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Subject [47/50] [abbrv] git commit: updated refs/heads/disk-cache to 72f2f12
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2013 11:09:52 GMT
docs: Add more information about RBD cloning to the Release Notes


Branch: refs/heads/disk-cache
Commit: a7f861f8d9df47e186ff8b30f9f9dc36bde0005c
Parents: a16fd47
Author: Wido den Hollander <>
Authored: Mon Sep 2 22:03:25 2013 +0200
Committer: Wido den Hollander <>
Committed: Mon Sep 2 22:03:25 2013 +0200

 docs/en-US/Release_Notes.xml | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)
diff --git a/docs/en-US/Release_Notes.xml b/docs/en-US/Release_Notes.xml
index 9d94dd3..bd51b61 100644
--- a/docs/en-US/Release_Notes.xml
+++ b/docs/en-US/Release_Notes.xml
@@ -237,6 +237,10 @@ under the License.
           copied to Primary Storage once and using the cloning mechanism new disks will be
           from this parent template. This saves space and decreases deployment time for Instances
+        <para>Cloning will however only work with new templates and when they are freshly
+            to primary storage. Templates currently stored on RBD Primary Storage are in
RBD format 1
+            which does not support cloning. Loglevel debug on the Agent will show if cloning
is used
+            when deploying a template or not.</para>
         <para>Before this release a NFS Primary Storage was still required for running
the System
           VMs from. The reason behind this was a so called 'patch disk' which was generated
by the
           hypervisor which contained metadata for the System VM. The scripts generating this

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