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Subject svn commit: r1488308 - /cloudstack/site/trunk/content/trademark-guidelines.mdtext
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 16:55:11 GMT
Author: chipchilders
Date: Fri May 31 16:55:11 2013
New Revision: 1488308

Initial load of the trademark guidelines


Added: cloudstack/site/trunk/content/trademark-guidelines.mdtext
--- cloudstack/site/trunk/content/trademark-guidelines.mdtext (added)
+++ cloudstack/site/trunk/content/trademark-guidelines.mdtext Fri May 31 16:55:11 2013
@@ -0,0 +1,112 @@
+Apache CloudStack, CloudStack, the CloudStack word design, the Apache 
+CloudStack word design, the cloud monkey logo, either separately or in 
+combination are hereinafter referred to as "CloudStack Trademarks" and 
+are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Apache Software 
+Foundation. Excepting the provisions outlined below you may not use the 
+CloudStack trademarks or any confusingly similar mark as a trademark for 
+your product, to imply endorsement by the project, or use the CloudStack 
+trademarks in any other manner that might cause confusion in the 
+Trademark law dictates that owners must police their marks or risk the 
+loss of the marks.
+The Apache Software Foundation has an established trademark policy 
+that when in conflict should be considered the canonical standard. 
+However, the Apache Software Foundation has given the responsibility for 
+brand management to the project's Project Management Committee. Thus 
+this document should be taken as additive to the Apache Software 
+Foundation's trademark guideline. Nothing contained herein provides an 
+exception to those guidelines.
+# Mark usage
+## Wordmark
+The word 'CloudStack' and 'Apache CloudStack' is a registered trademark, 
+and should use the '®' symbol. In places where that symbol is not 
+reasonably used it is acceptable to use '(R)' as an alternative.
+## Other CloudStack marks
+The CloudStack word design, the Apache CloudStack word design, and the 
+cloud monkey logo are all trademarks and should not appear without the 
+'™' symbol being present.
+## Apache CloudStack Logo (TM)
+The Apache CloudStack logo with the "TM" symbol present may be 
+downloaded here:
+[Apache CloudStack logo with "open source cloud computing" tagline (.ai file)](
+[Apache CloudStack logo without the tagline (.ai file)](
+[Apache CloudStack logo with "open source cloud computing" tagline and the Cloud Monkey (JPEG
+[Apache CloudStack logo with "open source cloud computing" tagline (JPEG file)](
+[Apache CloudStack logo without the tagline (JPEG file)](
+[Apache CloudStack logo with "open source cloud computing" tagline and the Cloud Monkey (JPEG
+# Events
+## Exhibiting at Events:
+Apache CloudStack committers may, without prior approval, use the 
+CloudStack Trademarks to promote exhibits or sessions at events with the 
+aim to promote Apache CloudStack, though the general adherence to the 
+ASF's trademark guidelines is still required.
+## Sponsoring Events:
+Sponsoring events can provide good visibility for the project, however 
+it frequently requires funds that the project does not have access to. 
+Many outside organizations wish to provide this type of visibility.
+In addition to gaining the approval of ConCom the following is required:
+* Sponsorship discussed and approved on the cloudstack-marketing list. 
+Approval is given by the PMC.
+* Sponsorship must be provided with no additional affiliation - and only 
+project provided marks used.
+* At least one committer must be planning to represent the project.
+## CloudStack Specific Conferences:
+In addition to seeking permission from ConCom and other general ASF 
+guidelines the additional guidelines for Apache CloudStack:
+* Project approval from the PMC is needed.
+* Membership on committees deciding content should be open to any 
+## Meetup groups, hackfests, barcamps, Birds of a Feather, and other 
+small events.
+Local area user events are encouraged.
+* Events which include the CloudStack name, should be styled: "Apache 
+* Annotation on the group's web presence should indicate that there is 
+no affiliation between the group and the project.
+* A link to the project's website should be present.
+# Non-software goods
+* Without explicit written permission, goods bearing any of the 
+CloudStack marks may not be sold.
+* Designs for non-software goods require both PMC approval and approval 
+from trademarks@.
+# Websites
+No additional guidelines are required above and beyond the 
+[Third Party Domain Name Branding Policy](

+In general:
+> you may not use Apache marks such as "ApacheFoo" or "Foo" in your own 
+> domain names if that use would be likely to confuse a relevant consumer 
+> about the source of software or services provided through your domain 
+> with products or services provided by the Apache Foo project or the 
+> Apache Software Foundation as a whole. You should apply the 
+> "likelihood of confusion" test described in our 
+> [formal Trademark Policy|], and 
+> please realize that the use of Apache marks in third party domain 
+> names is generally not "nominative fair use."

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