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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: cloudstack-rat-master #3557
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2013 03:53:26 GMT
See <>


[sheng.yang] Fix Palo Alto Firewall RAT issue

[jessicawang] CLOUDSTACK-4793: UI > Infrastructure > Virtual Routers > listView >
implement Advanced Search by name/zone/pod/domain/account.

[laszlo.hornyak] fixed Rules

[laszlo.hornyak] Removing coded documentation

[jessicawang] CLOUDSTACK-4058: UI > Host detail page > (1) Add Hypervisor, HypervisorVersion

[laszlo.hornyak] FileUtil: use commons-io FileUtils

[alena.prokharchyk] CLOUDSTACK-5089: fixed VPCDao to set the accountId field correctly

[sudison] Added option to reload VM during in RevertToVMSnapshotCommand (only in VMWare as
I don't believe that XenServer supports anything similar)

[sudison] Updated VMSnapshotDetails* to match *Details* pattern (e.g. UserVMDetails*)

[sudison] Fixed bug with deleting VMWare VM Snapshots

[bfederle] Fix project view colors

[sudison] Add quiencevm option on createsnapshotcmd

[min.chen] CLOUDSTACK-4833:[Automation][BVT] Template and ISO test cases failing

[sudison] fix compile

[talluri] Renamed modules with same name to avoid confusion

[talluri] Revert "Renamed modules with same name to avoid confusion"

[talluri] CLOUDSTACK-4934: Rename Limit resources tests so that they have unique names.

[prachi] CLOUDSTACK-5045 - [Automation][BVT] Affinity group type is missing "create affinity
group page" and failed to create Affinity group

[prachi] CLOUDSTACK-5045 [Automation][BVT] Affinity group type is missing "create affinity
group page" and failed to create Affinity group

[girish] CLOUDSTACK-4648: Fixed Snapshots test cases

[rajesh.battala] Fixed VmSync issues in HyperV.

[w.zhou] check Linux bridge status before remove it (Cherry-picked from commit a33f0e7bdd3bc359e483eca36cf9faf1f2c7c521)

[w.zhou] CLOUDSTACK-5042: fix NPE error as BroadcastUri is NULL in shared network after upgrade
from 2.2.14 (Cherry-picked from commit 09e7ab9750df27d96159bbcf3f41bafc33ac6fbe)

[w.zhou] remove network limitation of nics on systemvms (cherry picked from commit 0227e0013ad90bb66a29e0852d9a114951b8f6fc)

[w.zhou] CLOUDSTACK-5042: change cloud.keystore to cloudmanagementserver.keystore and install
it (cherry picked from commit de448ec4792eda5b47d79b26e9cb8ce96a2b22f4)

[devdeep] Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP) client that is suitable for including in the console

[devdeep] Integrating the rdp client to get build in the regular build process.

[runseb] CLOUDSTACK-4998 additional bug fixed

[aprateek] Summary: Implement stored-password encryption for Stratosphere plugin

[talluri] Added fix for bug 5056.

[talluri] Increasing the timeout values to 600 seconds from 300 seconds

[talluri] CLOUSTACK-5099:, cleaned it. As well added Uniform
naming convention

[talluri] Revert "CLOUSTACK-5099:, cleaned it. As well added
Uniform naming convention"

[devdeep] Fixing build break due to console proxy rdp client.

[aprateek] CLOUDSTACK-4916: To Enable Master High Availability using mysql connector params
and mysql's 2 way replication

[devdeep] Changes in hyperv agent to handle an add shared (SMB) storage pool

[talluri] CLOUDSTACK-5099:, cleaned it. As well added Uniform
naming convention

[aprateek] CLOUDSTACK-4916: removing spurious comments

[muralimmreddy] Squashed merge of Ssl Termination feature

[likitha.shetty] CLOUDSTACK-4994. Cannot attach VMwareInstallerISO to VMs that are of guest
operating system CentOS 6.1 CentOS 6.2 CentOS 6.3 CentOS 6.4.

[talluri] fixed indentaion problem in :359

[girish] CLOUDSTACK-5107: Decreasing memory in service offering so as

[talluri] Modified remoteSSHClient references to SshClient

[kishan] BUG-ID: CS-17753 unable to attach more than 5 data volumes to a VM running on ESX
due to SCSI ID conflict between new volume and ID reserved for the virtual SCSI adapter

[w.zhou] CLOUDSTACK-5076: fix wrong bridge name in vm domain xml desc after upgrade from 4.0
or before to 4.2

[rajesh.battala] Enabled the traffic lable support the hyperv hypervisor type. Modified the
physical_network_traffic_types table to introduce hyperv_network lable column.

[w.zhou] fix apidocs build error

[w.zhou] CLOUDSTACK-4923: add missing Network limits in Domain details page

[talluri] fixing indentation problem in

[alena.prokharchyk] ResourceMetaData: added support for userIpAddress (publicIp) metadata

[laszlo.hornyak] Fill the creationMonitors based on priority

[jessicawang] CLOUDSTACK-999: hyper-V: UI > Infrastructure > Secondary Storages >
Add Secondary Storage > When provider is SMB, show SMB username/password/domain fields
and send their value to url parameter of addImageStore API.

[jessicawang] CLOUDSTACK-999: hyper-V: UI > Infrastructure > Secondary Storages >
listView, detailView > remove password from URL property.

[jessicawang] CLOUDSTACK-999: hyper-V: UI > Infrastructure > Secondary Storages >
add protocol field to listView, detailView.

[sudison] Add quiesce vm for vmware during vm snapshot

[sheng.yang] Fix redundant router failed to start

[sheng.yang] Redundant Router: Fix priority records in db

Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
Building remotely on ubuntu1 in workspace <>
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
Fetching upstream changes from
Checking out Revision fd2e8c9ac446b6c3fc43710ffa3fd631023fa9b1 (origin/master)
[cloudstack-rat-master] $ /bin/bash -xe /tmp/
+ /home/jenkins/tools/maven/latest2/bin/mvn --projects=org.apache.cloudstack:cloudstack org.apache.rat:apache-rat-plugin:0.10:check
[INFO] Scanning for projects...
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Building Apache CloudStack
[INFO]    task-segment: [org.apache.rat:apache-rat-plugin:0.10:check]
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] [apache-rat:check {execution: default-cli}]
[INFO] 51 implicit excludes (use -debug for more details).
[INFO] Exclude:
[INFO] Exclude: .idea/
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.log
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.patch
[INFO] Exclude: **/.classpath
[INFO] Exclude: **/.project
[INFO] Exclude: **/.idea/**
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.iml
[INFO] Exclude: **/.settings/**
[INFO] Exclude: .metadata/**
[INFO] Exclude: .git/**
[INFO] Exclude: .gitignore
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.crt
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.csr
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.key
[INFO] Exclude: **/authorized_keys
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.war
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.mar
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.jar
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.iso
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.tgz
[INFO] Exclude: **/*.zip
[INFO] Exclude: **/target/**
[INFO] Exclude: **/.vagrant
[INFO] Exclude: awsapi/overlays/**
[INFO] Exclude: build/build.number
[INFO] Exclude: services/console-proxy/server/js/jquery.js
[INFO] Exclude: debian/compat
[INFO] Exclude: debian/control
[INFO] Exclude: debian/dirs
[INFO] Exclude: debian/rules
[INFO] Exclude: deps/XenServerJava/src/com/xensource/xenapi/*.java
[INFO] Exclude: deps/XenServerJava/BSD
[INFO] Exclude: deps/XenServerJava/Makefile
[INFO] Exclude: dist/console-proxy/js/jquery.js
[INFO] Exclude: plugins/hypervisors/hyperv/DotNet/ServerResource/ServerResource.sln
[INFO] Exclude: plugins/hypervisors/hyperv/DotNet/ServerResource/packages/**
[INFO] Exclude: plugins/hypervisors/hyperv/DotNet/ServerResource/.nuget/**
[INFO] Exclude: plugins/hypervisors/hyperv/DotNet/ServerResource/**/obj/**
[INFO] Exclude: plugins/hypervisors/hyperv/DotNet/ServerResource/**/bin/**
[INFO] Exclude: plugins/hypervisors/hyperv/DotNet/ServerResource/**/packages.config
[INFO] Exclude: plugins/hypervisors/hyperv/DotNet/ServerResource/**/App.config
[INFO] Exclude: plugins/hypervisors/hyperv/DotNet/ServerResource/**/*.csproj
[INFO] Exclude: plugins/hypervisors/hyperv/conf/
[INFO] Exclude: scripts/vm/systemvm/
[INFO] Exclude: services/console-proxy/server/conf/
[INFO] Exclude: services/console-proxy/server/conf/
[INFO] Exclude: services/secondary-storage/conf/
[INFO] Exclude: services/secondary-storage/conf/
[INFO] Exclude: tools/devcloud/basebuild/puppet-devcloudinitial/files/network.conf
[INFO] Exclude: tools/appliance/definitions/devcloud/*
[INFO] Exclude: tools/appliance/definitions/systemvmtemplate/*
[INFO] Exclude: tools/appliance/definitions/systemvm64template/*
[INFO] Exclude: tools/appliance/definitions/builtin/*
[INFO] Exclude: tools/cli/cloudmonkey.egg-info/*
[INFO] Exclude: tools/devcloud/src/deps/boxes/basebox-build/definition.rb
[INFO] Exclude: tools/devcloud/src/deps/boxes/basebox-build/preseed.cfg
[INFO] Exclude: tools/marvin/Marvin.egg-info/*
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.colorhelpers.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.crosshair.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.fillbetween.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.image.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.navigate.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.pie.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.resize.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.selection.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.stack.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.symbol.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/flot/jquery.flot.threshold.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery-ui/css/jquery-ui.css
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery-ui/index.html
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery-ui/js/jquery-ui.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery.cookies.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery.easing.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery.md5.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/jquery.validate.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/qunit/qunit.css
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/qunit/qunit.js
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/reset.css
[INFO] Exclude: ui/lib/require.js
[INFO] Exclude: waf
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/conf/
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/conf/
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/js/jquery.js
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/systemvm.vmx
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/root/.ssh/authorized_keys
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/apache2/httpd.conf
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/apache2/ports.conf
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/apache2/sites-available/default
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/apache2/vhostexample.conf
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/dnsmasq.conf.tmpl
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/vpcdnsmasq.conf
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/ssh/sshd_config
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/rsyslog.conf
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/logrotate.conf
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/logrotate.d/*
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/sysctl.conf
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/root/redundant_router/keepalived.conf.templ
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/root/redundant_router/
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/root/redundant_router/conntrackd.conf.templ
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/vpn/etc/ipsec.conf
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/vpn/etc/ppp/options.xl2tpd
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/vpn/etc/xl2tpd/xl2tpd.conf
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/vpn/etc/ipsec.secrets
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/cloud-nic.rules
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/modprobe.d/aesni_intel
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/etc/rc.local
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/var/www/html/userdata/.htaccess
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/config/var/www/html/latest/.htaccess
[INFO] Exclude: systemvm/patches/debian/vpn/etc/ipsec.d/l2tp.conf
[INFO] Exclude: tools/transifex/.tx/config
[INFO] Exclude: tools/marvin/marvin/sandbox/advanced/sandbox.cfg
[INFO] Exclude: tools/ngui/static/bootstrap/*
[INFO] Exclude: tools/ngui/static/js/lib/*
[INFO] Exclude: **/.checkstyle
[INFO] 6852 resources included (use -debug for more details)
[INFO] Rat check: Summary of files. Unapproved: 2 unknown: 2 generated: 0 approved: 6694 licence.
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Too many files with unapproved license: 2 See RAT report in: <>
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] For more information, run Maven with the -e switch
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 21 seconds
[INFO] Finished at: Sat Nov 09 03:53:17 UTC 2013
[INFO] Final Memory: 25M/226M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Archiving artifacts

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