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Subject [04/21] Fix translation setup for 4.4 and add zh_CN translations
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2014 12:15:53 GMT
diff --git a/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/troubleshooting.po b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/troubleshooting.po
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..cd464f7
--- /dev/null
+++ b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/troubleshooting.po
@@ -0,0 +1,497 @@
+# Copyright (C)
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the Apache CloudStack Administration
Documentation package.
+# Translators:
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: Apache CloudStack Administration RTD\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-06-30 12:52+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-06-30 12:04+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
+"Language-Team: Chinese (China) (\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Language: zh_CN\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
+# 453abc0964244620ab303e8bbdd16340
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:18
+msgid "TroubleShooting"
+msgstr "故障排查"
+# b90eea0457d64f3cb90be7deabcaa0c3
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:21
+msgid "Working with Server Logs"
+msgstr "使用服务器日志"
+# 9d89b655688d4af2bfc8302c8a0c9134
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:23
+msgid ""
+"The CloudStack Management Server logs all web site, middle tier, and "
+"database activities for diagnostics purposes in "
+"`/var/log/cloudstack/management/`. The CloudStack logs a variety of error "
+"messages. We recommend this command to find the problematic output in the "
+"Management Server log:."
+msgstr "为了方便诊断系统,CloudStack 管理服务器在目录/var/log/cloud/management/下记录了所有网站、中间层和数据库的活动。CloudStack
+# 3fc8e92bb3a741c3bd3a67d67cf0e9a3
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:30
+msgid ""
+"When copying and pasting a command, be sure the command has pasted as a "
+"single line before executing. Some document viewers may introduce unwanted "
+"line breaks in copied text."
+msgstr "当复制和粘贴命令时,请确保没有多余的换行符,因为一些文档查看器可能会在复制时加上换行符。"
+# 845cfc971cf84bbca9edce162a942ad2
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:38
+msgid ""
+"The CloudStack processes requests with a Job ID. If you find an error in the"
+" logs and you are interested in debugging the issue you can grep for this "
+"job ID in the management server log. For example, suppose that you find the "
+"following ERROR message:"
+msgstr "CloudStack处理请求时会生成一个任务ID。如果您发现了日志中的某个错误,然后想调试该问题,您可以在管理服务器日志中grep这个任务ID。例如,假设您发现了以下的ERROR信息:"
+# f7529d9ff27a4e27bdad7d8a6435087a
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:47
+msgid ""
+"Note that the job ID is 1076. You can track back the events relating to job "
+"1076 with the following grep:"
+msgstr "注意到任务ID是1076。你可以追踪返回事件的相近任务1076按照以下grep:"
+# 4da5450950cc43b79b6d4391e28f4f41
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:54
+msgid ""
+"The CloudStack Agent Server logs its activities in "
+msgstr "CloudStack代理服务器在 `/var/log/cloudstack/agent/`记录了它的活动。"
+# ba4670a0c5444406a2eb230cb99333d5
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:58
+msgid "Data Loss on Exported Primary Storage"
+msgstr "在导出主存储时的数据丢失"
+# b0ef204b69a54f32bd49070c4b9b6a91
+# 96d811275eea4240af38ec923db3c739
+# 03085fe48e6f4b379bcb1b827fff32d4
+# 83a83346af6342ae960e60c796e896d3
+# dc69c8f4922e4f69a378d3a16a609df7
+# 3970143e5afb4c03a4b3aed0f9e50fc7
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:61 ../../troubleshooting.rst:99
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:140 ../../troubleshooting.rst:162
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:185 ../../troubleshooting.rst:219
+msgid "Symptom"
+msgstr "症状"
+# a5727b8982354aaeb9aaa3eaccf41ef9
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:63
+msgid ""
+"Loss of existing data on primary storage which has been exposed as a Linux "
+"NFS server export on an iSCSI volume."
+msgstr "主存储的已有数据丢失。该主存储是用iSCSI卷导出的一个Linux NFS服务器输出。"
+# 77646ea81e804cb9ada6c17c6289cbbe
+# e5b68ba31d5948388069cf4e01357332
+# 48d47c0902414b5194a1d38398971eb6
+# 8c13e9a8446c49ef90ae29a314ee0d33
+# 8a80e812487d4bf6b38f6cdc6feddae0
+# 350e1aaa22b5432f8065bdf94cc27e02
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:68 ../../troubleshooting.rst:106
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:146 ../../troubleshooting.rst:168
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:197 ../../troubleshooting.rst:226
+msgid "Cause"
+msgstr "原因"
+# 8ca868ba6d9349e6b0d83564a152f19e
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:70
+msgid ""
+"It is possible that a client from outside the intended pool has mounted the "
+"storage. When this occurs, the LVM is wiped and all data in the volume is "
+msgstr "可能的原因是存储池之外的某个客户端挂载了该存储。如果发生了这种情况,LVM会被擦除,该卷上的所有数据都会丢失。"
+# 4934510ae4ce4c79a0ed5d6ee26fea0a
+# df9bd94f2f95481f93b741b643baedfb
+# 5d33b8b45f404f25abcb9d3fbfeafb70
+# 044a6cc8e613432ab218a02d3bbde2a1
+# 4445e221c952428fb2585060c4540dee
+# 7c3b4d63c42d4990999e96195fe72cca
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:76 ../../troubleshooting.rst:112
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:153 ../../troubleshooting.rst:176
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:207 ../../troubleshooting.rst:235
+msgid "Solution"
+msgstr "解决方案"
+# 990ebb2f5e854a479d94d06df1280a15
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:78
+msgid ""
+"When setting up LUN exports, restrict the range of IP addresses that are "
+"allowed access by specifying a subnet mask. For example:"
+msgstr "配置LUN输出时,通过指定子网掩码来限制可以访问存储的IP地址范围。例如:"
+# 17f9dff87a0b4b848b2938ad46c42bfc
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:85
+msgid "Adjust the above command to suit your deployment needs."
+msgstr "根据你的部署需求,调整如上参数。"
+# 9dd74bb044b640dcb1b4e410db1a44e2
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:89
+msgid "More Information"
+msgstr "更多信息"
+# 6c10365641b54f549e84579ccb8d4fe2
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:91
+msgid ""
+"See the export procedure in the \"Secondary Storage\" section of the "
+"CloudStack Installation Guide"
+msgstr "请参考CloudStack安装指南的“辅助存储”章节中的导出过程。"
+# 08ecc200c09045599e0c1f960186fdc4
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:96
+msgid "Recovering a Lost Virtual Router"
+msgstr "恢复丢失的虚拟路由器"
+# db28bc81f196417980c31fd2d4b63f29
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:101
+msgid ""
+"A virtual router is running, but the host is disconnected. A virtual router "
+"no longer functions as expected."
+msgstr "虚拟路由器是运行着的,但主机失去连接。虚拟路由器不再按期望工作。"
+# a6ac53ae9be44b4e8b3602647222e9ac
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:108
+msgid "The Virtual router is lost or down."
+msgstr "虚拟路由器丢失或宕机。"
+# 1bd58bc5e2314d0cbf2e0059b096bf0a
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:114
+msgid ""
+"If you are sure that a virtual router is down forever, or no longer "
+"functions as expected, destroy it. You must create one afresh while keeping "
+"the backup router up and running (it is assumed this is in a redundant "
+"router setup):"
+msgstr "如果您确定虚拟路由器宕机了,或不再正常工作,请销毁它。您必须再建一个新的,此时备份路由器应保持运行(假定在使用冗余路由器配置的情况下)。"
+# 19e8516bc79a4b7faeb2645670f3a6a1
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:119
+msgid ""
+"Force stop the router. Use the stopRouter API with forced=true parameter to "
+"do so."
+msgstr "强制停止虚拟路由器。请使用带参数forced=true的stopRouter API执行该步。"
+# 340f24e153484784bc1cf3b493c32ea3
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:122
+msgid ""
+"Before you continue with destroying this router, ensure that the backup "
+"router is running. Otherwise the network connection will be lost."
+msgstr "在销毁虚拟路由器之前,请确保备份路由器正常运行。否则用户的网络连接将中断。"
+# c2db1e8bd10547bfacb3e2d044ca6d06
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:126
+msgid "Destroy the router by using the destroyRouter API."
+msgstr "使用destroyRouter API销毁该虚拟路由器。"
+# af3e07ca34034b49b6dba68eb7da16f3
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:128
+msgid ""
+"Recreate the missing router by using the restartNetwork API with "
+"cleanup=false parameter. For more information about redundant router setup, "
+"see Creating a New Network Offering."
+msgstr "使用restartNetwork API(参数cleanup=false)重建丢失的虚拟路由器。关于冗余虚拟路由器的配置,请参考创建新的网络方案。"
+# 25bdb5c7a6a7454ea25d62c3f0a02c57
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:132
+msgid ""
+"For more information about the API syntax, see the API Reference at "
+"` "
+msgstr "关于更多的API语法信息,参见API参考`
+# d1a32a2023024c72907911b8c7757cae
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:137
+msgid "Maintenance mode not working on vCenter"
+msgstr "维护模式没在vCenter中生效"
+# bd6813f30ddc4a0da8cf13b7725c9748
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:142
+msgid ""
+"Host was placed in maintenance mode, but still appears live in vCenter."
+msgstr "主机已经置为维护模式,但在vCenter中还是活动的。"
+# 7241c889dd0842189f0c38eda241d14b
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:148
+msgid ""
+"The CloudStack administrator UI was used to place the host in scheduled "
+"maintenance mode. This mode is separate from vCenter's maintenance mode."
+msgstr "CloudStack管理员用户界面使用日程中的主机维护模式。该模式与vCenter的维护模式无关。"
+# a959d82ede064a89ad631ce910f8f7df
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:155
+msgid "Use vCenter to place the host in maintenance mode."
+msgstr "请使用vCenter将主机置为维护模式。"
+# f3c4a03f0b5042009b2e858d5b259496
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:159
+msgid "Unable to deploy VMs from uploaded vSphere template"
+msgstr "无法从上传的vSphere模板部署虚拟机"
+# f0d6310e9be647eda1506c7161d33a8b
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:164
+msgid "When attempting to create a VM, the VM will not deploy."
+msgstr "当试图创建一个虚拟机,虚拟机将无法部署。"
+# 82efe5f025f8468c99e720b0e00c067e
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:170
+msgid ""
+"If the template was created by uploading an OVA file that was created using "
+"vSphere Client, it is possible the OVA contained an ISO image. If it does, "
+"the deployment of VMs from the template will fail."
+msgstr "如果模板通过上传OVA文件创建,而OVA文件是使用vSphere Client创建的,可能OVA中包含ISO镜像。如果是的话,从模板部署虚拟机将失败。"
+# c61b5fec4b5d4b75afac37386a78b766
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:178
+msgid "Remove the ISO and re-upload the template."
+msgstr "移除ISO并重新上传模板。"
+# 7d4b56be6f504129860c6d5c12fd73d5
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:182
+msgid "Unable to power on virtual machine on VMware"
+msgstr "无法启动VMware的虚机"
+# bb0c46e2f09647f9a260c9e676f72afb
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:187
+msgid "Virtual machine does not power on. You might see errors like:"
+msgstr "虚机不能启动。可能出现以下错误:"
+# 92c768be206b4267bb993ce6b1b74d77
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:189
+msgid "Unable to open Swap File"
+msgstr "不能打开交换文件"
+# a63cf9eda829479b835aff2d3b017460
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:191
+msgid "Unable to access a file since it is locked"
+msgstr "不能访问文件,因为文件被锁定"
+# 0deea4202b4b41d9a4fab5ae3dad09bf
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:193
+msgid "Unable to access Virtual machine configuration"
+msgstr "不能访问虚机配置"
+# 0605d083a0fa4569ad92e3ea1cfe6634
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:199
+msgid ""
+"A known issue on VMware machines. ESX hosts lock certain critical virtual "
+"machine files and file systems to prevent concurrent changes. Sometimes the "
+"files are not unlocked when the virtual machine is powered off. When a "
+"virtual machine attempts to power on, it can not access these critical "
+"files, and the virtual machine is unable to power on."
+msgstr "这是VMware机器的已知问题。为防止并发修改,ESX主机会锁定特定的关键虚机文件和文件系统。有时,虚机关机时没有解锁这些文件。当虚机再次开机时,由于不能访问这些关键文件,虚机就不能启动。"
+# 177329a9571d49b5bce7dc8d84731724
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:209
+msgid "See the following:"
+msgstr "参见:"
+# 344210667a0d414a89c35ba8bce56ca0
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:211
+msgid ""
+"`VMware Knowledge Base Article "
+msgstr "`VMware Knowledge Base Article <>`_"
+# 7e82b8b3093b42cfb1088af2632abacf
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:216
+msgid "Load balancer rules fail after changing network offering"
+msgstr "改变网络方案后负载均衡规则失效"
+# 8feb8c6245fb490d835881b4996a3504
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:221
+msgid ""
+"After changing the network offering on a network, load balancer rules stop "
+msgstr "修改网络的网络方案后,负载均衡规则不再生效。"
+# dea9609b31dc4131b77505535e3aca09
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:228
+msgid ""
+"Load balancing rules were created while using a network service offering "
+"that includes an external load balancer device such as NetScaler, and later "
+"the network service offering changed to one that uses the CloudStack virtual"
+" router."
+msgstr "负载均衡规则创建时使用的是包含外部负载均衡器,例如NetScaler的网络方案,后来改为使用CloudStack虚拟路由器的网络方案。"
+# e344e7e16a5145ee9dfeb6c9057e6cb6
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:237
+msgid ""
+"Create a firewall rule on the virtual router for each of your existing load "
+"balancing rules so that they continue to function."
+msgstr "针对每条已有的负载均衡规则,在虚拟路由器上创建相同的防火墙规则,以便规则继续生效。"
+# 8bc5100986b347c1a08bbeb52b64f7f7
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:242
+msgid "Troubleshooting Internet Traffic"
+msgstr "故障排查网络传输"
+# 5f383b9190f34ebcbdd6bb92b713ee21
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:244
+msgid ""
+"Below are a few troubleshooting steps to check whats going wrong with your "
+msgstr "在下列故障排查步骤中检验你网络中出现的故障..."
+# 07599df9fe734016810667b0edbc9a49
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:249
+msgid "Trouble Shooting Steps"
+msgstr "故障排查步骤"
+# 1a82d41b488b46c2bef892a561b3756c
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:251
+msgid ""
+"The switches have to be configured correctly to pass VLAN traffic. You can "
+"verify if VLAN traffic is working by bringing up a tagged interface on the "
+"hosts and pinging between them as below..."
+msgstr "交换机上可以完成正确的配置VLAN通信。你可以辨别主机上的VLAN是否通讯通过提出标记接口,并在上述两个VLAN中使用ping命令。"
+# 6b44f2f662ed49199d66820be6f6de02
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:255
+msgid "On *host1 (kvm1)*"
+msgstr "在*host1 (kvm1)*上"
+# 5120295551574a56817a504f54bfe602
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:263
+msgid "On *host2 (kvm2)*"
+msgstr "在*host2 (kvm2)*上"
+# 417a511656394e62ab6533726322a54e
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:271
+msgid ""
+"If the pings dont work, run *tcpdump(8)* all over the place to check who is "
+"gobbling up the packets. Ultimately, if the switches are not configured "
+"correctly, CloudStack networking wont work so fix the physical networking "
+"issues before you proceed to the next steps"
+msgstr "如果ping不通,运行 *tcpdump(8)*在所有VLAN上检查丢失的数据包。最终,如果交换机配置失败,CloudStack网络将无法工作,所以在处理下一部前要确定物理网络设备的问题。"
+# 63be4a452fb043e1ad03834e2b6afc37
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:276
+msgid ""
+"Ensure `Traffic Labels <"
+"networks.html>`_ are set for the Zone."
+msgstr "确保 `流量标签 <>`_
已经设置在域中。 "
+# 997b8cf202374996adfbc66cf272e85d
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:278
+msgid ""
+"Traffic labels need to be set for all hypervisors including XenServer, KVM "
+"and VMware types. You can configure traffic labels when you creating a new "
+"zone from the *Add Zone Wizard*."
+msgstr "流量标签需要在包括XenServer,KVM和VMwarel在内的所有类型的hypervisors设置。当你从*Add
Zone Wizard*创建一个域时,你可以配置流量标签。"
+# 7f2757fe05a54b7890d5b634724bd166
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:284
+msgid ""
+"On an existing zone, you can modify the traffic labels by going to "
+"*Infrastructure, Zones, Physical Network* tab."
+msgstr "在一个已经存在的域总,你可以通过*Add Zone Wizard*修改流量标签。"
+# de6b7290f1874731bab19679f2b1c123
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:289
+msgid "List labels using *CloudMonkey*"
+msgstr "列出正在使用的*CloudMonkey*"
+# d7be5d89abc2416a81c2e11ae80e5c5e
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:321
+msgid ""
+"KVM traffic labels require to be named as *\"cloudbr0\"*, *\"cloudbr2\"*, "
+"*\"cloudbrN\"* etc and the corresponding bridge must exist on the KVM hosts."
+" If you create labels/bridges with any other names, CloudStack (atleast "
+"earlier versions did) seems to ignore them. CloudStack does not create the "
+"physical bridges on the KVM hosts, you need to create them **before** before"
+" adding the host to Cloudstack."
+msgstr "KVM流量标签要求被命名为*\"cloudbr0\"*, *\"cloudbr2\"*, *\"cloudbrN\"* 等而且响应桥必须在KVM主机上。如果你以其他名字命名标记/桥,CloudStack(至少是较早版本)将会忽略它。CloudStack不能再KVM主机上创建物理桥,你需要在向CloudStackt添加主机前
+# 4d5d185d16bb4379b29d90b15b9e9855
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:340
+msgid ""
+"The Virtual Router, SSVM, CPVM *public* interface would be bridged to a "
+"physical interface on the host. In the example below, *cloudbr0* is the "
+"public interface and CloudStack has correctly created the virtual interfaces"
+" bridge. This virtual interface to physical interface mapping is done "
+"automatically by CloudStack using the traffic label settings for the Zone. "
+"If you have provided correct settings and still dont have a working working "
+"Internet, check the switching layer before you debug any further. You can "
+"verify traffic using tcpdump on the virtual, physical and bridge interfaces."
+msgstr "虚拟路由,SSVM,CPVM *public*接口将被桥接到主机的物理接口上。在下例中,
+# f261f43d727440edbeaf4c36ca611f7c
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:372
+msgid ""
+"Pre-create labels on the XenServer Hosts. Similar to KVM bridge setup, "
+"traffic labels must also be pre-created on the XenServer hosts before adding"
+" them to CloudStack."
+msgstr "在XenServer上预先创建标签。类似于KVM桥启动,流量标签必须在加入CloudStack的XenServer主机上提前创建。"
+# e75bf706d6a745c9a94ee34516e86d1f
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:385
+msgid ""
+"The Internet would be accessible from both the SSVM and CPVM instances by "
+"default. Their public IPs will also be directly pingable from the Internet. "
+"Please note that these test would work only if your switches and traffic "
+"labels are configured correctly for your environment. If your SSVM/CPVM cant"
+" reach the Internet, its very unlikely that the Virtual Router (VR) can also"
+" the reach the Internet suggesting that its either a switching issue or "
+"incorrectly assigned traffic labels. Fix the SSVM/CPVM issues before you "
+"debug VR issues."
+msgstr "网络将会从SSVM和CPVM实例上默认获取。它们的公共IP也将会直接由网络ping通。请注意一下这些测试仅在交换机或者流量标签已被成功配置在你的环境中实现。如果你的
 SSVM/CPVM可以连接到Internet, 它非常不同于虚拟路由器(VR)也可以连接到Internet,建议可能是交换时的问题或者是错误分配了流量标签。确定SSVM/CPVM的问题前请先调试VR问题。"
+# c1f11bc2b9ea470382b5f863e8d1a146
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:417
+msgid ""
+"The Virtual Router (VR) should also be able to reach the Internet without "
+"having any Egress rules. The Egress rules only control forwarded traffic and"
+" not traffic that originates on the VR itself."
+msgstr "除非有些Egress规则,Virtual Router(VR)也是不能到达Internet。Egress规则仅控制VR自身的通讯与否。"
+# fd961e75e43d4c48a4b779ef136e1d12
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:432
+msgid ""
+"However, the Virtual Router's (VR) Source NAT Public IP address **WONT** be "
+"reachable until appropriate Ingress rules are in place. You can add "
+"*Ingress* rules under *Network, Guest Network, IP Address, Firewall* setting"
+" page."
+msgstr "尽管如此,Virtual Router(VR) Source NAT Pulic IP地址除非有近似的Ingress规则在此,要么**WONT**
达到。你可以添加 *Ingress* rules under *Network, Guest Network, IP Address, Firewall*
+# 7a1ba3d03cd64a0cb60486d361453ebd
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:439
+msgid ""
+"The VM Instances by default wont be able to access the Internet. Add Egress "
+"rules to permit traffic."
+msgstr "默认的VM Instances不能够连接Internet。添加Egress规则后可允许连接。"
+# 2d798a14dcd149af8197080268c1b12b
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:444
+msgid ""
+"Some users have reported that flushing IPTables rules (or changing routes) "
+"on the SSVM, CPVM or the Virtual Router makes the Internet work. This is not"
+" expected behaviour and suggests that your networking settings are "
+"incorrect. No IPtables/route changes are required on the SSVM, CPVM or the "
+"VR. Go back and double check all your settings."
+msgstr "一些用户报告在SSVM,CPVM或者是Vir Router刷新IPTables规则(或改变路由)可以使Internet工作。这不是系统期望的行为并建议这样的网络设置是错误的。SSVM,CPVM或者是VR上没有要求IPtables/route改变。回去重新检查你所有的设置吧。"
+# e14dab36e181467a9fd09fb6d0283176
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:451
+msgid ""
+"In a vast majority of the cases, the problem has turned out to be at the "
+"switching layer where the L3 switches were configured incorrectly."
+msgstr "在海量的实例中,问题会出现在交换层,原因是L3的配置错误."
+# 5fff1dc7083a4412a9e4051f2e239180
+#: ../../troubleshooting.rst:454
+msgid ""
+"This section was contibuted by Shanker Balan and was originally published on"
+" `Shapeblue's blog <"
+msgstr "这些内容有Shanker Balan贡献,其原文发布在`Shapeblue'博客中<>`_"
diff --git a/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..feb3327
Binary files /dev/null and b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ differ
diff --git a/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/tuning.po b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/tuning.po
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..209b1a2
--- /dev/null
+++ b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/tuning.po
@@ -0,0 +1,165 @@
+# Copyright (C)
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the Apache CloudStack Administration
Documentation package.
+# Translators:
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: Apache CloudStack Administration RTD\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-06-30 12:52+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-06-30 12:04+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
+"Language-Team: Chinese (China) (\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Language: zh_CN\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
+# 0c7c82c60c1c4ce4b2ec9838cc883b84
+#: ../../tuning.rst:18
+msgid "Tuning"
+msgstr "调优"
+# 9a2a025467014e929276cfa1e9e73e71
+#: ../../tuning.rst:20
+msgid ""
+"This section provides tips on how to improve the performance of your cloud."
+msgstr "本节提示如何提高云性能。"
+# 9b00143dbb7b4b4b97baab2aa95815aa
+#: ../../tuning.rst:25
+msgid "Performance Monitoring"
+msgstr "性能监控"
+# 43c6615bb7084bc58dbf0561984e39f3
+#: ../../tuning.rst:27
+msgid ""
+"Host and guest performance monitoring is available to end users and "
+"administrators. This allows the user to monitor their utilization of "
+"resources and determine when it is appropriate to choose a more powerful "
+"service offering or larger disk."
+msgstr "终端用户和管理员都能使用宿主机和虚拟机的性能监控。性能监控将允许用户监控他们的资源利用并且帮助用户决定何时将需要选择一个更高性能的服务或者更大的硬盘。"
+# 470932b76e664973b7568b285a10a77d
+#: ../../tuning.rst:34
+msgid "Increase Management Server Maximum Memory"
+msgstr "增加管理服务器到最大内存"
+# 82b1560c6fbf421b952de1c8424aa4a2
+#: ../../tuning.rst:36
+msgid ""
+"If the Management Server is subject to high demand, the default maximum JVM "
+"memory allocation can be insufficient. To increase the memory:"
+msgstr "如果管理服务器用于高需求,默认JVM的最大内存分配可能不足。增加内存:"
+# 1b69cb03d370442f913397dde140c37c
+#: ../../tuning.rst:39
+msgid "Edit the Tomcat configuration file:"
+msgstr "编辑Tomcat配置文件:"
+# d9a022a48b8a4076872b335db29f658c
+#: ../../tuning.rst:45
+msgid "Change the command-line parameter -XmxNNNm to a higher value of N."
+msgstr "改变命令行参数 -XmxNNNm中的N为更高的值。"
+# bf5935dc78264c1baf8cd4984a631b98
+#: ../../tuning.rst:47
+msgid ""
+"For example, if the current value is -Xmx128m, change it to -Xmx1024m or "
+msgstr "例如,如果当前值为 -Xmx128m,则改为 -Xmx1024m或更高。"
+# e4dda8bcace04b10a404493586f871a1
+#: ../../tuning.rst:50
+msgid "To put the new setting into effect, restart the Management Server."
+msgstr "将新的设置生效,重启管理服务。"
+# 4b11c5fd61d0469480f110a7ebe528d0
+#: ../../tuning.rst:56
+msgid ""
+"For more information about memory issues, see \"FAQ: Memory\" at `Tomcat "
+"Wiki. <>`_"
+msgstr "欲了解更多管理内存问题的详细信息,请参阅\"FAQ:内存\" 在 `Tomcat
Wiki. <>`_"
+# 588f5981eb3843ac91a1041e9f3bb832
+#: ../../tuning.rst:61
+msgid "Set Database Buffer Pool Size"
+msgstr "设置数据库缓冲池大小"
+# 2a1e327a1aa04838bfefce6674d9ec3e
+#: ../../tuning.rst:63
+msgid ""
+"It is important to provide enough memory space for the MySQL database to "
+"cache data and indexes:"
+msgstr "为MySQL数据库提供足够的内存空间来缓存数据和索引是很重要的:"
+# 55bafed06cb5401fba6713f86660fe74
+#: ../../tuning.rst:66
+msgid "Edit the MySQL configuration file:"
+msgstr "编辑MySQL配置文件:"
+# a2719920b1ad4f2388c10ed8f19e5437
+#: ../../tuning.rst:72
+msgid ""
+"Insert the following line in the [mysqld] section, below the datadir line. "
+"Use a value that is appropriate for your situation. We recommend setting the"
+" buffer pool at 40% of RAM if MySQL is on the same server as the management "
+"server or 70% of RAM if MySQL has a dedicated server. The following example "
+"assumes a dedicated server with 1024M of RAM."
+msgstr "在 [mysqld]部分的datadir下面插入如下行。使用适合您情况的值。如果MySQL和管理服务器在同一台服务器上面我们建议设置缓冲池为内存的40%,如果MySQL为专用的服务器我们建议设置为内存的70%。下面的示例假设一台专用的服务器的内存为1024M。"
+# 30d79aae5ff745b789f7e402c61d4164
+#: ../../tuning.rst:83
+msgid "Restart the MySQL service."
+msgstr "重启MySQL服务."
+# b12c7032e74b411d9d9c7bc32a92a3ab
+#: ../../tuning.rst:89
+msgid ""
+"For more information about the buffer pool, see \"The InnoDB Buffer Pool\" "
+"at `MySQL Reference Manual <"
+msgstr "欲了解更多关于缓冲池的信息,请参阅\"InnoDB缓冲池\" `MySQL参考手册<>`_."
+# 1cbfe60313d445848eb5e90f708b55a1
+#: ../../tuning.rst:95
+msgid "Set and Monitor Total VM Limits per Host"
+msgstr "设置和监控每个主机的总VM数限制"
+# 36520c7bbf2b4888813341615ca176fa
+#: ../../tuning.rst:97
+msgid ""
+"The CloudStack administrator should monitor the total number of VM instances"
+" in each cluster, and disable allocation to the cluster if the total is "
+"approaching the maximum that the hypervisor can handle. Be sure to leave a "
+"safety margin to allow for the possibility of one or more hosts failing, "
+"which would increase the VM load on the other hosts as the VMs are "
+"automatically redeployed. Consult the documentation for your chosen "
+"hypervisor to find the maximum permitted number of VMs per host, then use "
+"CloudStack global configuration settings to set this as the default limit. "
+"Monitor the VM activity in each cluster at all times. Keep the total number "
+"of VMs below a safe level that allows for the occasional host failure. For "
+"example, if there are N hosts in the cluster, and you want to allow for one "
+"host in the cluster to be down at any given time, the total number of VM "
+"instances you can permit in the cluster is at most (N-1) \\* (per-host-"
+"limit). Once a cluster reaches this number of VMs, use the CloudStack UI to "
+"disable allocation of more VMs to the cluster."
+msgstr "管理员应该监视每个集群中的虚拟机实例的总数,如果总量快达到hypervisor允许的最大虚拟机数量时,不再向此群集分配虚拟机。并且,要注意为主机预留一定的计算能力,以防止群集中有主机发生故障,因为发生故障的主机上的虚拟机需要重新部署在这些预留主机上。请咨询您所选择hypervisor的文档,了解此hypervisor能支持的最大虚拟机数量,并将此数值设置在CloudStack的全局设置里。监控每个群集里虚拟机的活跃程序,并将活跃虚拟机保持在一个安全线内。这样,CloudStack就能允许偶尔的主机故障。举个示例:如果集群里有N个主机,而你只能让其中任一主机的停机时间不超过特定时间。那么,你能在此集群部署的最多虚拟主机数量值为:(N-1)
\\* (每主机最大虚拟量数量限值)。一旦群集中的虚拟机达到此数量,必须在CloudStack的用户界面中禁止向
+# 87fad0d347f845e4b589cf1b70bfaad0
+#: ../../tuning.rst:116
+msgid "Configure XenServer dom0 Memory"
+msgstr "配置XenServer dom0内存"
+# e6d8fead31da4d2880407fe308a0c13a
+#: ../../tuning.rst:118
+msgid ""
+"Configure the XenServer dom0 settings to allocate more memory to dom0. This "
+"can enable XenServer to handle larger numbers of virtual machines. We "
+"recommend 2940 MB of RAM for XenServer dom0. For instructions on how to do "
+"this, see `Citrix Knowledgebase Article "
+"<>`_.The article refers to "
+"XenServer 5.6, but the same information applies to XenServer 6"
+msgstr "配置XenServer为dom0分配更多的内存,可使XenServer处理更多的虚拟机。我们推荐为dom0设置的内存数值为2940
MB。至于如何操作,可以参阅如下URL: `Citrix 知识库文章 <>`_.。这篇文章同时适用于XenServer
diff --git a/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..c8eb976
Binary files /dev/null and b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ differ
diff --git a/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ui.po b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ui.po
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e68420d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ui.po
@@ -0,0 +1,265 @@
+# Copyright (C)
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the Apache CloudStack Administration
Documentation package.
+# Translators:
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: Apache CloudStack Administration RTD\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-06-30 12:52+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-06-30 12:04+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
+"Language-Team: Chinese (China) (\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Language: zh_CN\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
+# 823af79fce60474780309ce761b8cbb3
+#: ../../ui.rst:18
+msgid "User Interface"
+msgstr "用户界面"
+# a41f3714ea474cafa002318580d95e84
+#: ../../ui.rst:21
+msgid "Log In to the UI"
+msgstr "登陆到用户界面"
+# aab161d8e0fa441c97c979ad5befdaf2
+#: ../../ui.rst:23
+msgid ""
+"CloudStack provides a web-based UI that can be used by both administrators "
+"and end users. The appropriate version of the UI is displayed depending on "
+"the credentials used to log in. The UI is available in popular browsers "
+"including IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3.5+, Firefox 4, Safari 4, and Safari 5. "
+"The URL is: (substitute your own management server IP address)"
+msgstr "CloudStack提供一个基于web的UI,管理员和终端用户能够使用这个界面。用户界面版本依赖于登陆时使用的凭证不同而不同。用户界面是适用于大多数流行的浏览器包括IE7,IE8,IE9,Firefox3.5+,Firefox4,Safari4,和Safari5。URL是:(用你自己的管理控制服务器IP地址代替)"
+# 5757c519124e45b4b91631b922360a4c
+#: ../../ui.rst:34
+msgid ""
+"On a fresh Management Server installation, a guided tour splash screen "
+"appears. On later visits, you’ll see a login screen where you specify the "
+"following to proceed to your Dashboard:"
+msgstr "如果管理服务器是全新的安装,。那么会出现一个安装向导。在稍后的访问中,,你将看到一个登录界面,,你需要通过用户名和密码登入来查看你的仪表盘."
+# 192d35e05058441db921256f04a28daf
+#: ../../ui.rst:38
+msgid ""
+"Username -> The user ID of your account. The default username is admin."
+msgstr "用户名 -> 你账号的用户ID。默认用户名是admin。"
+# 7ca04676225345a3a4d7e9f05fa900b9
+#: ../../ui.rst:40
+msgid ""
+"Password -> The password associated with the user ID. The password for the "
+"default username is password."
+msgstr "密码 -> 用户ID对应的密码。默认用户名的密码是password。"
+# fff9c234e7724e1aa8a5ca63b9cbc714
+#: ../../ui.rst:43
+msgid "Domain -> If you are a root user, leave this field blank."
+msgstr "域 -> 如果你是root用户,此处留空即可。"
+# f7cc367a3acb49149809ad5212740659
+#: ../../ui.rst:45
+msgid ""
+"If you are a user in the sub-domains, enter the full path to the domain, "
+"excluding the root domain."
+msgstr "如果你是一个子域用户,在域中输入完全路径,不包括根域。"
+# 2716e01ce2b446be9cf2b3c098897945
+#: ../../ui.rst:48
+msgid ""
+"For example, suppose multiple levels are created under the root domain, such"
+" as Comp1/hr. The users in the Comp1 domain should enter Comp1 in the Domain"
+" field, whereas the users in the Comp1/sales domain should enter "
+msgstr "例如,假设在根域下建立了多个层级,像Comp1/hr,在Comp1域的用户在域字段处应该输入Comp1,在Comp1/sales域的用户应该输入Comp1/sales。"
+# dab31f7d62b846799291e80598d3534d
+#: ../../ui.rst:53
+msgid ""
+"For more guidance about the choices that appear when you log in to this UI, "
+"see Logging In as the Root Administrator."
+msgstr "更多关于当你登录这个界面时选项的指导,参照作为根管理员登录。"
+# f89e19a4f46d49d3899770c2d8d858ae
+#: ../../ui.rst:58
+msgid "End User's UI Overview"
+msgstr "最终用户界面概览"
+# fab0b6e0d255493e9c1a1800bffbd107
+#: ../../ui.rst:60
+msgid ""
+"The CloudStack UI helps users of cloud infrastructure to view and use their "
+"cloud resources, including virtual machines, templates and ISOs, data "
+"volumes and snapshots, guest networks, and IP addresses. If the user is a "
+"member or administrator of one or more CloudStack projects, the UI can "
+"provide a project-oriented view."
+msgstr "CloudStack用户界面帮助云基础设施的用户查看和使用他们的云资源,包括虚拟机、模板和ISO、数据卷和快照、宾客网络,以及IP
+# 03bffb509d6342f09a88c6c18b4a0041
+#: ../../ui.rst:68
+msgid "Root Administrator's UI Overview"
+msgstr "根管理员界面的概述"
+# f46ea02636f0416ab79e48c05c194422
+#: ../../ui.rst:70
+msgid ""
+"The CloudStack UI helps the CloudStack administrator provision, view, and "
+"manage the cloud infrastructure, domains, user accounts, projects, and "
+"configuration settings. The first time you start the UI after a fresh "
+"Management Server installation, you can choose to follow a guided tour to "
+"provision your cloud infrastructure. On subsequent logins, the dashboard of "
+"the logged-in user appears. The various links in this screen and the "
+"navigation bar on the left provide access to a variety of administrative "
+"functions. The root administrator can also use the UI to perform all the "
+"same tasks that are present in the end-user’s UI."
+msgstr "CloudStack界面帮助CloudStack管理员配置、查看和管理云的基础设施、用户域、账号、项目和配置。当一个全新的管理服务器安装完成后,在第一次启动界面的时候,可以选择根随引导步骤配置云的基础设施。当再次登录时,会显示当前登录用户的仪表板。在这个页面有很多的连接,可以通过左边的导航栏访问各种管理功能。根管理员也可以使用界面像最终用户一样来执行所有的功能。
+# 2010e004d6354a46899b6e0a6177a36a
+#: ../../ui.rst:82
+msgid "Logging In as the Root Administrator"
+msgstr "作为根管理员登录"
+# beb82ae526444b67b6c2baff8c7901a7
+#: ../../ui.rst:84
+msgid ""
+"After the Management Server software is installed and running, you can run "
+"the CloudStack user interface. This UI is there to help you provision, view,"
+" and manage your cloud infrastructure."
+msgstr "在管理服务器软件安装并且运行后, 你就可以运行CloudStack的用户界面.了。在这里通过UI,可以供给、查看并管理你的云基础架构。"
+# 6beabdba74e7408e8fcc8ffa226a704e
+# 8c7e2423aea64ae6b5b2f13c8c000895
+#: ../../ui.rst:88 ../../ui.rst:151
+msgid ""
+"Open your favorite Web browser and go to this URL. Substitute the IP address"
+" of your own Management Server:"
+msgstr "打开你自己喜欢的浏览器并访问这个URL。请把IP地址替换成你自己的管理服务器的IP。"
+# 5afc8c800bcb4248a79f7b7dc8ea6173
+#: ../../ui.rst:95
+msgid ""
+"After logging into a fresh Management Server installation, a guided tour "
+"splash screen appears. On later visits, you’ll be taken directly into the "
+msgstr "初次登录管理服务器时,会出现一个向导启动画面。后续访问时,您会直接进入控制面板。"
+# a27fd5db6a0d41dbb4d17954889871c7
+#: ../../ui.rst:99
+msgid "If you see the first-time splash screen, choose one of the following."
+msgstr "如果你看到第一次的向导屏幕, 可以选择下面步骤之一进行。"
+# f9579429faa6431a9cc007c91af49e61
+#: ../../ui.rst:101
+msgid ""
+"**Continue with basic setup.** Choose this if you're just trying CloudStack,"
+" and you want a guided walkthrough of the simplest possible configuration so"
+" that you can get started right away. We'll help you set up a cloud with the"
+" following features: a single machine that runs CloudStack software and uses"
+" NFS to provide storage; a single machine running VMs under the XenServer or"
+" KVM hypervisor; and a shared public network."
+msgstr "**继续执行基本安装。**如果你仅仅是想体验CloudStack,请选择这个,并且这样你可以马上开始跟着向导进行简单的配置。我们将帮助你建立一个有以下功能的云:一个运行CloudStack软件的机器和使用NFS协议的存储;一个运行VMs的XenServer或KVM
+# 8a24a6a0c06f440087e093cad917bffb
+#: ../../ui.rst:109
+msgid ""
+"The prompts in this guided tour should give you all the information you "
+"need, but if you want just a bit more detail, you can follow along in the "
+"Trial Installation Guide."
+msgstr "安装向导的提示会给你需要的所有信息。但如果你需要更多的详细信息,你可以按照试用安装向导进行。"
+# 81d70c27e4d842afbbdc4f74e0c19acb
+#: ../../ui.rst:113
+msgid ""
+"**I have used CloudStack before.** Choose this if you have already gone "
+"through a design phase and planned a more sophisticated deployment, or you "
+"are ready to start scaling up a trial cloud that you set up earlier with the"
+" basic setup screens. In the Administrator UI, you can start using the more "
+"powerful features of CloudStack, such as advanced VLAN networking, high "
+"availability, additional network elements such as load balancers and "
+"firewalls, and support for multiple hypervisors including Citrix XenServer, "
+"KVM, and VMware vSphere."
+msgstr "**我之前用过CloudStack。** 如果您已经完成设计阶段,计划部署一个复杂CloudStack云,或是准备对用基础安装向导搭建的试验云进行扩展,请选择此项。在管理员UI中,您可以使用CloudStack中更强大的功能,例如高级VLAN网络、高可用、负载均衡器和防火墙等额外网络设备,以及支持Citrix
XenServer、KVM、VMware vSphere等多种虚拟化平台。"
+# 031ecbafb6b14054869c6a4202b5c1fd
+#: ../../ui.rst:123
+msgid "The root administrator Dashboard appears."
+msgstr "根管理员的仪表盘显示出来。"
+# 7d9e4e036dec429db9386110482d17fa
+#: ../../ui.rst:125
+msgid ""
+"You should set a new root administrator password. If you chose basic setup, "
+"you’ll be prompted to create a new password right away. If you chose "
+"experienced user, use the steps in :ref:`changing-root-password`."
+msgstr "你应该为根管理员设置一个新的密码。如果你选择基础设置。将会提示你立即创建一个新的密码。如果你选择有经验的用户,请选择:ref:`changing-root-password`里的步骤。"
+# 812d903dc8bc4cf5a98f694baeb328a0
+#: ../../ui.rst:130
+msgid ""
+"You are logging in as the root administrator. This account manages the "
+"CloudStack deployment, including physical infrastructure. The root "
+"administrator can modify configuration settings to change basic "
+"functionality, create or delete user accounts, and take many actions that "
+"should be performed only by an authorized person. Please change the default "
+"password to a new, unique password."
+msgstr "使用根管理员登录。这个账号管理CloudStack的部署,包括物理架构。根管理员可以通过更改配置来变更基本的功能,创建或删除用户账号,以及其它许多只有被授权的用户执行的操作。请更改默认的密码,确保其唯一性和安全性。"
+# b350994b6904403db6d30d524f0eed32
+#: ../../ui.rst:140
+msgid "Changing the Root Password"
+msgstr "更改Root密码"
+# 3a06c8a9892b4cbeaac7e2dec367ddd7
+#: ../../ui.rst:142
+msgid ""
+"During installation and ongoing cloud administration, you will need to log "
+"in to the UI as the root administrator. The root administrator account "
+"manages the CloudStack deployment, including physical infrastructure. The "
+"root administrator can modify configuration settings to change basic "
+"functionality, create or delete user accounts, and take many actions that "
+"should be performed only by an authorized person. When first installing "
+"CloudStack, be sure to change the default password to a new, unique value."
+msgstr "在云的安装及后续管理过程中,您需要用根管理员登录UI。根管理员账号管理着CloudStack的部署以及物理设施。根管理员可以修改系统配置,改变基本功能,创建和删除用户账号,以及其他仅限于已授权人员执行的操作。在初始安CloudStack时,请务必修改默认密码为新的较独特的密码。"
+# 7057f98c0cb94bceb1dc66c14a0b5802
+#: ../../ui.rst:158
+msgid ""
+"Log in to the UI using the current root user ID and password. The default is"
+" admin, password."
+msgstr "使用当前root用户的ID和口令登录UI。缺省为admin,pawword。"
+# fdf104279af341739d24347f0e1fce4e
+#: ../../ui.rst:161
+msgid "Click Accounts."
+msgstr "点击帐户。"
+# c12c934bf488453e9c209dcf140e5b22
+#: ../../ui.rst:163
+msgid "Click the admin account name."
+msgstr "点击管理员帐号名。"
+# 9941a672247948c09ee39a2119dcbb22
+#: ../../ui.rst:165
+msgid "Click View Users."
+msgstr "点击查看用户。"
+# 482e7c8a3e904702a4089d4643cdae41
+#: ../../ui.rst:167
+msgid "Click the admin user name."
+msgstr "点击管理员用户名。"
+# ae46b97a741b49e4b1c2422f074135e9
+#: ../../ui.rst:169
+msgid "Click the Change Password button. |change-password.png|"
+msgstr "点击更改密码按钮。 |change-password.png|"
+# 9ba47399deaa4e378669ad789c0a47c0
+#: ../../ui.rst:171
+msgid "Type the new password, and click OK."
+msgstr "输入新密码,然后点击确认。"
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