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Subject [5/8] pulling zh_CN strings from transifex
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2014 20:47:12 GMT
diff --git a/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/index.po b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/index.po
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e15783d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/index.po
@@ -0,0 +1,93 @@
+# Copyright (C) 2014, Apache Software Foundation
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the Apache CloudStack Installation Documentation package.
+# Translators:
+# darrentang <>, 2014
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: Apache CloudStack Installation RTD\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-03-31 14:02-0400\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-04-23 02:52+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: leno <>\n"
+"Language-Team: Chinese (China) (\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Language: zh_CN\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
+# 3444a9bac8c1480fb6aeeddde33317aa
+#: ../../index.rst:24
+msgid "Quicklinks to CloudStack documentations:"
+msgstr "CloudStack 文档 快速链接"
+# de15a84dcd6c4d7f95e3cd6812e961e5
+#: ../../index.rst:26
+msgid "`Documentation home <>`_"
+msgstr "`文档 主页 <>`_"
+# 8cfba20e17424f6eb7c1c27701a7623b
+#: ../../index.rst:27
+msgid ""
+"`Administration Guide <"
+msgstr "`管理指南 <>`_"
+# ceab02648e894c459ace09840dbe7dec
+#: ../../index.rst:28
+msgid ""
+"`Release Notes <"
+msgstr "`发行说明 <>`_"
+# 4d03b7ecaf134a00a2c8b3dc4f2d9287
+#: ../../index.rst:33
+msgid "Welcome to CloudStack Installation Documentation"
+msgstr "欢迎阅读CloudStack安装文档"
+# ab60384766f143609f9d6ce0c7715ad8
+#: ../../index.rst:39
+msgid "Choosing a Deployment Architecture"
+msgstr "选择部署架构"
+# 2498e69aef534512a9469d39529cdd57
+#: ../../index.rst:46
+msgid "Quick Installation Guide"
+msgstr "快速安装指南"
+# 75622cd0baf949e3b27a45c2700219d7
+#: ../../index.rst:53
+msgid "General Installation"
+msgstr "常规安装"
+# 7edc5f456b0644da8742337ed23c3e8f
+#: ../../index.rst:60
+msgid "Source Installation"
+msgstr "源码安装"
+# c87f9d4590b9444bbfb91a1865d694c8
+#: ../../index.rst:67
+msgid "Configuration"
+msgstr "配置"
+# 6841529c30524f33b73ff72b37ba92f1
+#: ../../index.rst:74
+msgid "Hypervisor Installation"
+msgstr "Hypervisor安装"
+# 6898869cb0974aa5abd32cdbea12ae53
+#: ../../index.rst:81
+msgid "Network Setup"
+msgstr "网络设置"
+# 6ef45fb9e25c422d946bc4f2c85bc631
+#: ../../index.rst:88
+msgid "Storage Setup"
+msgstr "存储设置"
+# 91d8d3664ff2474788edd798968a650d
+#: ../../index.rst:95
+msgid "Optional Installation"
+msgstr "可选安装"
diff --git a/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/installation.po b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/installation.po
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..5ae1a18
--- /dev/null
+++ b/source/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/installation.po
@@ -0,0 +1,1590 @@
+# Copyright (C) 2014, Apache Software Foundation
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the Apache CloudStack Installation Documentation package.
+# Translators:
+# darrentang <>, 2014
+# darrentang <>, 2014
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: Apache CloudStack Installation RTD\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-03-31 14:02-0400\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-04-29 15:55+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: darrentang <>\n"
+"Language-Team: Chinese (China) (\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Language: zh_CN\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
+# 696f33854b9b4941855f7f25ccc0cf05
+#: ../../installation.rst:17
+msgid "Installation"
+msgstr "安装"
+# ff48e5d805aa4814b39f91561554e3c6
+#: ../../installation.rst:20
+msgid "Who Should Read This"
+msgstr "谁应该读本文"
+# 7cb4278c79974110a4adf2c885d78470
+#: ../../installation.rst:22
+msgid ""
+"For those who have already gone through a design phase and planned a more "
+"sophisticated deployment, or those who are ready to start scaling up a trial"
+" installation. With the following procedures, you can start using the more "
+"powerful features of CloudStack, such as advanced VLAN networking, high "
+"availability, additional network elements such as load balancers and "
+"firewalls, and support for multiple hypervisors including Citrix XenServer, "
+"KVM, and VMware vSphere."
+msgstr "如果您已经完成设计阶段,计划部署一个复杂的云,或是准备对用基础安装向导搭建的试验云进行扩展,请选择此项。在后续过程中,您可以使用CloudStack中更强大的功能,例如高级VLAN网络、高可用、负载均衡器和防火墙等额外网络设备,以及支持Citrix XenServer、KVM、VMware vSphere等多种虚拟化平台。"
+# 88b2672c7f5e453eb00bd6db1cda1b4a
+#: ../../installation.rst:31
+msgid "Overview of Installation Steps"
+msgstr "安装步骤概述"
+# fd612cec65d44d02923190c7d926cad9
+#: ../../installation.rst:33
+msgid ""
+"For anything more than a simple trial installation, you will need guidance "
+"for a variety of configuration choices. It is strongly recommended that you "
+"read the following:"
+msgstr "对于任何一个简单的实验设备,你将需要一系列的配置选择向导。强烈推荐您阅读以下内容:"
+# 8f0a70053a904e2b8961590d565d30d2
+#: ../../installation.rst:39
+msgid "Choosing a Deployment Architecture"
+msgstr "选择部署架构"
+# 15f7d10ff7fc4c1b9066536494db9b56
+#: ../../installation.rst:43
+msgid "Choosing a Hypervisor: Supported Features"
+msgstr "选择Hypervisor:支持的功能"
+# 4d261c410eee4e018fd6eb76cc94acda
+#: ../../installation.rst:47
+msgid "Network Setup"
+msgstr "网络设置"
+# ba3e2e851d234703a2199f76867640dd
+#: ../../installation.rst:51
+msgid "Storage Setup"
+msgstr "存储设置"
+# 1d8c933b647d4ba1b439cff6a2c438fe
+#: ../../installation.rst:55
+msgid "Best Practices"
+msgstr "最佳实践"
+# d87792c41ab04c53ad2d033319b2d6ca
+#: ../../installation.rst:59
+msgid ""
+"Make sure you have the required hardware ready. See :ref:`minimum-system-"
+msgstr "确定您已经准备好了所需的硬件。参阅 :ref:`minimum-system-requirements`"
+# bf039038d75e4ee687b6a1d022289001
+#: ../../installation.rst:63
+msgid ""
+"Install the Management Server (choose single-node or multi-node). See "
+msgstr "安装管理服务器 (选择单节点或多节点)。 参阅 :ref:`adding-a-zone`"
+# 94bd42ffc2134c80af6f082ae61279c0
+#: ../../installation.rst:68
+msgid ""
+"Log in to the UI. See `*User Interface* "
+msgstr "登陆到用户界面。参阅`*用户界面* <>`_"
+# 06fa7787bac24c1492efd48bd972d502
+#: ../../installation.rst:72
+msgid ""
+"Add a zone. Includes the first pod, cluster, and host. See "
+msgstr "添加区域。包含第一个Pod,群集,和主机。参阅 :ref:`adding-a-host`"
+# d5a0a4aeeeb040c3be7c466bfb0e1796
+#: ../../installation.rst:76
+msgid "Add more pods (optional). See :ref:`adding-a-pod`"
+msgstr "添加更多的Pod(可选)。参阅 :ref:`adding-a-pod`"
+# d285264761f043448a6fcdab51466f7d
+#: ../../installation.rst:80
+msgid "Add more clusters (optional). See :ref:`adding-a-cluster`"
+msgstr "添加更多的群集(可选)。参阅 :ref:`adding-a-cluster`"
+# 4ea3617136ae46ea9b683058ca52f005
+#: ../../installation.rst:84
+msgid "Add more hosts (optional). See :ref:`adding-a-host`"
+msgstr "添加更多的主机(可选)。参阅 :ref:`adding-a-host`"
+# 800bae48b52242dab87a5b7b5d3ffc10
+#: ../../installation.rst:88
+msgid "Add more primary storage (optional). See :ref:`add-primary-storage`"
+msgstr "添加更多的主存储(可选)。参阅 :ref:`add-primary-storage`"
+# ddb10602e63b4a798a21c8310f752c6d
+#: ../../installation.rst:92
+msgid ""
+"Add more secondary storage (optional). See :ref:`add-secondary-storage`"
+msgstr "添加更多的辅助存储(可选)。参阅 :ref:`add-secondary-storage`"
+# 3dcafa4b56204a3e9644a390a0aab08d
+#: ../../installation.rst:96
+msgid "Try using the cloud. See :ref:`initialize-and-test`"
+msgstr "尝试使用云。参阅: :ref:`initialize-and-test`"
+# f95adbf7a0904e76a96e327bd42de992
+#: ../../installation.rst:101
+msgid "Minimum System Requirements"
+msgstr "最低系统需求"
+# 9038ccc4f4e84eeeb573f9125e060402
+#: ../../installation.rst:104
+msgid "Management Server, Database, and Storage System Requirements"
+msgstr "管理服务器,数据库和存储系统需求。"
+# 0334dbfde6734d9091ba902dae561d0c
+#: ../../installation.rst:106
+msgid ""
+"The machines that will run the Management Server and MySQL database must "
+"meet the following requirements. The same machines can also be used to "
+"provide primary and secondary storage, such as via localdisk or NFS. The "
+"Management Server may be placed on a virtual machine."
+msgstr "运行管理服务器和mysql数据库的机器必须满足以下要求。主存储和辅助存储可以通过本地存储或NFS配置在一台机器上。管理服务器可以安装在虚拟机中。"
+# b6da3ed1ea264092bab71c0b6fee8cfb
+#: ../../installation.rst:113
+msgid "Operating system:"
+msgstr "操作系统:"
+# 598001c2c0c84997a36fd01aad6dbea8
+#: ../../installation.rst:117
+msgid "Preferred: CentOS/RHEL 6.3+ or Ubuntu 12.04(.1)"
+msgstr "推荐:CentOS/RHEL 6.3+ 或 Ubuntu 12.04(.1)"
+# fa3ae1dd550641f49963ecfa900f99ab
+# b2ec9353f7f74026b96e8353e73c2bdc
+#: ../../installation.rst:121 ../../installation.rst:157
+msgid "64-bit x86 CPU (more cores results in better performance)"
+msgstr "64位 x86架构CPU(多核CPU性能更佳)"
+# 404e3299e82a4d0fb2956ac9cf2ac052
+# a96d98cde62246d1921f3f42cb478299
+#: ../../installation.rst:125 ../../installation.rst:165
+msgid "4 GB of memory"
+msgstr "4GB 内存"
+# e755e7a8c19042f98810f43bafc8eec5
+#: ../../installation.rst:129
+msgid ""
+"250 GB of local disk (more results in better capability; 500 GB recommended)"
+msgstr "250GB本地硬盘 (更大的容量性能更佳;推荐500GB)"
+# fbe37af0d39349868e45d21f2d95dce3
+# a29efb8ca2a8445cb015ebb5bd714fef
+#: ../../installation.rst:134 ../../installation.rst:173
+msgid "At least 1 NIC"
+msgstr "至少1块网卡"
+# 1d6b4d6f426147aa90cc557f4ba25e33
+#: ../../installation.rst:138
+msgid "Statically allocated IP address"
+msgstr "静态分配的IP地址"
+# 3ffa37cedc22421f968b8a7a93f94999
+#: ../../installation.rst:142
+msgid "Fully qualified domain name as returned by the hostname command"
+msgstr "使用hostname命令能返回的完全合格的域名"
+# e1f5dfd149f54d9fb4f308e7dd6ef31a
+#: ../../installation.rst:145
+msgid "Host/Hypervisor System Requirements"
+msgstr "主机/Hypervisor系统需求"
+# a141e6c79c4d4ec181c8eba5338ef372
+#: ../../installation.rst:147
+msgid ""
+"The host is where the cloud services run in the form of guest virtual "
+"machines. Each host is one machine that meets the following requirements:"
+msgstr "主机是以虚拟机形式运行云服务。每台主机需满足如下要求:"
+# f3d101c98ed942559678418020a08c66
+#: ../../installation.rst:153
+msgid "Must support HVM (Intel-VT or AMD-V enabled)."
+msgstr "必须支持HVM(启用Intel-VT或AMD-V)。"
+# 30bd13b7de1d409f88c23234ac899f8f
+#: ../../installation.rst:161
+msgid "Hardware virtualization support required"
+msgstr "硬件虚拟化支持"
+# 99ed44c8b1514d1d9ca0ea3f1961e9d9
+#: ../../installation.rst:169
+msgid "36 GB of local disk"
+msgstr "36GB本地磁盘空间"
+# 0ba2d3e7429b4fbcac124175c6c6848e
+#: ../../installation.rst:176
+msgid ""
+"If DHCP is used for hosts, ensure that no conflict occurs between DHCP "
+"server used for these hosts and the DHCP router created by CloudStack."
+msgstr "如果主机使用DHCP,请确保这些主机使用的DHCP服务和CloudStack创建的虚拟路由器提供的DHCP服务不冲突。"
+# fe147adadd224b7591a5876e39b40551
+#: ../../installation.rst:180
+msgid "Latest hotfixes applied to hypervisor software"
+msgstr "虚拟机软件需打好最新的补丁"
+# 29179406b7fe48b4a19ca120d48a8cbc
+#: ../../installation.rst:184
+msgid ""
+"When you deploy CloudStack, the hypervisor host must not have any VMs "
+"already running"
+msgstr "当部署CloudStack时,hypervisor主机不能有任何已在运行的虚拟机。"
+# 7fd1b7db7ac54430b9a62f80acf2eaf6
+#: ../../installation.rst:189
+msgid ""
+"All hosts within a cluster must be homogeneous. The CPUs must be of the same"
+" type, count, and feature flags."
+msgstr "集群中的主机必须是同构的。CPU的型号、数量和功能参数必须相同。"
+# 87c8d49ef26342f8b19ff41fca9335f5
+#: ../../installation.rst:192
+msgid ""
+"Hosts have additional requirements depending on the hypervisor. See the "
+"requirements listed at the top of the Installation section for your chosen "
+msgstr "根据所使用虚拟化软件的不同主机可能有另外的需求。详情请查看你所选用虚拟化软件安装部分的需求清单"
+# a46900299a59438c8bcaa16961ef008c
+#: ../../installation.rst:197
+msgid ""
+"Be sure you fulfill the additional hypervisor requirements and installation "
+"steps provided in this Guide. Hypervisor hosts must be properly prepared to "
+"work with CloudStack. For example, the requirements for XenServer are listed"
+" under Citrix XenServer Installation."
+msgstr "如果你按照本指南的步骤并确定你满足了所选用虚拟机软件的 要求。宿主机应该就可以在CloudStack中正常工作了。比如XenServer的要求列表在Citrix XenServer安装部分。"
+# 56ebe3b817624994b484997555de259f
+#: ../../installation.rst:200
+msgid "Configure package repository"
+msgstr "配置包仓库"
+# 0cdb7f80146b43478ac5c26f65c59b29
+#: ../../installation.rst:202
+msgid ""
+"CloudStack is only distributed from source from the official mirrors. "
+"However, members of the CloudStack community may build convenience binaries "
+"so that users can install Apache CloudStack without needing to build from "
+msgstr "CloudStack是唯一一种源自官方镜像源文件的分布式平台。尽管如此,CloudStack社区的成语可以构建便捷的二进制代码,使用户能够在无需构建源代码的情况下安装Apache CloudStack。"
+# b1f92887e3cd499f9278b3f9b919c23f
+#: ../../installation.rst:207
+msgid ""
+"If you didn't follow the steps to build your own packages from source in the"
+" sections for `“Building RPMs from Source” <building_from_source.html"
+"#building-rpms-from-source>`_ or `“Building DEB packages” "
+"<building_from_source.html#building-deb-packages>`_ you may find pre-built "
+"DEB and RPM packages for your convenience linked from the `downloads "
+"<>`_ page."
+msgstr "如果你不能按照步骤使用源码构建你自己的包` “从源码编译RPM包” <building_from_source.html#building-rpms-from-source>`_ 或 `“编译DEB包” <building_from_source.html#building-deb-packages>`_你会发现预先构建的DEB和RPM包在 `下载 <>`_ 页面."
+# 36c2e294499f41adb78a54952436e955
+#: ../../installation.rst:213
+msgid ""
+"These repositories contain both the Management Server and KVM Hypervisor "
+msgstr "该仓库同时包含管理服务器和KVM Hypervisor的包"
+# ab84a44960284510a19c2720e7acb422
+#: ../../installation.rst:216
+msgid "DEB package repository"
+msgstr "DEB包库"
+# cd8bb5ec9815465fa5a7f4afd3481d96
+#: ../../installation.rst:218
+msgid ""
+"You can add a DEB package repository to your apt sources with the following "
+"commands. Please note that only packages for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (precise) are "
+"being built at this time."
+msgstr "你可以按照以下指令在你的apt源中增加DEB包库。请注意只有来自 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (precise)的包可以在此时构建。"
+# 5b021f6f96c04cb48ac277bab4957e76
+#: ../../installation.rst:222
+msgid ""
+"Use your preferred editor and open (or create) "
+"``/etc/apt/sources.list.d/cloudstack.list``. Add the community provided "
+"repository to the file:"
+msgstr "用你准备好的编辑器打开(或创建) ``/etc/apt/sources.list.d/cloudstack.list``.将社区提供的仓库添加到该文件:"
+# 76991f3a13a04de4b31a8970050636b8
+#: ../../installation.rst:230
+msgid "We now have to add the public key to the trusted keys."
+msgstr "我们现在必须添加公钥并信任密钥。"
+# fe7c47c14dc348f59e41259a2f93fd9e
+#: ../../installation.rst:236
+msgid "Now update your local apt cache."
+msgstr "现在升级本地的apt缓存"
+# 88f8a6c1f55148eebfa98a0a18c3fa23
+#: ../../installation.rst:242
+msgid ""
+"Your DEB package repository should now be configured and ready for use."
+msgstr "你的DEB包库现在将被配置并准备使用。"
+# 0de56ffea1284ea582b56c333398d364
+#: ../../installation.rst:245
+msgid "RPM package repository"
+msgstr "RPM 包仓库"
+# f28dd9390c314092821b287e255bc352
+#: ../../installation.rst:247
+msgid ""
+"There is a RPM package repository for CloudStack so you can easily install "
+"on RHEL based platforms."
+msgstr "这里有一个CloudStack的RPM包库,所以你可以轻易地安装在RHEL基础平台上。"
+# f6aae31ae39b48e98ae9b00a4cab1b3f
+#: ../../installation.rst:250
+msgid ""
+"If you're using an RPM-based system, you'll want to add the Yum repository "
+"so that you can install CloudStack with Yum."
+msgstr "如果你使用基于RPM的系统,你需要添加Yum库,以便可以用Yum安装CloudStack."
+# 2c5fd8c417b7420f91685a5755296cd1
+#: ../../installation.rst:253
+msgid ""
+"Yum repository information is found under ``/etc/yum.repos.d``. You'll see "
+"several ``.repo`` files in this directory, each one denoting a specific "
+msgstr "Yum库信息将在``/etc/yum.repos.d``创建。你可以看到一些 ``.repo``文件在这个目录中,每个都指示一个特定的库。"
+# e589a098abc84dff8a5c900002e44413
+#: ../../installation.rst:257
+msgid ""
+"To add the CloudStack repository, create "
+"``/etc/yum.repos.d/cloudstack.repo`` and insert the following information."
+msgstr "增加CloudStack库,创建 ``/etc/yum.repos.d/cloudstack.repo``并插入以下信息"
+# 179494fcebc847b2833e80c7d4466eb6
+#: ../../installation.rst:269
+msgid "Now you should be able to install CloudStack using Yum."
+msgstr "现在你能够用Yum安装Cloudstack了。"
+# ca14246b88024576881cc5a1c43f14ee
+#: ../../installation.rst:272
+msgid "Management Server Installation"
+msgstr "管理服务安装。"
+# 787d92a26f544922bd7089410f1c2f73
+#: ../../installation.rst:275
+msgid "Management Server Installation Overview"
+msgstr "管理服务安装简介。"
+# cfc7bf33cd6d492bb4bbafc2f69bf23a
+#: ../../installation.rst:277
+msgid ""
+"This section describes installing the Management Server. There are two "
+"slightly different installation flows, depending on how many Management "
+"Server nodes will be in your cloud:"
+msgstr "以下片段描述安装管理服务。这里有两条细小的不同安装流,依赖于有多少管理服务节点在你的云上。----------------"
+# 97f223873b674a3b8cea6e4278d8fce2
+#: ../../installation.rst:283
+msgid "A single Management Server node, with MySQL on the same node."
+msgstr "一个单独的管理服务节点,是MySQL在同样的节点上。"
+# b127e1c38ea44e7eb7609245f2856522
+#: ../../installation.rst:287
+msgid ""
+"Multiple Management Server nodes, with MySQL on a node separate from the "
+"Management Servers."
+msgstr "多重管理节点,是MySQL在一个节点上间隔自不同的管理服务上。"
+# a7cb64a7ad004859baf3b85c4807b4ce
+#: ../../installation.rst:290
+msgid ""
+"In either case, each machine must meet the system requirements described in "
+"System Requirements."
+msgstr "以上两例,每个机器必须满足系统需求描述的系统要求。"
+# f311a9f082f243358bd6e1bacb0724c0
+#: ../../installation.rst:294
+msgid ""
+"For the sake of security, be sure the public Internet can not access port "
+"8096 or port 8250 on the Management Server."
+msgstr "出于安全的目的,保证公共网络没有在管理服务器上获得8096或者8250端口。"
+# 81fa7f40aa954c7389c0ddc56e4409fd
+#: ../../installation.rst:296
+msgid "The procedure for installing the Management Server is:"
+msgstr "安装管理服务器的步骤是:"
+# 02acaca57ebb4504b9db45b2442686d6
+# 39c72e56316949fea280e05e177bbd18
+#: ../../installation.rst:300 ../../installation.rst:327
+msgid "Prepare the Operating System"
+msgstr "准备好操作系统"
+# 790ce7b3541b43c2bf4b14583a247581
+#: ../../installation.rst:304
+msgid "(XenServer only) Download and install vhd-util."
+msgstr "(仅限XenServer)下载并安装vhd-util."
+# 6990b7e0088f4f51acd96314383d890f
+#: ../../installation.rst:308
+msgid "Install the First Management Server"
+msgstr "安装第一个管理服务器。"
+# 84d81fe58d2d46889753eecbd978adf8
+#: ../../installation.rst:312
+msgid "Install and Configure the MySQL database"
+msgstr "安装并配置MySQL数据库。"
+# 65c00df0d81d41fd818ef1191ed7ad2a
+# 1620c2310d7b4308bf45f93baa38649c
+#: ../../installation.rst:316 ../../installation.rst:943
+msgid "Prepare NFS Shares"
+msgstr "准备NFS共享"
+# 8ac7bcc7dff34b26814031f065442613
+#: ../../installation.rst:320
+msgid "Prepare and Start Additional Management Servers (optional)"
+msgstr "准备并开始附加的管理服务器(可选)"
+# 2ebe94fd439c4a82bc551c3bd80a3a72
+# 9c47dabf23f74fa1afd016220ce3ac03
+#: ../../installation.rst:324 ../../installation.rst:1274
+msgid "Prepare the System VM Template"
+msgstr "准备系统虚拟机模板"
+# 94fb715d86304d52ad6b97b19a96ec4b
+#: ../../installation.rst:329
+msgid ""
+"The OS must be prepared to host the Management Server using the following "
+"steps. These steps must be performed on each Management Server node."
+msgstr "操作系统必须准备好按照以下步骤寄生在管理服务器上。这些步骤将会在每一个管理服务器节点上展示。"
+# b63959d08d254fffb3d7c38112791bd7
+#: ../../installation.rst:335
+msgid "Log in to your OS as root."
+msgstr "用超级用户权限登陆你的操作系统。"
+# 0c59e0da09ec46539f219f14fa57f53d
+#: ../../installation.rst:339
+msgid "Check for a fully qualified hostname."
+msgstr "检查你可以被完全授权的主机名。"
+# 482686f6346449c69aa4154442ccd6b7
+#: ../../installation.rst:345
+msgid ""
+"This should return a fully qualified hostname such as "
+"\"\". If it does not, edit /etc/hosts so that it "
+msgstr "它将返回一个完全授权的主机名例如\"\".如果不是,编辑 /etc/hosts中内容修改。"
+# f24bd2a383c34a2ab21f404ec9c2cd7d
+#: ../../installation.rst:351
+msgid "Make sure that the machine can reach the Internet."
+msgstr "确保机器可以联网。"
+# 0b873027faa449f4bee3820217b922fa
+#: ../../installation.rst:359
+msgid "Turn on NTP for time synchronization."
+msgstr "时间同步打开NTP协议。"
+# a0981835ac67411c927b59c3de1e6575
+#: ../../installation.rst:362
+msgid ""
+"NTP is required to synchronize the clocks of the servers in your cloud."
+msgstr "NTP协议在你的云上要求同步服务器时钟。"
+# 20e168e7085242d095331cd9d2b80c20
+#: ../../installation.rst:364
+msgid "Install NTP."
+msgstr "安装NTP协议。"
+# 46750ec5f4554a30a4bdc2c761459f70
+#: ../../installation.rst:376
+msgid ""
+"Repeat all of these steps on every host where the Management Server will be "
+msgstr "对于安装的每一个管理服务器的节点重复以上步骤。"
+# 1a936a7d02bb4555a9667786988a7b19
+#: ../../installation.rst:380
+msgid "Install the Management Server on the First Host"
+msgstr "在第一个主机上安装管理服务器。"
+# 4713eced035b45ac8ae785502737a330
+#: ../../installation.rst:382
+msgid ""
+"The first step in installation, whether you are installing the Management "
+"Server on one host or many, is to install the software on a single node."
+msgstr "第一部是安装,不关你是将管理服务器安装在一个或多个主机上,要把软件安装到一个独立的节点上。"
+# f4ab68fb34464e799e49169028ac2a47
+#: ../../installation.rst:387
+msgid ""
+"If you are planning to install the Management Server on multiple nodes for "
+"high availability, do not proceed to the additional nodes yet. That step "
+"will       come later."
+msgstr "如果你计划为了高可用性在多个节点上安装管理服务器,不要延伸到已经安装的其他节点上。上一步将会晚一点。"
+# bd5cb32f0a2644a5b613db7d09ce3021
+#: ../../installation.rst:389
+msgid ""
+"The CloudStack Management server can be installed using either RPM or DEB "
+"packages. These packages will depend on everything you need to run the "
+"Management server."
+msgstr "CloudStack管理服务器将被安装到RPM或者是DEB包上。这些包依赖于你需要运行的服务管理器。"
+# f2a353ac92ca4305bc5cd05c3b67edc3
+#: ../../installation.rst:394
+msgid "Install on CentOS/RHEL"
+msgstr "安装到CentOS/RHEL"
+# 215a3f94e0e145be9b64461d8ae5a07d
+#: ../../installation.rst:396
+msgid "We start by installing the required packages:"
+msgstr "我们开始安装要求的包。"
+# 1b6562fea60e4b829c33efaf0eb6285b
+#: ../../installation.rst:403
+msgid "Install on Ubuntu"
+msgstr "在Ubuntu上安装"
+# 45790ec2046c402dbae2bc46ecefa111
+#: ../../installation.rst:410
+msgid "Downloading vhd-util"
+msgstr "vhd-util下载中"
+# 6b84c5527ace4c579433f8e54803bd59
+#: ../../installation.rst:412
+msgid ""
+"This procedure is required only for installations where XenServer is "
+"installed on the hypervisor hosts."
+msgstr "以下步骤仅适用于将XenServer安装到虚拟机管理器主机上。"
+# f028c6bb2ade4b34a912ba8d49b40423
+#: ../../installation.rst:415
+msgid ""
+"Before setting up the Management Server, download vhd-util from `vhd-util "
+msgstr "在设置管理服务器前,从<>`_.下载vhd-util"
+# 5382e69a952f46e0b38ea6c6180dd48f
+#: ../../installation.rst:418
+msgid ""
+"If the Management Server is RHEL or CentOS, copy vhd-util to `/usr/share"
+msgstr "如果管理服务器是RHEL或者是CentOS,复制 vhd-util到`/usr/share/cloudstack-common/scripts/vm/hypervisor/xenserver`"
+# f0befb44640d47abaa8e51b020060d63
+#: ../../installation.rst:420
+msgid ""
+"If the Management Server is Ubuntu, copy vhd-util to `/usr/share/cloudstack-"
+msgstr "如果管理服务器是Ubuntu系统,复制vhd-util到`/usr/share/cloudstack-common/scripts/vm/hypervisor/xenserver`"
+# cd862b01f8fb480881fd3a46e9c72621
+#: ../../installation.rst:423
+msgid "Install the database server"
+msgstr "安装数据库服务器"
+# 2763f3785e2441a2828e5a4fdea57a4d
+#: ../../installation.rst:425
+msgid ""
+"The CloudStack management server uses a MySQL database server to store its "
+"data. When you are installing the management server on a single node, you "
+"can install the MySQL server locally. For an installation that has multiple "
+"management server nodes, we assume the MySQL database also runs on a "
+"separate node."
+msgstr "CloudStack管理服务器使用一个MySQL数据库服务来存储自身数据。当你在一个独立的节点上安装一个管理服务器,你可以在本地安装MySQL服务器。对于在多重节点上安装,我们假设MySQL也运行在一个已经分隔开的节点上。"
+# e5f94c1da4e7490b93026bb5fcbaf5d7
+#: ../../installation.rst:431
+msgid ""
+"CloudStack has been tested with MySQL 5.1 and 5.5. These versions are "
+"included in RHEL/CentOS and Ubuntu."
+msgstr "CloudStack已经在MySQL 5.1和5.5上被测试过。这些平台版本包含RHEL/CentOS和Ubuntu."
+# 544dc7053bde486bb6893e69becbe365
+#: ../../installation.rst:435
+msgid "Install the Database on the Management Server Node"
+msgstr "在管理服务器节点上安装数据库。"
+# 0beb8883084b40369a72c32005f0764f
+#: ../../installation.rst:437
+msgid ""
+"This section describes how to install MySQL on the same machine with the "
+"Management Server. This technique is intended for a simple deployment that "
+"has a single Management Server node. If you have a multi-node Management "
+"Server deployment, you will typically use a separate node for MySQL. See "
+msgstr "这片区域描述的是如何安装MySQL在有服务管理器的同样机器上。这种技术被看做一种简单的有独自管理服务器节点的部署。如果你有多重节点管理服务器进行部署,传统做法是为MySQL使用间隔的节点。参见:安装数据库在间隔的节点"
+# f9a03153674b4e71931f240af9649a3f
+#: ../../installation.rst:445
+msgid "Install MySQL from the package repository of your distribution:"
+msgstr "安装来自已经部署的包库的MySQL."
+# 368075ea83e94d6e88eaf47096b0004d
+#: ../../installation.rst:447
+msgid ":.. sourcecode:: bash"
+msgstr ":.. 源代码:: bash"
+# fa3d229b444e4625b8c985e59fa3944e
+#: ../../installation.rst:449
+msgid "yum install mysql-server"
+msgstr "yum上安装mysql服务器"
+# dc612d7dbdaa46b5a5f53f12a3c5dc11
+#: ../../installation.rst:457
+msgid ""
+"Open the MySQL configuration file. The configuration file is ``/etc/my.cnf``"
+" or ``/etc/mysql/my.cnf``, depending on your OS."
+msgstr "打开MySQL配置文件。配置文件在``/etc/my.cnf`` 或者是 ``/etc/mysql/my.cnf``,具体取决于你的操作系统。"
+# 82041ff4af184199abf1601fd1d54db5
+#: ../../installation.rst:462
+msgid "Insert the following lines in the [mysqld] section."
+msgstr "在【mysqld】区域插入以下行。"
+# 885ee4f72e4b4aaab0ba9b3c7e370ce8
+#: ../../installation.rst:464
+msgid ""
+"You can put these lines below the datadir line. The max\\_connections "
+"parameter should be set to 350 multiplied by the number of Management "
+"Servers you are deploying. This example assumes one Management Server."
+msgstr "你可以把这些行放在数据目录行下面。这个最大的\\_connections参数将被设置成你正在部署的350多重数据。这个例子假设在一个管理服务器上。"
+# 1cfe5cb57e3d43078f0f305b741fb4b3
+#: ../../installation.rst:470
+msgid ""
+"On Ubuntu, you can also create a file `/etc/mysql/conf.d/cloudstack.cnf` and"
+" add these directives there. Don't forget to add [mysqld] on the first line "
+"of the file."
+msgstr "在Ubuntu上,你也可以创建文件 `/etc/mysql/conf.d/cloudstack.cnf` 并且在那添加上述指令。不要忘记添加【mysqld】在文件的第一行。"
+# 5b9a37699bd0472ab0d8231cc73613cb
+# 1413df8c8c414dcbbdf912a616283d02
+#: ../../installation.rst:482 ../../installation.rst:696
+msgid "Start or restart MySQL to put the new configuration into effect."
+msgstr "启动或者重启MySQL使新的配置生效。"
+# b73a323df6154ce887e0b9dc1429377f
+# d6125ea5f46e4983b4196f5624920c09
+#: ../../installation.rst:484 ../../installation.rst:698
+msgid ""
+"On RHEL/CentOS, MySQL doesn't automatically start after installation. Start "
+"it manually."
+msgstr "在RHEL/CentOS上,MySQL在安装完后不会自动启动。手工启动它。"
+# dac59fe1582f443d969bdbd6f4981407
+# 8c391ed2a5cf47f9b6a833e041c26640
+#: ../../installation.rst:491 ../../installation.rst:705
+msgid "On Ubuntu, restart MySQL."
+msgstr "在Ubuntu上,重启MySQL."
+# a7e8903ec31c4ceea371761681f8c802
+# 0668b848f7ec49e4bd885d8b69806276
+#: ../../installation.rst:499 ../../installation.rst:713
+msgid "(CentOS and RHEL only; not required on Ubuntu)"
+msgstr "(仅限CentOS 和 RHEL平台,对Ubuntu不作要求)"
+# 91837929006f4c079bbff588e501ff7d
+#: ../../installation.rst:502
+msgid ""
+"On RHEL and CentOS, MySQL does not set a root password by default. It is "
+"very strongly recommended that you set a root password as a security "
+msgstr "在RHEL 和CentOS平台上,MySQL不会默认设置超级密码。强烈推荐你设置超级密码作为安全防范措施。"
+# 08bce5aebf68455ebbd80d7dbe835acd
+#: ../../installation.rst:504
+msgid ""
+"Run the following command to secure your installation. You can answer \"Y\" "
+"to all questions."
+msgstr "运行以下命令确保安装。你可以对所有的问题回答”Y\"。"
+# 41b923848c474e93b9ec26ee1535a7ae
+#: ../../installation.rst:512
+msgid ""
+"CloudStack can be blocked by security mechanisms, such as SELinux. Disable "
+"SELinux to ensure + that the Agent has all the required permissions."
+msgstr "CloudStack的安全机制在某些平台上可能被锁死,例如SELinux.默认SElinux确保+代表所有已经获得的许可。"
+# 2d0d176ffff344969f7752864e4f3456
+#: ../../installation.rst:516
+msgid "Configure SELinux (RHEL and CentOS):"
+msgstr "在SELinux (RHEL 和CentOS)上配置:"
+# c0e7f83cb57144ec99d0c7b3821b1722
+#: ../../installation.rst:520
+msgid ""
+"Check whether SELinux is installed on your machine. If not, you can skip "
+"this section."
+msgstr "检查SELinux是否已被安装到你的机器上。如果没有,跳过这段区域。"
+# 10bc723625a04a0b85ec9cd4889d69c2
+#: ../../installation.rst:523
+msgid ""
+"In RHEL or CentOS, SELinux is installed and enabled by default. You can "
+"verify this with:"
+msgstr "在RHEL 或者 CentOS上,SELinux已经被安装并默认激活。你可以用下列标准验证它:"
+# 505757336d42438b86b3395414db4b33
+#: ../../installation.rst:532
+msgid ""
+"Set the SELINUX variable in ``/etc/selinux/config`` to \"permissive\". This "
+"ensures that the permissive setting will be maintained after a system "
+msgstr "在SElinux上将``/etc/selinux/config``中变量设置为 \"permissive\"。这确保了重启之后允许的设置仍然有效。"
+# 17de01838d7447bf89304026d6ea4248
+#: ../../installation.rst:536
+msgid "In RHEL or CentOS:"
+msgstr "在RHEL 或者CentOS平台上:"
+# 884b52275a58422b99f6cc646091e7f6
+#: ../../installation.rst:542
+msgid "Change the following line"
+msgstr "改变下列行:"
+# fd494df390f2417787ec16c50ada6696
+#: ../../installation.rst:548
+msgid "to this:"
+msgstr "照这样:"
+# bedede3207294745988cf76d203c7f74
+#: ../../installation.rst:556
+msgid ""
+"Set SELinux to permissive starting immediately, without requiring a system "
+msgstr "设置SELinux为许可立即启动,除非有要求系统重启。"
+# 61969dbdeee745c7a7e2d5ae0b9572ea
+#: ../../installation.rst:565
+msgid ""
+"Set up the database. The following command creates the \"cloud\" user on the"
+" database."
+msgstr "启动数据库。按照下列命令 \"cloud\"在数据库上创建用户。"
+# b15755f3ad7f47e38ed446816aa77a1c
+#: ../../installation.rst:570
+msgid ""
+"In dbpassword, specify the password to be assigned to the \"cloud\" user. "
+"You can choose to provide no password although that is not recommended."
+msgstr "在数据库密码中,准确表达已经分派 \"cloud\"的用户密码。你也可以选择支持没有密码,尽管并不推荐。"
+# 6c8db37f146541378973dcc35d219673
+#: ../../installation.rst:576
+msgid ""
+"In deploy-as, specify the username and password of the user deploying the "
+"database. In the following command, it is assumed the root user is deploying"
+" the database and creating the \"cloud\" user."
+msgstr "在部署中,具体制定正在部署数据库的用户的用户名和密码。按照下列命令,它假设了超级用户正在部署数据库和创建\"cloud\"用户。"
+# f490b4e80428454ab05842e0b476b6b4
+# bceaae9c7ea64472a2965702148a6db7
+#: ../../installation.rst:583 ../../installation.rst:776
+msgid ""
+"(Optional) For encryption\\_type, use file or web to indicate the technique "
+"used to pass in the database encryption password. Default: file. See :ref"
+msgstr "(可选)对于加密\\_type,使用文件或网络直接忽略数据库加密密码。默认文件,参见:关于密码秘钥加密"
+# f6d266c86bac4f6aa727f5e3fbf88d8d
+#: ../../installation.rst:589
+msgid ""
+"(Optional) For management\\_server\\_key, substitute the default key that is"
+" used to encrypt confidential parameters in the CloudStack properties file. "
+"Default: password. It is highly recommended that you replace this with a "
+"more secure value. See :ref:`about-password-key-encryption`."
+msgstr "(可选)对于管理\\_server\\_key,替代默认秘钥的是通常加密CloudStack属性文件中的机密参数。默认:密码。强烈推荐你用如此更安全的值去替代。参见:关于密码秘钥加密。"
+# b6dec23d7ae8477b8a19b7b9d4a79d42
+# ce19fb18ded14573910f1d1240f8b0ee
+#: ../../installation.rst:597 ../../installation.rst:790
+msgid ""
+"(Optional) For database\\_key, substitute the default key that is used to "
+"encrypt confidential parameters in the CloudStack database. Default: "
+"password. It is highly recommended that you replace this with a more secure "
+"value. See :ref:`about-password-key-encryption`."
+msgstr "(可选)对于数据库\\_key,替代默认秘钥的是通常加密CloudStack属性文件中的机密参数。默认:密码。强烈推荐你用如此更安全的值去替代。参见:关于密码秘钥加密。"
+# a52db395b3a1486398d2061e4a995e1d
+# 967b3a443b0847c898aee030febf6bd4
+#: ../../installation.rst:605 ../../installation.rst:798
+msgid ""
+"(Optional) For management\\_server\\_ip, you may explicitly specify cluster "
+"management server node IP. If not specified, the local IP address will be "
+msgstr "(可选)关于管理\\_server\\_ip,你可以明确地表示出簇管理服务器节点IP。如果不明确指明,将会使用本地IP地址。"
+# 3a1c16fcfc744ccda91eae6cfb73e0d4
+# 08975ca13089466a8cca56ac67ffe980
+#: ../../installation.rst:618 ../../installation.rst:811
+msgid ""
+"When this script is finished, you should see a message like “Successfully "
+"initialized the database.”"
+msgstr "当下面脚本完成后,你将会看到类似“成功安装数据库”的一条信息。"
+# 7afe3094d16e4672853d20b1971f866c
+#: ../../installation.rst:622
+msgid ""
+"If the script is unable to connect to the MySQL database, check the "
+"\"localhost\" loopback address in ``/etc/hosts``. It should be pointing to "
+"the IPv4 loopback address \"\" and not the IPv6 loopback address "
+"::1. Alternatively, reconfigure MySQL to bind to the IPv6 loopback "
+msgstr "如果脚本不能够连接MySQL数据库,检查``/etc/hosts``中的 \"localhost\" 环回地址。它将指出IPv4环回地址 \"\"和不是IPv6的环回地址::1.作为选择,可以配置MySQL绑定IPv6环回接口。"
+# c9bfb73655e843678f8eca66dfecad86
+#: ../../installation.rst:626
+msgid ""
+"If you are running the KVM hypervisor on the same machine with the "
+"Management Server, edit /etc/sudoers and add the following line:"
+msgstr "如果你运行的KVM虚拟机管理器和管理其服务器在同样的机器上,编辑 /etc/sudoers并添加以下行:"
+# 57c07dbfac274d28ac58517354250f54
+#: ../../installation.rst:635
+msgid ""
+"Now that the database is set up, you can finish configuring the OS for the "
+"Management Server. This command will set up iptables, sudoers, and start the"
+" Management Server."
+msgstr "现在数据库已经启动,你可以完成操作系统上管理服务器的配置。以下命令将会建立ip表,超级用户和启动管理服务器。"
+# aa8843143a1b4f879e749a467dbb5b0f
+#: ../../installation.rst:643
+msgid ""
+"You should see the message “CloudStack Management Server setup is done.”"
+msgstr "你将会看到信息“CloudStack管理服务器启动已经完成.”"
+# 42604923b7114f2f8f56af33b3027afa
+#: ../../installation.rst:649
+msgid "Install the Database on a Separate Node"
+msgstr "在间隔开的节点上安装数据库"
+# 9418da5d285c44b8bc4b7210642683a6
+#: ../../installation.rst:651
+msgid ""
+"This section describes how to install MySQL on a standalone machine, "
+"separate from the Management Server. This technique is intended for a "
+"deployment that includes several Management Server nodes. If you have a "
+"single-node Management Server deployment, you will typically use the same "
+"node for MySQL. See ` “Install the Database on the Management Server Node” "
+msgstr "以下区域描述了如何安装MySQL在单独的机器上,和管理服务器间隔。这种技术将打算部署包含多个管理服务器节点的情况。如果有单节点管理服务器部署,你将会默认使用为MySQL使用同样地节点。参见:在管理服务器上安装数据库 <#install-the-database-on-the-management-server-node>`_."
+# 4abc231ac09f424daf0b99c49119ea44
+#: ../../installation.rst:659
+msgid ""
+"The management server doesn't require a specific distribution for the MySQL "
+"node. You can use a distribution or Operating System of your choice. Using "
+"the same distribution as the management server is recommended, but not "
+"required. See `“Management Server, Database, and Storage System "
+"Requirements” <#management-server-database-and-storage-system-"
+msgstr "管理服务器不要求为MySQL节点指定一个分布式。你可以选择使用一个发行或者操作系统。使用相同的发布是管理服务器对见得,但不强求。参见:管理服务器,数据库,和存储系统要求 <#management-server-database-and-storage-system-requirements>`_."
+# 5588ce27f7694dd4861d3abde3ffbb56
+#: ../../installation.rst:663
+msgid "Install MySQL from the package repository from your distribution:"
+msgstr "安装源自你已经部署的包库中的MySQL."
+# 64a8ee358f0a4ec89fd15db99d1be9eb
+#: ../../installation.rst:675
+msgid ""
+"Edit the MySQL configuration (/etc/my.cnf or /etc/mysql/my.cnf, depending on"
+" your OS) and insert the following lines in the [mysqld] section. You can "
+"put these lines below the datadir line. The max\\_connections parameter "
+"should be set to 350 multiplied by the number of Management Servers you are "
+"deploying. This example assumes two Management Servers."
+msgstr "编辑MySQL配置(/etc/my.cnf or /etc/mysql/my.cnf, 根据您的操作系统)并在【mysqld】区域插入如下行。你可以将这些行放在数据目录下。最大的\\_connections参数将被设置成你部署服务管理期的350多重连接。这个例子假设两个服务管理器。"
+# bd356399448849d6b731cadef7a9099f
+#: ../../installation.rst:683
+msgid ""
+"On Ubuntu, you can also create /etc/mysql/conf.d/cloudstack.cnf file and add"
+" these directives there. Don't forget to add [mysqld] on the first line of "
+"the file."
+msgstr "在Ubuntu上,你可以创建 /etc/mysql/conf.d/cloudstack.cnf文件并在此添加如下目录。不要忘记在文件第一行加【mysqld】。"
+# 1005aab6e20b46708ac4e11551550fdc
+#: ../../installation.rst:716
+msgid ""
+"On RHEL and CentOS, MySQL does not set a root password by default. It is "
+"very strongly recommended that you set a root password as a security "
+"precaution. Run the following command to secure your installation. You can "
+"answer \"Y\" to all questions except \"Disallow root login remotely?\". "
+"Remote root login is required to set up the databases."
+msgstr "在RHEL 和 CentOS上,默认不设置超级用户密码。强烈建议您设置超级用户密码作为一个安全预防措施。运行以下命令安全安装。你可以除回答 \"Disallow root login remotely?\". 问题外,对其它所有问题回答\"Y\"。远程超级用户登陆是要求建立数据库的。"
+# 7f72213f4e3a4874859eaf327495a545
+#: ../../installation.rst:724
+msgid ""
+"If a firewall is present on the system, open TCP port 3306 so external MySQL"
+" connections can be established."
+msgstr "如果一个防火墙出现在系统中,打开TCP端口3306可以使其它的MySQL连接被创建。"
+# 218fc8343f084da2953ef13cca2c7549
+#: ../../installation.rst:727
+msgid ""
+"On Ubuntu, UFW is the default firewall. Open the port with this command:"
+msgstr "在Ubuntu上,UFW是默认防火墙。用一下命令打开端口:"
+# 952910e1965d484697e23ecba711a001
+#: ../../installation.rst:734
+msgid "On RHEL/CentOS:"
+msgstr "在RHEL/CentOS上:"
+# 0af9bded27ec4fd6863857d6b779e4ec
+#: ../../installation.rst:738
+msgid ""
+"Edit the /etc/sysconfig/iptables file and add the following line at the "
+"beginning of the INPUT chain."
+msgstr "编辑/etc/sysconfig/iptables文件并在INPUT链处添加下列行。"
+# 9d5dd58fcbe0435287c2661d3ef9df67
+#: ../../installation.rst:747
+msgid "Now reload the iptables rules."
+msgstr "现在重载ip表规则。"
+# 73b82b233a564740976c44224975d17e
+#: ../../installation.rst:755
+msgid "Return to the root shell on your first Management Server."
+msgstr "返回你第一个管理服务器上的超级用户shell"
+# d8833e544e06419bac30a7f0ab57b12b
+#: ../../installation.rst:759
+msgid ""
+"Set up the database. The following command creates the cloud user on the "
+msgstr "创建数据库。按照以下命令在数据库上创建云用户。"
+# 72854dd662234ff1aad983d720c6af79
+#: ../../installation.rst:764
+msgid ""
+"In dbpassword, specify the password to be assigned to the cloud user. You "
+"can choose to provide no password."
+msgstr "在数据库密码中,指定分配给云用户的密码。你可以选择没有密码。"
+# e42a363b2158494fbee560c8c89d44ca
+#: ../../installation.rst:769
+msgid ""
+"In deploy-as, specify the username and password of the user deploying the "
+"database. In the following command, it is assumed the root user is deploying"
+" the database and creating the cloud user."
+msgstr "在deploy-as,指定用户部署数据库的用户名和密码。按照以下指令,它将假设超级用户部署数据库并创建云用户。"
+# 811418357feb4bd3a86912d4bd45737b
+#: ../../installation.rst:782
+msgid ""
+"(Optional) For management\\_server\\_key, substitute the default key that is"
+" used to encrypt confidential parameters in the CloudStack properties file. "
+"Default: password. It is highly recommended that you replace this with a "
+"more secure value. See About Password and Key Encryption."
+msgstr "(可选)对于management\\_server\\_key,在CloudStack属性文件中替代默认密码用来加密机密的参数。默认:password。强烈推荐您用更安全的值替代它。参阅:关于密码和密钥加密。"
+# 48640c143e14444d8885450a3a0fa282
+#: ../../installation.rst:816
+msgid "About Password and Key Encryption"
+msgstr "关于密码和密钥加密"
+# f7aec56e25f1405f97e5f0aec09df869
+#: ../../installation.rst:818
+msgid ""
+"CloudStack stores several sensitive passwords and secret keys that are used "
+"to provide security. These values are always automatically encrypted:"
+msgstr "CloudStack存储一些敏感密码和密钥用于提供安全保证。这些值总是自动加密。"
+# 122a40909d374d498a62760c5289d744
+#: ../../installation.rst:824
+msgid "Database secret key"
+msgstr "数据库密钥"
+# bbba368c37e34d6aa390f26ab2396807
+#: ../../installation.rst:828
+msgid "Database password"
+msgstr "数据库密码"
+# c32eb5a1afcb4e31bcd7590d70d96b0a
+#: ../../installation.rst:832
+msgid "SSH keys"
+msgstr "SSH密钥"
+# ca05df1c98684f49acbb801e8c5a4547
+#: ../../installation.rst:836
+msgid "Compute node root password"
+msgstr "计算节点root密码"
+# a3976901fb494024a55c16f813ce3699
+#: ../../installation.rst:840
+msgid "VPN password"
+msgstr "VPN密码"
+# 0ca66e1a468a4d518185df21b427b76a
+#: ../../installation.rst:844
+msgid "User API secret key"
+msgstr "用户API密钥"
+# c0594e34fbe5473694f41b77a96ffe57
+#: ../../installation.rst:848
+msgid "VNC password"
+msgstr "VNC密码"
+# 39fadf09b81f4859b48ce50628bcb429
+#: ../../installation.rst:850
+msgid ""
+"CloudStack uses the Java Simplified Encryption (JASYPT) library. The data "
+"values are encrypted and decrypted using a database secret key, which is "
+"stored in one of CloudStack’s internal properties files along with the "
+"database password. The other encrypted values listed above, such as SSH "
+"keys, are in the CloudStack internal database."
+msgstr "CloudStack使用java简单的加密库(JASYPT)。数据值加密和解密通过使用一个存储在一个CloudStack带有数据库密码的内部属性文件中的密钥。上述列出的其他加密的值,例如SSH密钥,也在CloudStack内部数据库中。"
+# 2c165f1b802441c1afc3fa3fdabc5d5c
+#: ../../installation.rst:856
+msgid ""
+"Of course, the database secret key itself can not be stored in the open – it"
+" must be encrypted. How then does CloudStack read it? A second secret key "
+"must be provided from an external source during Management Server startup. "
+"This key can be provided in one of two ways: loaded from a file or provided "
+"by the CloudStack administrator. The CloudStack database has a configuration"
+" setting that lets it know which of these methods will be used. If the "
+"encryption type is set to \"file,\" the key must be in a file in a known "
+"location. If the encryption type is set to \"web,\" the administrator runs "
+"the utility, which relays "
+"the key to the Management Server over a known port."
+msgstr "当然,数据库密钥本身不是公开存储的-它必须被加密。那么,CloudStack如何阅读它呢?从外部源启动管理服务时必须提供第二个密钥。这个密钥可以提供两种方式中的一种:从文件加载或者由CloudStack的管理员提供。CloudStack数据库中都有一个配置设置使它知道这些方法将被调用。如果加密类型设置为 \"file,\" 密钥 必须存在于文件的已知位置中。如果加密类型设置为 \"web,\" 管理员运行工具,which relays the key to the Management Server over a known port."
+# 98e2deeafb9a42389fbceaba35dda3d3
+#: ../../installation.rst:868
+msgid ""
+"The encryption type, database secret key, and Management Server secret key "
+"are set during CloudStack installation. They are all parameters to the "
+"CloudStack database setup script (cloudstack-setup-databases). The default "
+"values are file, password, and password. It is, of course, highly "
+"recommended that you change these to more secure keys."
+msgstr "加密类型,数据库密钥和管理服务器密钥在CloudStack初始化的过程中设置。它们全部是CloudStack数据库设置脚本的参数(cloud-setup-databases).默认值是file,password和password。当然,强烈建议你修改这些密钥。"
+# 2309cc096471413fb9f006373a732472
+#: ../../installation.rst:875
+msgid "Changing the Default Password Encryption"
+msgstr "更改默认密码加密"
+# a45aa5f4ad954420942c59a819fd3c04
+#: ../../installation.rst:877
+msgid ""
+"Passwords are encoded when creating or updating users. CloudStack allows you"
+" to determine the default encoding and authentication mechanism for admin "
+"and user logins. Two new configurable lists have been "
+"introduced—userPasswordEncoders and userAuthenticators. userPasswordEncoders"
+" allows you to configure the order of preference for encoding passwords, "
+"whereas userAuthenticators allows you to configure the order in which "
+"authentication schemes are invoked to validate user passwords."
+msgstr "当创建或更改用户密码时加密的。CloudStack允许你决定管理员和用户登录的默认密码和授权机制。这两种配置列表都已经介绍过了,用户密码加密和用户授权。用户密码加密允许你按要求配置加密参数,同理授权允许你按要求配置激活生效的用户密码授权方案。"
+# 66a7bc6d2a054bccaac4bffe5540602d
+#: ../../installation.rst:886
+msgid ""
+"Additionally, the plain text user authenticator has been modified not to "
+"convert supplied passwords to their md5 sums before checking them with the "
+"database entries. It performs a simple string comparison between retrieved "
+"and supplied login passwords instead of comparing the retrieved md5 hash of "
+"the stored password against the supplied md5 hash of the password because "
+"clients no longer hash the password. The following method determines what "
+"encoding scheme is used to encode the password supplied during user creation"
+" or modification."
+msgstr "另外,无聊的用户授权已经更正为在核查数据库进入前不能转换支持密码自身md5校验和。它表现在一个简单地字符串在匹配回收和提供登录密码因为用户哈希表的密码不够长替换回收的存储的md5哈希表对应已经提供的密码的哈希表。以下方法确定加密方案由加密密码在用户创建或修改时的内容。"
+# 2f0b0bfa672a4424af2fdec284548b99
+#: ../../installation.rst:895
+msgid ""
+"When a new user is created, the user password is encoded by using the first "
+"valid encoder loaded as per the sequence specified in the "
+"``UserPasswordEncoders`` property in the ``ComponentContext.xml`` or "
+"``nonossComponentContext.xml`` files. The order of authentication schemes is"
+" determined by the ``UserAuthenticators`` property in the same files. If "
+"Non-OSS components, such as VMware environments, are to be deployed, modify "
+"the ``UserPasswordEncoders`` and ``UserAuthenticators`` lists in the "
+"``nonossComponentContext.xml`` file, for OSS environments, such as XenServer"
+" or KVM, modify the ``ComponentContext.xml`` file. It is recommended to make"
+" uniform changes across both the files. When a new authenticator or encoder "
+"is added, you can add them to this list. While doing so, ensure that the new"
+" authenticator or encoder is specified as a bean in both these files. The "
+"administrator can change the ordering of both these properties as preferred "
+"to change the order of schemes. Modify the following list properties "
+"available in ``client/tomcatconf/`` or "
+"``client/tomcatconf/`` as applicable, to the desired "
+msgstr "当一个新的用户被创建,用户密码是使用初次有效地编码器加载序列化的在``ComponentContext.xml`` 或 ``nonossComponentContext.xml``文件中“用户密码器”属性编码。"
+# 4d6a1903dd1442fb93b709113a408fef
+#: ../../installation.rst:932
+msgid ""
+"In the above default ordering, SHA256Salt is used first for "
+"``UserPasswordEncoders``. If the module is found and encoding returns a "
+"valid value, the encoded password is stored in the user table's password "
+"column. If it fails for any reason, the MD5UserAuthenticator will be tried "
+"next, and the order continues. For ``UserAuthenticators``, SHA256Salt "
+"authentication is tried first. If it succeeds, the user is logged into the "
+"Management server. If it fails, md5 is tried next, and attempts continues "
+"until any of them succeeds and the user logs in . If none of them works, the"
+" user is returned an invalid credential message."
+msgstr "在上述命令中,SHA256Salt用于初次对“用户密码编码器\".如果这个模块已经找到并且编码后返回一个有效值,编码密码存储在用户表密码列中。如果因某些原因失败,接下来将尝试MD5UserAuthenticator,并按照规定继续。对于用户授权, SHA256Salt授权首先被使用。如果成功,用户将登陆进入管理服务器。如果失败,下一步将尝试md5,并继续尝试直到成功。如果他们没起作用,用户将返回一个无效的确认信息。"
+# 863e97b69ca04e90a8aa6375cb40c7c1
+#: ../../installation.rst:945
+msgid ""
+"CloudStack needs a place to keep primary and secondary storage (see Cloud "
+"Infrastructure Overview). Both of these can be NFS shares. This section "
+"tells how to set up the NFS shares before adding the storage to CloudStack."
+msgstr "CloudStack需要主要存储和次要存储的空间(参见云架构概述)。两种存储都可以是NFS共享。下列区域告知如何在添加存储区前建立NFS共享"
+# e97f9879b6bf4cfdbd6c2c085765c532
+#: ../../installation.rst:952
+msgid ""
+"NFS is not the only option for primary or secondary storage. For example, "
+"you may use Ceph RBD, GlusterFS, iSCSI, and others. The choice of storage "
+"system     will depend on the choice of hypervisor and whether you are "
+"dealing with primary or secondary storage."
+msgstr "NFS不是唯一的主存储和次存储方式。例如,你可以用Ceph RBD,CLuserFS,iSCSI,或者其它。存储系统的选择依赖于"
+# 3f434e12a13c4cf7850e05104920ba38
+#: ../../installation.rst:954
+msgid "The requirements for primary and secondary storage are described in:"
+msgstr "以下是主存储和次要存储的需求描述:"
+# 705aad15c35b4edb8eb72b0c421bc6dc
+#: ../../installation.rst:958
+msgid ""
+"`“About Primary Storage” "
+msgstr "`“关于主存储” <关于主存储>`_"
+# 0e2a07b0286c415aa5ead04f998aae2a
+#: ../../installation.rst:962
+msgid ""
+"`“About Secondary Storage” "
+msgstr "`“关于次要存储” <关于次要存储>`_"
+# 5777fe97c6154ecaaf968c01f201e568
+#: ../../installation.rst:964
+msgid ""
+"A production installation typically uses a separate NFS server. See "
+msgstr "一个使用间隔NFS服务器的典型的安装产品。参见:使用间隔NFS服务器"
+# ff683a9bb6314c7bbdd28978dd4c135d
+#: ../../installation.rst:966
+msgid ""
+"You can also use the Management Server node as the NFS server. This is more "
+"typical of a trial installation, but is technically possible in a larger "
+"deployment. See :ref:`using-the-management-server-as-the-nfs-server`."
+msgstr "你也可以使用管理服务节点作为NFS服务器。这是更为典型的安装,但从技术角度讲部署可能会复杂。参见:使用管理服务器作为NFS服务器。"
+# efc65b7a55cc4c4799340f95f74b6c3d
+#: ../../installation.rst:973
+msgid "Using a Separate NFS Server"
+msgstr "使用间隔NFS服务器"
+# 6e7ca9f15cfb4f7085f7da650fc87b7d
+#: ../../installation.rst:975
+msgid ""
+"This section tells how to set up NFS shares for secondary and (optionally) "
+"primary storage on an NFS server running on a separate node from the "
+"Management Server."
+msgstr "以下区域内容将告诉您如何在运行在管理服务器上间隔节点的NFS服务器上创建次要服务或者主服务(可选)共享。"
+# 301452c38b5945f7aef5889be3191b79
+# 0c78024e8b1a4b6ca24714291717183f
+#: ../../installation.rst:979 ../../installation.rst:1049
+msgid ""
+"The exact commands for the following steps may vary depending on your "
+"operating system version."
+msgstr "以下步骤的命令可能取决于你的操作系统版本。"
+# c4c9ae71431d45938ad9fff677569f4a
+#: ../../installation.rst:983
+msgid ""
+"(KVM only) Ensure that no volume is already mounted at your NFS mount point."
+msgstr "(仅KVM)确保没有任何卷挂载到你的NFS挂点上。"
+# 6e44029c5e1c46dc812241ab0fe243f2
+#: ../../installation.rst:987
+msgid ""
+"On the storage server, create an NFS share for secondary storage and, if you"
+" are using NFS for primary storage as well, create a second NFS share. For "
+msgstr "在存储服务器上,创建一个用于辅助存储的NFS共享,如果同时也用于主存储的NFS共享,例如:"
+# b7640fa874db4186b6a2bf230f19ac03
+# b9c23da3777b4d91b9b0e1fde28e736b
+#: ../../installation.rst:998 ../../installation.rst:1072
+msgid ""
+"To configure the new directories as NFS exports, edit /etc/exports. Export "
+"the NFS share(s) with rw,async,no\\_root\\_squash,no\\_subtree\\_check. For "
+msgstr "配置新的目录作为NFS输出目录,编辑/etc/exports。使用 rw,async,no\\_root\\_squash,no\\_subtree\\_check输出NFS共享目录。例如:"
+# e3830758ea004cda917da3baf8a075de
+# c9ffdc6a70e14a818d66f54ebd4711b1
+#: ../../installation.rst:1006 ../../installation.rst:1080
+msgid "Insert the following line."
+msgstr "插入如下行。"
+# 88572128aa04498781100aa2d487944a
+# 24fc59cbbff640ee97d81cf420add8e6
+#: ../../installation.rst:1014 ../../installation.rst:1088
+msgid "Export the /export directory."
+msgstr "输出/export目录。"
+# 2c2f0a3094e0460ba50301cd94d20900
+#: ../../installation.rst:1022
+msgid ""
+"On the management server, create a mount point for secondary storage. For "
+msgstr "在管理服务器上,创建一个辅助存储的挂载点。例如:"
+# 6697c4c89b2945c0bbcfc21209e6e719
+#: ../../installation.rst:1031
+msgid ""
+"Mount the secondary storage on your Management Server. Replace the example "
+"NFS server name and NFS share paths below with your own."
+msgstr "在你的管理服务器上挂载辅助存储。更换下面的示例中NFS服务器名称和NFS共享路径为你自己的。"
+# bbc49c9dfce54eaa959bfbe08517d1b8
+#: ../../installation.rst:1041
+msgid "Using the Management Server as the NFS Server"
+msgstr "使用管理服务器作为NFS服务器"
+# f6507591af8842c0af55a93c562f8a79
+#: ../../installation.rst:1043
+msgid ""
+"This section tells how to set up NFS shares for primary and secondary "
+"storage on the same node with the Management Server. This is more typical of"
+" a trial installation, but is technically possible in a larger deployment. "
+"It is assumed that you will have less than 16TB of storage on the host."
+msgstr "本节讲述告诉你如何在管理服务器节点上设置主存储和辅助存储的NFS共享目录。这是典型的安装实验,但是部署更大的环境在技术上可行的。假设你的主机上拥有少于16TB的存储空间。"
+# e688f9ffd6ff469eb6e8f5ac981922b1
+#: ../../installation.rst:1054
+msgid "On RHEL/CentOS systems, you'll need to install the nfs-utils package:"
+msgstr "在 RHEL/CentOS系统上,你需要安装 nfs-utils包:"
+# 633c87eafb734ea28390d7114a78a66b
+#: ../../installation.rst:1062
+msgid ""
+"On the Management Server host, create two directories that you will use for "
+"primary and secondary storage. For example:"
+msgstr "在管理服务器主机上,创建两个目录用作主存储和辅助存储。例如:"
+# d41c0543c03748668a89f0fcb71dab00
+#: ../../installation.rst:1096
+msgid "Edit the /etc/sysconfig/nfs file."
+msgstr "编辑/etc/sysconfig/nfs文件。"
+# 02201c1c13a5411b83f5f3a7aa610806
+#: ../../installation.rst:1102
+msgid "Uncomment the following lines:"
+msgstr "取消如下行的注释:"
+# be0030743b2b41cea5e9c3bbc53b4d38
+#: ../../installation.rst:1115
+msgid "Edit the /etc/sysconfig/iptables file."
+msgstr "编辑 /etc/sysconfig/iptables文件。"
+# ee29346b3d5d40c29a4401d0f2021f15
+#: ../../installation.rst:1121
+msgid ""
+"Add the following lines at the beginning of the INPUT chain, where <NETWORK>"
+" is the network that you'll be using:"
+msgstr "在INPUT链开始处添加如下行, <NETWORK>处为你正在使用的网络:"
+# a8ebd3165ef941f2b5138978f236628d
+#: ../../installation.rst:1140
+msgid "Run the following commands:"
+msgstr "运行如下命令:"
+# dd7f19829a7f418bb13796c787838544
+#: ../../installation.rst:1149
+msgid ""
+"If NFS v4 communication is used between client and server, add your domain "
+"to /etc/idmapd.conf on both the hypervisor host and Management Server."
+msgstr "如果客户端和服务器之间使用NFS v4进行通讯,在hypervisor主机和管理服务器上的/etc/idmapd.conf文件中添加你的域名。"
+# 8bce72b6ccf44e2a8d0cc74f6d4d63db
+#: ../../installation.rst:1157
+msgid ""
+"Remove the character # from the beginning of the Domain line in idmapd.conf "
+"and replace the value in the file with your own domain. In the example "
+"below, the domain is"
+msgstr "从idmapd.conf文件中的Domain开始行移除字符#,并替代文件中的该值为你自己的域名。在下面的示例中,域名为"
+# aa28f6e3b79943708352a9a88e9648b2
+#: ../../installation.rst:1167
+msgid "Reboot the Management Server host."
+msgstr "重启管理服务器主机。"
+# fa9a28b42bbb48c8819132441a00cd47
+#: ../../installation.rst:1169
+msgid ""
+"Two NFS shares called /export/primary and /export/secondary are now set up."
+msgstr "两个NFS共享 /export/primary和 /export/secondary已经建立。"
+# db0683e6e4d5456eaf91f8c78da576e4
+#: ../../installation.rst:1174
+msgid ""
+"It is recommended that you test to be sure the previous steps have been "
+msgstr "强烈建议您测试以确保之前的步骤已经成功。"
+# 8b8e2a741b6f4584bfc01a03b53880e3
+#: ../../installation.rst:1179
+msgid "Log in to the hypervisor host."
+msgstr "登陆hypervisor主机。"
+# ba54a10212384e44a72b95b0e26db17c
+#: ../../installation.rst:1183
+msgid ""
+"Be sure NFS and rpcbind are running. The commands might be different "
+"depending on your OS. For example:"
+msgstr "确定NFS和rpcbind正在运行。具体命令可能因您的操作系统而不同。例如:"
+# 014a57fd157242feb74ad5648a43680e
+#: ../../installation.rst:1196
+msgid ""
+"Log back in to the hypervisor host and try to mount the /export directories."
+" For example, substitute your own management server name:"
+msgstr "重新登录到hypervisor主机并尝试挂载/export目录。例如,替代你自己的管理服务器名称:"
+# 2d92aed187234e8cad4ba635cf378c3e
+#: ../../installation.rst:1210
+msgid "Prepare and Start Additional Management Servers"
+msgstr "准备和启动额外的管理服务器。"
+# de1c10c4ea9947949db104f3a954120b
+#: ../../installation.rst:1212
+msgid ""
+"For your second and subsequent Management Servers, you will install the "
+"Management Server software, connect it to the database, and set up the OS "
+"for the Management Server."
+msgstr "在你的次级以及以后的管理服务器上,你将安装管理服务器软件,连接到数据库,并启动管理服务器的操作系统。"
+# deda98fd477d49a5824d234960226b41
+#: ../../installation.rst:1218
+msgid ""
+"Perform the steps in `“Prepare the Operating System” <#prepare-the-"
+"operating-system>`_ and `“Building RPMs from Source” "
+"<building_from_source.html#building-rpms-from-source>`_ or `“Building DEB "
+"packages” <building_from_source.html#building-deb-packages>`_ as "
+msgstr "执行这些步骤 `“准备操作系统”<#prepare-the-operating-system>`_ 和 `“从源码编译RPM包” <building_from_source.html#building-rpms-from-source>`_ 或 `“编译DEB包” <building_from_source.html#building-deb-packages>`_ 视情况而定."
+# cf655ea5763f474898548ad8d9591126
+#: ../../installation.rst:1224
+msgid ""
+"This step is required only for installations where XenServer is installed on"
+" the hypervisor hosts."
+msgstr "这个步骤仅适用于安装了XenServer的hypervisor主机。"
+# 1c57f09222d34ab0901da352e207b930
+#: ../../installation.rst:1227
+msgid ""
+"Download vhd-util from `vhd-util "
+msgstr "下载 vhd-util从 `vhd-util <>`_"
+# 4e0e555bc5aa449d94d6912079991072
+#: ../../installation.rst:1230
+msgid ""
+"Copy vhd-util to /usr/share/cloudstack-"
+msgstr "复制vhd-util到/usr/share/cloudstack-common/scripts/vm/hypervisor/xenserver目录下。"
+# 13f46dfa019941fbb870eb2d2e64aadc
+#: ../../installation.rst:1235
+msgid "Ensure that necessary services are started and set to start on boot."
+msgstr "确保必要的服务已经启动并设置为开机启动。"
+# 85218ac64da94db1a91de5afa591e608
+#: ../../installation.rst:1246
+msgid ""
+"Configure the database client. Note the absence of the --deploy-as argument "
+"in this case. (For more details about the arguments to this command, see "
+msgstr "配置数据库客户端。注意不使用 --deploy-as 参数在这种情况下。 (关于该命令参数更详细的信息, 参阅 :ref:`install-database-on-separate-node`.)"
+# 9b9e49f3a0a444c099233576ab3321e4
+#: ../../installation.rst:1256
+msgid "Configure the OS and start the Management Server:"
+msgstr "配置操作系统,并启动管理服务:"
+# 60702c567e2947e9aa19c0b5ec947341
+#: ../../installation.rst:1262
+msgid "The Management Server on this node should now be running."
+msgstr "管理服务应该运行在这个节点上。"
+# 1dd194414c0944a1b9acbd76fbf20a06
+#: ../../installation.rst:1266
+msgid "Repeat these steps on each additional Management Server."
+msgstr "在每个额外的管理服务器上重复这些步骤。"
+# 2e064e64c3604d30bd6d7dfceb570ce7
+#: ../../installation.rst:1270
+msgid ""
+"Be sure to configure a load balancer for the Management Servers. See "
+"`“Management Server Load Balancing” "
+msgstr "确保为管理服务器配置负载均衡。参阅:“管理服务器负载均衡\" <>`_."
+# 8d25149ea0e0441286d509318d647e1a
+#: ../../installation.rst:1276
+msgid ""
+"Secondary storage must be seeded with a template that is used for CloudStack"
+" system VMs."
+msgstr "辅助存储必须应用一个使用于生成CloudStack中虚拟机系统的模板。"
+# 276b16c5387d4689a1693231ea26b1f7
+#: ../../installation.rst:1280
+msgid ""
+"When copying and pasting a command, be sure the command has pasted as a "
+"single line before executing. Some document viewers may introduce unwanted "
+"line breaks in copied text."
+msgstr "当复制粘贴一个命令时,确保这个命令在执行前作为一个独立的行被粘贴。一些文档可能会引入不必要的文本换行。"
+# 57efaf7df3864902b8ef2abbc73b4fe7
+#: ../../installation.rst:1284
+msgid ""
+"On the Management Server, run one or more of the following cloud-install-"
+"sys-tmplt commands to retrieve and decompress the system VM template. Run "
+"the command for each hypervisor type that you expect end users to run in "
+"this Zone."
+msgstr "在管理服务器上,运行一个或多个cloud-install-sys-tmplt命令检索和解压系统虚拟机模版。运行这个命令在每个你希望最终用户在这个区域中运行的hypervisor类型。"
+# cf4e3c47521648d8b83c25db16adc62c
+#: ../../installation.rst:1289
+msgid ""
+"If your secondary storage mount point is not named /mnt/secondary, "
+"substitute your own mount point name."
+msgstr "如果辅助存储挂点不是 /mnt/secondary,替换你自己的挂载点名称。"
+# 9384f6babb1045c182cbc634bb16abcd
+#: ../../installation.rst:1292
+msgid ""
+"If you set the CloudStack database encryption type to \"web\" when you set "
+"up the database, you must now add the parameter -s <management-server-"
+"secret-key>. See :ref:`about-password-key-encryption`."
+msgstr "如果在设置数据库时,配置CloudStack数据库加密类型是\"web\",你现在必须添加参数-s <management-server-secret-key>。参阅 :ref:`about-password-key-encryption`。"
+# 5fc96ec6465e4326b964d68cfc4396c9
+#: ../../installation.rst:1296
+msgid ""
+"This process will require approximately 5 GB of free space on the local file"
+" system and up to 30 minutes each time it runs."
+msgstr "这个过程每次运行30分钟,运行时要求本地文件系统剩余大约5GB的空间。"
+# 9e9bde198fcb43d3b927a01bdfa137d5
+#: ../../installation.rst:1301
+msgid "For Hyper-V"
+msgstr "对于Hyper-V:"
+# 46a77ceb62484aa88c3491e231b15df4
+#: ../../installation.rst:1309
+msgid "For XenServer:"
+msgstr "对于XenServer:"
+# 5f4480aedeaa4a2f8f73256e4f2ac00d
+#: ../../installation.rst:1317
+msgid "For vSphere:"
+msgstr "对于vSphere:"
+# e2b895940e914161bc6cfffb3d156ae6
+#: ../../installation.rst:1325
+msgid "For KVM:"
+msgstr "对于KVM:"
+# f8238ce0c40b43c9ab8396a8b02321bc
+#: ../../installation.rst:1333
+msgid "For LXC:"
+msgstr "对于LXC:"
+# 5bd5fd295e884baab61eccc5daf0a4ec
+#: ../../installation.rst:1339
+msgid "On Ubuntu, use the following path instead:"
+msgstr "在Ubuntu上,使用如下路径:"
+# 85ce8593355f46cdb709714d94aa501c
+#: ../../installation.rst:1347
+msgid ""
+"If you are using a separate NFS server, perform this step. If you are using "
+"the Management Server as the NFS server, you MUST NOT perform this step."
+msgstr "如果你使用独立的NFS服务器,执行这一步骤。如果你使用管理服务器作为NFS服务器,你必须确保不执行这一步骤。"
+# 8ab48e57edc94c65aaeaf9476de618f5
+#: ../../installation.rst:1351
+msgid ""
+"When the script has finished, unmount secondary storage and remove the "
+"created directory."
+msgstr "当脚本完成后,卸载辅助存储并移除创建的目录。"
+# 6568fbbe06444b5eb10f413094b1ccab
+#: ../../installation.rst:1361
+msgid "Repeat these steps for each secondary storage server."
+msgstr "在每个辅助存储服务器上重述如下步骤。"
+# 1730814b960b4780b44870649cde8b07
+#: ../../installation.rst:1364
+msgid "Installation Complete! Next Steps"
+msgstr "安装完成!下一步"
+# 6d13368c0331401693f21fdeca1b32b2
+#: ../../installation.rst:1366
+msgid ""
+"Congratulations! You have now installed CloudStack Management Server and the"
+" database it uses to persist system data."
+msgstr "恭喜!你现在已经安装好了CloudStack管理服务器和用于持久化系统数据的数据库。"
+# b550a3b2345246bcb9cde46b834d9425
+#: ../../installation.rst:1369
+msgid ""
+"|installation-complete.png: Finished installs with single Management Server "
+"and multiple Management Servers|"
+msgstr "|installation-complete.png:完成安装单节点管理服务器和多节点管理服务器"
+# c3751fb65ae74573bc9c94685a08ba01
+#: ../../installation.rst:1372
+msgid "What should you do next?"
+msgstr "下面你将做什么?"
+# cada82145db24a15ad53e3d0143b1913
+#: ../../installation.rst:1376
+msgid ""
+"Even without adding any cloud infrastructure, you can run the UI to get a "
+"feel for what's offered and how you will interact with CloudStack on an "
+"ongoing basis. See Log In to the UI."
+msgstr "即使没有增加任何云的基础设施,你可以运行登陆界面感受其提供的内容并与CloudStack进行持续的交互。参见登陆用户界面"
+# c731424997214c7eb7e757b58abe6e73
+#: ../../installation.rst:1382
+msgid ""
+"When you're ready, add the cloud infrastructure and try running some virtual"
+" machines on it, so you can watch how CloudStack manages the infrastructure."
+" See Provision Your Cloud Infrastructure."
+msgstr "当你已经准备好了,添加云基础架构和尝试运行一些虚拟机,你将会观察到CloudStack如何管理基础设施。参阅:提供你的云基础设置"

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