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Subject git commit: updated refs/heads/4.1 to ab20525
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2013 22:23:53 GMT
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/4.1 b55c8f062 -> ab2052506

CLOUDSTACK-1501: Adding documentation on tested configuration matrix.


Branch: refs/heads/4.1
Commit: ab20525068b3e2c45779d9693f6d946c4a1e25cc
Parents: b55c8f0
Author: Joe Brockmeier <>
Authored: Fri Apr 19 17:23:35 2013 -0500
Committer: Joe Brockmeier <>
Committed: Fri Apr 19 17:23:35 2013 -0500

 docs/en-US/Release_Notes.xml |   51 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 files changed, 51 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
diff --git a/docs/en-US/Release_Notes.xml b/docs/en-US/Release_Notes.xml
index 181bb07..417d210 100644
--- a/docs/en-US/Release_Notes.xml
+++ b/docs/en-US/Release_Notes.xml
@@ -27,6 +27,57 @@ under the License.
         <para>This document contains information specific to this release of &PRODUCT;,
including upgrade instructions from prior releases, new features added to &PRODUCT;, API
changes, and issues fixed in the release. For installation instructions, please see the <ulink
Guide</ulink>. For usage and administration instructions, please see the <ulink url="">&PRODUCT;
Administrator's Guide</ulink>. Developers and users who wish to work with the API will
find instruction in the <ulink url="">&PRODUCT;
API Developer's Guide</ulink></para>
         <para>If you find any errors or problems in this guide, please see <xref
linkend="feedback" />. We hope you enjoy working with &PRODUCT;!</para>
+    <chapter id="compatibility">
+        <title>Compatibility Matrix for 4.1.0</title>
+            <para>&PRODUCT; is tested against certain operating systems, hypervisors,
and other components to ensure that it works on specific platforms. It may work well on other
platforms, but the platforms listed below are the ones we specifically test against and are
more likely to be able to help troubleshoot if you run into any issues.</para>
+            <section id="supported-oses">
+                <title>Supported Operating Systems</title>
+                <para>This section lists the operating systems that are supported for
running &PRODUCT;'s Management Server.</para>
+                <para>Note that we test against specific versions of the OSes, so compatibility
with CentOS 6.3 may not indicate compatibility with CentOS 6.2, etc.</para>
+                <itemizedlist>
+                    <listitem><para>CentOS 6.3</para></listitem>
+                    <listitem><para>Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3</para></listitem>
+                    <listitem><para>Ubuntu 12.04 LTS</para></listitem>
+                </itemizedlist>
+            </section>
+            <section id="supported-hypervisors">
+                <title>Supported Hypervisors</title>
+                <para>&PRODUCT; supports three hypervisor families, Xen with XAPI,
KVM, and VMware with vSphere.</para>
+                <itemizedlist>
+                    <listitem><para>CentOS 6.2 with KVM</para></listitem>
+                    <listitem><para>Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 with KVM</para></listitem>
+                    <listitem><para>XenServer 6.0.2 (with Hotfix)</para></listitem>
+                    <listitem><para>XenServer 6.1</para></listitem>
+                    <listitem><para>VMware vSphere/Vcenter 5.1</para></listitem>
+                </itemizedlist>
+                <note>
+                    <title>Bare Metal Support</title>
+                    <para>Bare metal support is not present in this release.</para>
+                </note>
+            </section>
+            <section id="supported-browsers">
+                <title>Supported Browsers</title>
+                <para>The &PRODUCT; Web-based UI should be compatible with any
modern browser, but it's possible that some browsers will not render portions of the UI reliably,
depending on their support of Web standards. For best results, we recommend one of the following
+                <itemizedlist>
+                    <listitem><para>Internet Explorer 8</para></listitem>
+                    <listitem><para>Firefox 10+</para></listitem>
+                    <listitem><para>Chrome</para></listitem>
+                    <listitem><para>Safari</para></listitem>
+                </itemizedlist>
+                <para>Note that it's difficult to confirm specific browser versions
for Firefox and Google Chrome, given the speed of their update cycle.</para>
+            </section>
+            <section id="supported-devices">
+                <title>External Devices</title>
+                <para>The following external devices are supported in &PRODUCT;
+                <itemizedlist>
+                    <listitem><para>F5: 10.1.10 (Build 3341.1084)</para></listitem>
+                    <listitem><para>SRX model srx100b: Must be 10.3 or higher
+                    <listitem><para>Netscaler VPX 9.3, 10.0(Build and
+                    <listitem><para>Netscaler MPX 10</para></listitem>
+                    <listitem><para>Netscaler SDX 10</para></listitem>
+                </itemizedlist>
+            </section>
+    </chapter>
     <chapter id="version-4.1">
         <title>Version 4.1.0</title>
         <section id="what-new-in-4.1">

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