv6 address.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1088 EnableStaticNat error will clear the data in database
-* CLOUDSTACK-1087 Update the Developer Guide for ASFCS 4.1 Release
-* CLOUDSTACK-1083 listUsageRecords api: removed project results in NPE
-* CLOUDSTACK-1082 UI doesn't throw any error message when trying to delete ip range from
a network that is in use
-* CLOUDSTACK-1079 Deploying AWSAPI with mvn -pl :cloud-awsapi jetty:run fails
-* CLOUDSTACK-1070 javelin: NPE on executing registerIso API
-* CLOUDSTACK-1064 A type error occurs when trying to add account/register template....
-* CLOUDSTACK-1063 "SG Enabled Advanced Zone - ""Add Guest Networks"" - When user tries to
add a guest Network with scope as ""Account"" , he should NOT be presented with ""Offering
for shared security group enabled"""
-* CLOUDSTACK-1057 regression of changeServiceForVirtualMachine API - fails to find service
offering by serviceOfferingId parameter
-* CLOUDSTACK-1056 S3 secondary storage fails to upload systemvm template due to KVMHA directory
-* CLOUDSTACK-1055 "The overlay still exists when the ""Recurring Snapshots"" dialog is canceled
by pressing esc key."
-* CLOUDSTACK-1051 API dispatcher unable to find objectVO corresponding to DeleteTemplatecmd
-* CLOUDSTACK-1050 No Documentation on Adding a Load Balancer Rule
-* CLOUDSTACK-1037 "Make cloudmonkey awesome-er: Online help docs and api discovery, better
colored output, parameter value autocompletion"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1029 Enter the token to specified project is malfunctioned
-* CLOUDSTACK-1027 """Update SSL certificate"" button should properly reflect it's functionality"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1024 Regression: Unable to add Xenserver host with latest build
-* CLOUDSTACK-1021 the vlan is not creat to right nic. when i creat multi guest network.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1016 Not able to deploy VM.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1014 Merge ManagementServer and ManagementServerExt
-* CLOUDSTACK-1013 running cloudstack overwrites default public/private ssh keys
-* CLOUDSTACK-1011 KVM host getting disconnected in cluster environment
-* CLOUDSTACK-1010 Host count and Secondary storage count always shows 1 in UI
-* CLOUDSTACK-1002 Not able to start VM.
-* CLOUDSTACK-995  Not able to add the KVM host.
-* CLOUDSTACK-993  """admin"" user is not getting created when management server is started."
-* CLOUDSTACK-987  Sections missing in Working With Snapshots
-* CLOUDSTACK-985  Different MAC address for RvR caused issue in short term network outrage
-* CLOUDSTACK-978  TypeError: instance.displayname is undefined while adding VM's to the LB
-* CLOUDSTACK-968  marvin: vlan should be an attribute of the physical_network and not the
-* CLOUDSTACK-959  Missing sub-sections in document section System Service Offerings
-* CLOUDSTACK-938  s2s VPN trouble
-* CLOUDSTACK-928  [Simulator] Latency for Agent Commands - change unit of wait from seconds
to milliseconds
-* CLOUDSTACK-863  Non-printable characters (ASCII control character) such as %00 or %0025
are getting stored in raw/non encoded form in the database.
-* CLOUDSTACK-819  Create Account/User API logging password in access logs
-* CLOUDSTACK-799  [Load Test] Check router statistics falls behind in gathering stats by
more than 2 times the set value
-* CLOUDSTACK-798  Move usage related cmd classes from cloud-server to cloud-api
-* CLOUDSTACK-736  Integration smoke tests: Fix check for vm name for the deployvm smoke test
-* CLOUDSTACK-734  api_refactoring: CreateAccountCmd fails to send response due to NPE in
service layer
-* CLOUDSTACK-725  UI: Error when the Egress rules tab is selected for a network
-* CLOUDSTACK-721  Bytes sent/received in user statistics is empty (CloudStack 4.0)
-* CLOUDSTACK-720  Fail to load a png image when accessing the web console
-* CLOUDSTACK-717  cloudmonkey fails to parse/print response
-* CLOUDSTACK-693  Adding a VPC virtual router to a NiciraNVP enabled network fails
-* CLOUDSTACK-691  A warning dialog box shows after reloading the welcome page
-* CLOUDSTACK-689  RVR: Stop pending flag is not cleared when user start the disconnected
router from another host
-* CLOUDSTACK-683  Image Is Missing in the Accessing VM Section
-* CLOUDSTACK-660  Network Traffic Labels are not functional in Marvin
-* CLOUDSTACK-648  The normal users could change their own login password
-* CLOUDSTACK-639  API Refactoring: Adapters for ACL
-* CLOUDSTACK-617  Unable to edit a Sub domain
-* CLOUDSTACK-614  "ListTemplates API is not returning ""Enable SSH Key"" attribute for any
given template"
-* CLOUDSTACK-606  Starting VM fails with 'ConcurrentOperationException' in a clustered MS
-* CLOUDSTACK-605  Host physical CPU is incorrectly calculated for Vmware hosts
-* CLOUDSTACK-599  DhcpEntryCommand fails on Router VM on CS4.0 and vSphere5 with Advanced
Network Zone
-* CLOUDSTACK-596  DeployVM command takes a lot of time to return job id
-* CLOUDSTACK-584  "typos in ""Apache_CloudStack-4.0.0-incubating-CloudStack_Nicira_NVP_Guide-en-US"""
-* CLOUDSTACK-573  "NPE at """"
when create network from the network offering having NULL provider for the service"
-* CLOUDSTACK-572  SG Enabled Advanced Zone - Not able to deploy a VM in an account specific
shared network.
-* CLOUDSTACK-560  Usage server doesn't work in 4.0.0 due to missing db changes
-* CLOUDSTACK-556  Erratic window behavior in Quick View tooltip
-* CLOUDSTACK-553  "SRX - When adding SRX device make ""Public Network"" - default to ""untrusted""
and ""Private Network"" - default to ""trusted"" as un-editable fields."
-* CLOUDSTACK-552  ]Quick view details for a volume displays scroll bar in place of name of
the volume when the name of the volume has more no of characters
-* CLOUDSTACK-539  Cropped Text in UI under Quick View
-* CLOUDSTACK-536  remove citrix cloudpatform from 4.0 build - CloudStack is ASF project
-* CLOUDSTACK-527  List API performance optimization by using DB views and removing UUID conversion.
-* CLOUDSTACK-522  Log requests in cloudmonkey's log file
-* CLOUDSTACK-520  Dependency jar names mismatch with
-* CLOUDSTACK-518  API refactoring -- change @Parameter annotation and remove the @IdentityMapper
-* CLOUDSTACK-514  Marvin and Cloudmonkey don't work when an API target uses https or an alternate
-* CLOUDSTACK-510  Add button not visible when adding public IPs to physical network
-* CLOUDSTACK-508  CLVM copies template to primary storage unnecessarily
-* CLOUDSTACK-507  fix api docs for listSSHKeyPairs
-* CLOUDSTACK-504  Duplicate guest password scripts in codebase
-* CLOUDSTACK-501  Apidocs and marvin does not know how to handle Autoscaling docs
-* CLOUDSTACK-500  Passwd-server iptables rules are dropped on domr on fresh start or on reboot
-* CLOUDSTACK-499  cloudmonkey CLI can't accept complex parameters
-* CLOUDSTACK-493  2.2.x-3.0 DB upgrade support for Advance SG enabled networks
-* CLOUDSTACK-481  Installation Guide Doc Error
-* CLOUDSTACK-467  Developer's Guide points to for API reference
-* CLOUDSTACK-465  French language file quotes are dropping javascript syntax errors
-* CLOUDSTACK-464  "Regression in AWSAPI docs, entire sections removed"
-* CLOUDSTACK-462  A few corrections to make to the 4.0.0 installation guide
-* CLOUDSTACK-459  [Optional Public IP assignment for EIP with Basic Zone] Associate IP Checkbox
in Create Network Offering Dialog is Displayed When Elastic LB is Selected
-* CLOUDSTACK-456  License tag in SPEC isn't what RPM is expecting
-* CLOUDSTACK-448  SSVM bootstrap failure on XenServer hosts with E3 CPU
-* CLOUDSTACK-446  "Host going to alert state, if you are adding already added host"
-* CLOUDSTACK-441  Running mgmt server using jetty fails to start api server
-* CLOUDSTACK-435  Vmware network labels are ignored when creating a Zone using basic networking
-* CLOUDSTACK-427  Change hardcoded step number references to dynamic links
-* CLOUDSTACK-424  Updated userdata not propagating to the VR.
-* CLOUDSTACK-417  Handle password server securely to run on port 8080 on VR
-* CLOUDSTACK-416  XCP 1.6beta2 (61002c) - can't add a host
-* CLOUDSTACK-404  Update docs on the usage of cloud-setup-databases
-* CLOUDSTACK-398  Install Guide: Section 11.17.3 (Using VPN with Mac OSX): Not complete?
-* CLOUDSTACK-397  Install Guide: Section 11.1 (Guest Traffic): Diagram is the wrong diagram
-* CLOUDSTACK-390  Install Guide: Section 4.5.7 (Prepare the System VM Template): Links go
-* CLOUDSTACK-378  mavenize marvin on master
-* CLOUDSTACK-377  provide deployment config access to marvin's testcase
-* CLOUDSTACK-373  "static NAT and Firewall is not working on external firewall device SRX,
it needs to be implemented"
-* CLOUDSTACK-369  ASF 4.0 - unable to support XenServer 6.1 host
-* CLOUDSTACK-364  Docs point to for AWS API script
-* CLOUDSTACK-361  Wrong creation of guest networks on a KVM host in Multiple Physical Networks
with guest traffic
-* CLOUDSTACK-359  PropagateResourceEventCommand failes in cluster configuration
-* CLOUDSTACK-357  "ISOs can be deleted while still attached to a running VM, and they subsequently
cannot be detached from a running VM"
-* CLOUDSTACK-355  "Fix ""count"" in a bunch of API commands"
-* CLOUDSTACK-348  deleteNetwork does not clean up network resource count correctly
-* CLOUDSTACK-347  listNetworks API: return vlan information only when the caller is ROOT
-* CLOUDSTACK-346  Cannot add Vmware cluster with class loader conflict exception
-* CLOUDSTACK-335  KVM VPC load balancer not working
-* CLOUDSTACK-333  When Datacenter name in VCenter has spaces Primary Storage (VMFS) discovery
will fail
-* CLOUDSTACK-332  """count"" property in list* API response should be equal to how many entries
in database, not how many objects in API response"
-* CLOUDSTACK-318  Adding XenServer Host Fails - 6.0.2 fails with 4.0.0
-* CLOUDSTACK-304  Add synchronization for createSnapshot command per host basis
-* CLOUDSTACK-293  "We do awful, hacky things in our spec file for client"
-* CLOUDSTACK-290  3.0.0 template also needed for 2.2.14 to 3.0.5 direct upgrade.
-* CLOUDSTACK-284  listVirtualMachines does not return deleted machines when zone is specified
-* CLOUDSTACK-279  deleteProject fails when executed by the regular user (works fine for root/domain
-* CLOUDSTACK-274  Two error codes mapped to same value in API
-* CLOUDSTACK-271  updatePhysicalNetwork dies with an NPE when the vlan range is empty
-* CLOUDSTACK-256  "vpn:As an admin user , not able to delete VPN user which is present in
a regular user's network."
-* CLOUDSTACK-250  Incorrect description of maintenance mode in admin guide
-* CLOUDSTACK-249  Add host id to failed VM deploy alerts
-* CLOUDSTACK-235  Network rate can be set in 2 places. Clarify docs on how this works.
-* CLOUDSTACK-232  Zone infrastructure chart -- disable resource total display
-* CLOUDSTACK-228  UI provides an option to reconnect a disconnected host - ServerApiException
is thrown on an attempt
-* CLOUDSTACK-227  ReconnectHostCmd: NullPointerException: Unable to get host Information
for XenServer 6.0.2 host - on intentionally changing the traffic labels on the physical network
-* CLOUDSTACK-226  UpdatePhysicalNetworkcommand failed due to java.sql.BatchUpdateException
; Tried to extend the existing Guest VLAN Range of one physical network into the Guest VLAN
range of the other physical network
-* CLOUDSTACK-225  API Docs: Request params repeated with different descriptions
-* CLOUDSTACK-222  Admin UI prompts to restart Management server with cancel edit operation
-* CLOUDSTACK-178  Expose name parameter of VM in list Vm view.
-* CLOUDSTACK-130  Clarify docs on tags parameter in API reference
-* CLOUDSTACK-119  Move Agent-Simulator in to the hypervisor plugin model
-* CLOUDSTACK-118  "Status of host resorce stuck in ""ErrorInMaintenance"""
-* CLOUDSTACK-95   IP address allocation not working when a user tries to allocate IP addresses
in a Project.
-* CLOUDSTACK-70   Improve Network Restart Behaviour for Basic Zone: Restarting Network Fails
-* CLOUDSTACK-46   Remnants of mycloud remain
-Security Fixes:
- * CVE-2012-4501: Apache CloudStack configuration vulnerability
-Version 4.0.2
-This is a maintenance release for the Apache CloudStack 4.0.x series, with no new features.
-Issues fixed in this release:
-* CLOUDSTACK-354: Display of storage statistics is wrong.
-* CLOUDSTACK-397: Install Guide: Section 11.1 (Guest Traffic): Diagram is the wrong diagram
-* CLOUDSTACK-398: Install Guide: Section 11.17.3 (Using VPN with Mac OSX): Not complete?
-* CLOUDSTACK-462: A few corrections to make to the 4.0.0 installation guide
-* CLOUDSTACK-524: http proxy used by ssvm (secstorage.proxy) NOT working
-* CLOUDSTACK-587: MEMORY_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATIONMemory limits must satisfy:
-* CLOUDSTACK-803: HA gets triggered even when the host investigator is unable to determine
the state of the host
-* CLOUDSTACK-810: Make DirectAgent thread pool size configurable
-* CLOUDSTACK-976: unable to start cloudstack (error: "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64.encodeBase64URLSafeString([B)Ljava/lang/String;")
-* CLOUDSTACK-988: HV version must be updated in hypervisor_version column of host table
-* CLOUDSTACK-990: Documentation issue with libvirtd.conf tcp_port configuration
-* CLOUDSTACK-1088: EnableStaticNat error will clear the data in database
-* CLOUDSTACK-1106: Missing documentation for cloud-setup-databases
-* CLOUDSTACK-1110: Documentation missing "Management Server Load Balancing"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1112: Errors in "Prepare the System VM Template"
-* CLOUDSTACK-1137: Force reconnect of a disconnected state complains about the state of the
-* CLOUDSTACK-1150: Documentation for libvirt on Ubuntu 12.04
-* CLOUDSTACK-1151: vmware systemVm template upgrade is missing in 4.0 upgrade
-* CLOUDSTACK-1211: Network operations are Blocked for the Read-only file system of Virtual
-* CLOUDSTACK-1265: logrotate dnsmasq configuration is wrong
-* CLOUDSTACK-1291: duplicate arguments in commands.xml prevents to run to completion
-* CLOUDSTACK-1298: typo in deb package setup
-* CLOUDSTACK-1299: Errors in 4.5.5 section of installation guide
-* CLOUDSTACK-1300: section in wrong order in installation guide
-* CLOUDSTACK-1341: URL for the KEYs file is wrong in the installation guide
-* CLOUDSTACK-1419: Apache-ify and apply trademark logos in the UI
-* CLOUDSTACK-1420: Ensure trademarks are properly attributed in publican brand.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1589: Ubuntu 4.0 packages depend on non-existent chkconfig
-* CLOUDSTACK-1629: Need to move location or conflict with antlr
-* CLOUDSTACK-1642: Add support CentOS 6.4
-* CLOUDSTACK-1648: Unable to add KVM host
-* CLOUDSTACK-1652: /etc/hosts error in virtual router when deploy instance with the name
same to previous instances
-* CLOUDSTACK-1666: KVM VPC NetworkUsage doesnot work
-* CLOUDSTACK-1668: IP conflict in VPC tier
-* CLOUDSTACK-1761: Available local storage disk capacity incorrectly reported in KVM to manager.
-* CLOUDSTACK-1845: KVM - storage migration often fails
-* CLOUDSTACK-1846: KVM - storage pools can silently fail to be unregistered, leading to failure
to register later
-* CLOUDSTACK-2003: Deleting domain while deleted account is cleaning up leaves VMs expunging
forever due to 'Failed to update resource count'
-* CLOUDSTACK-2090: Upgrade from version 4.0.1 to version 4.0.2 triggers the 4.0.0 to 4.0.1.

-* CLOUDSTACK-2091: Error in API documentation for 4.0.x.
-Version 4.0.1-incubating
-This is a bugfix release for Apache CloudStack 4.0.0-incubating, with no new features. 
-Security Fixes:
-* CVE-2012-5616: Local Information Disclosure Vulnerability (See CLOUDSTACK-505)
-Bugs fixed in this release:
-* CLOUDSTACK-359: PropagateResourceEventCommand fails in cluster configuration
-* CLOUDSTACK-374: When running cloud-setup-databases, it auto chooses the highest priority
nic (lowest number ie: eth0)
-* CLOUDSTACK-389: Install Guide: Section 4.5.5 (Prepare NFS Shares): Confusing statement
about iSCSI
-* CLOUDSTACK-395: Primary Storage and Secondary Storage sections missing sub-sections
-* CLOUDSTACK-411: Add another step during kvm agent installation on Ubuntu machine
-* CLOUDSTACK-415: restartNetwork call causes VM to be unreachable when Nicira based SDN is
-* CLOUDSTACK-422: XSL files missing license header.
-* CLOUDSTACK-426: SetVPCStaticNatRules unimplemented for KVM.
-* CLOUDSTACK-448: SSVM bootstrap failure on XenServer hosts with E3 CPU.
-* CLOUDSTACK-465: French language file quotes are dropping javascript syntax errors.
-* CLOUDSTACK-473: API Doc for uploadCustomCertificate doesn't explain how to use the optional
parameters well.
-* CLOUDSTACK-480: Installation Documentation error: Section needs to mention nfs-kernel-server.
-* CLOUDSTACK-481: Installation Guide Doc Error
-* CLOUDSTACK-498: Missing dependency in RPM of KVM Agent.
-* CLOUDSTACK-502: VPC router needs to resolve its hostname.
-* CLOUDSTACK-505: cloudstack logs the private key in plaintext.
-* CLOUDSTACK-507: fix api docs for listSSHKeyPairs.
-* CLOUDSTACK-515: NVP installation.
-* CLOUDSTACK-536: remove citrix cloudpatform from 4.0 build - CloudStack is ASF project.
-* CLOUDSTACK-560: Usage server doesn't work in 4.0.0 due to missing db changes.
-* CLOUDSTACK-580: Packages are named with 4.0 with 4.0.1 build.
-* CLOUDSTACK-591: Wrong vnet in iptables on KVM hypervisors after VM reboot.
-* CLOUDSTACK-595: Recreate root volume scenarios doesn't work in VMware
-* CLOUDSTACK-603: Upgrade from 4.0 to 4.0.1 is not enabled.
-* CLOUDSTACK-605: Host physical CPU is incorrectly calculated for VMware host
-* CLOUDSTACK-622: In the add primary storage dialog in the ui the RBD fields don't disappear
when changing from RBD to another protocol.
-* CLOUDSTACK-683: Image is missing in the Accessing VM Section
-* CLOUDSTACK-685: CloudStack 4.0 Network Usage is ZERO
-* CLOUDSTACK-938: s2s VPN trouble
-* CLOUDSTACK-961: Installation docs don't detail dependencies for building RPMs
-* CLOUDSTACK-995: Not able to add the KVM host
-Version 4.0.0-incubating
-This is the first release of CloudStack from within the Apache Software Foundation.
-Build Tool Changes:
- * The project now uses a combination of maven3 and ant for building
- * License header auditing is now implemented via the Apache RAT Maven plugin
- * Some integrations have been disabled in the default build, due to the license types of
our dependencies (See for details on how to build with the optional capabilities)
-New Features:
- * Inter-VLAN Routing (VPC)
- * Site-to-Site VPN
- * Local Storage Support for Data Volumes
- * Virtual Resource Tagging
- * Secure Console Access on XenServer
- * Added the ability to create a VM without immediately starting it (via API)
- * Upload an Existing Volume to a Virtual Machine
- * Dedicated High-Availability Hosts
- * Support for Amazon Web Services API (formerly a separate package)
- * AWS API Extensions to include Tagging
- * Support for Nicira NVP (L2)
- * Ceph RBD Support for KVM
- * Support for Caringo as Secondary Storage
- * KVM Hypervisor support upgraded to work with Ubuntu 12.04 and RHEL 6.3
-Security Fixes:
- * CVE-2012-4501: Apache CloudStack configuration vulnerability

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