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Subject svn commit: r1488310 - /cloudstack/site/trunk/content/trademark-guidelines.mdtext
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 16:56:54 GMT
Author: chipchilders
Date: Fri May 31 16:56:54 2013
New Revision: 1488310

Decreasing heading levels and adding a H1 for trademark guidelines.


Modified: cloudstack/site/trunk/content/trademark-guidelines.mdtext
--- cloudstack/site/trunk/content/trademark-guidelines.mdtext (original)
+++ cloudstack/site/trunk/content/trademark-guidelines.mdtext Fri May 31 16:56:54 2013
@@ -1,3 +1,5 @@
+# Trademark Guidelines for the Apache CloudStack Project
 Apache CloudStack, CloudStack, the CloudStack word design, the Apache 
 CloudStack word design, the cloud monkey logo, either separately or in 
 combination are hereinafter referred to as "CloudStack Trademarks" and 
@@ -20,21 +22,21 @@ this document should be taken as additiv
 Foundation's trademark guideline. Nothing contained herein provides an 
 exception to those guidelines.
-# Mark usage
+## Mark usage
-## Wordmark
+### Wordmark
 The word 'CloudStack' and 'Apache CloudStack' is a registered trademark, 
 and should use the '®' symbol. In places where that symbol is not 
 reasonably used it is acceptable to use '(R)' as an alternative.
-## Other CloudStack marks
+### Other CloudStack marks
 The CloudStack word design, the Apache CloudStack word design, and the 
 cloud monkey logo are all trademarks and should not appear without the 
 '™' symbol being present.
-## Apache CloudStack Logo (TM)
+### Apache CloudStack Logo (TM)
 The Apache CloudStack logo with the "TM" symbol present may be 
 downloaded here:
@@ -46,16 +48,16 @@ downloaded here:
 [Apache CloudStack logo without the tagline (JPEG file)](
 [Apache CloudStack logo with "open source cloud computing" tagline and the Cloud Monkey (JPEG
-# Events
+## Events
-## Exhibiting at Events:
+### Exhibiting at Events:
 Apache CloudStack committers may, without prior approval, use the 
 CloudStack Trademarks to promote exhibits or sessions at events with the 
 aim to promote Apache CloudStack, though the general adherence to the 
 ASF's trademark guidelines is still required.
-## Sponsoring Events:
+### Sponsoring Events:
 Sponsoring events can provide good visibility for the project, however 
 it frequently requires funds that the project does not have access to. 
@@ -69,7 +71,7 @@ Approval is given by the PMC.
 project provided marks used.
 * At least one committer must be planning to represent the project.
-## CloudStack Specific Conferences:
+### CloudStack Specific Conferences:
 In addition to seeking permission from ConCom and other general ASF 
 guidelines the additional guidelines for Apache CloudStack:
@@ -78,7 +80,7 @@ guidelines the additional guidelines for
 * Membership on committees deciding content should be open to any 
-## Meetup groups, hackfests, barcamps, Birds of a Feather, and other 
+### Meetup groups, hackfests, barcamps, Birds of a Feather, and other 
 small events.
 Local area user events are encouraged.
@@ -88,14 +90,14 @@ CloudStack"
 no affiliation between the group and the project.
 * A link to the project's website should be present.
-# Non-software goods
+## Non-software goods
 * Without explicit written permission, goods bearing any of the 
 CloudStack marks may not be sold.
 * Designs for non-software goods require both PMC approval and approval 
 from trademarks@.
-# Websites
+## Websites
 No additional guidelines are required above and beyond the 
 [Third Party Domain Name Branding Policy](

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