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Subject svn commit: r1460698 - in /cloudstack/site/trunk/content: about.mdtext images/cloudmonkey-fp-sm.png index.mdtext
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2013 15:00:57 GMT
Author: jzb
Date: Mon Mar 25 15:00:57 2013
New Revision: 1460698

updating the site with an about page and resizing the monkey.

    cloudstack/site/trunk/content/images/cloudmonkey-fp-sm.png   (with props)

Added: cloudstack/site/trunk/content/about.mdtext
--- cloudstack/site/trunk/content/about.mdtext (added)
+++ cloudstack/site/trunk/content/about.mdtext Mon Mar 25 15:00:57 2013
@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
+Title: About Apache CloudStack
+## Open Source Cloud Computing: Apache CloudStack
+Apache CloudStack is a top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The project
develops open source software for deploying public and private Infrastructure-as-a-Service
+CloudStack provides an open and flexible cloud orchestration platform to deliver reliable
and scalable private and public clouds. 
+### Apache CloudStack History
+The CloudStack project began as a project of a start-up known as VMOps in 2008. The company
eventually changed its name to, and it released much of the source to CloudStack
in May 2010 under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). 
+ was purchased in July 2011 by Citrix, and the remainder of CloudStack's code was
released (again, under the GPLv3) in August 2011. Citrix released CloudStack 3.0 in early
+In April 2012, Citrix re-licensed CloudStack under the Apache Software License 2.0 (ASLv2)
and submitted CloudStack to the [Apache Incubator]( It was [accepted
into the Incubator on April 16th, 2012](

+After getting its infrastructure and community processes in place, CloudStack made its first
major release (4.0.0-incubating) from the Apache Incubator on November 6th, 2012. The first
minor release (4.0.1-incubating) came out on February 12, 2013. 
+Apache CloudStack graduated from the Incubator on March 20, 2013, and the announcement was
released on [March 25, 2013](

+### People of Apache CloudStack
+Apache projects are managed by a [Project Management Committee](
(PMC), and much of the work is done by the project's [committers](
Note that committer status is *not* limited to developers, but is conferred to individuals
who have made sustained contributions of high quality, and have shown a committment to mentoring
other contributors and following the Apache Way.
+The current Vice President of Apache CloudStack and chair of the PMC is Chip Childers, a
full list of PMC members and contributors is available on the page *[Who We Are](/who.html)*.

Added: cloudstack/site/trunk/content/images/cloudmonkey-fp-sm.png
Binary file - no diff available.

Propchange: cloudstack/site/trunk/content/images/cloudmonkey-fp-sm.png
    svn:mime-type = image/png

Modified: cloudstack/site/trunk/content/index.mdtext
--- cloudstack/site/trunk/content/index.mdtext (original)
+++ cloudstack/site/trunk/content/index.mdtext Mon Mar 25 15:00:57 2013
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 Title: Apache CloudStack: Open Source Cloud Computing
-<a href=""><img class="frontpage" src="/images/cloudmonkey-fp.png"
height="239" width="662"></a>
+<a href=""><img class="frontpage" src="/images/cloudmonkey-fp.png"
height="150" width="450"></a>
 ## <i class="icon-cloud"></i> What is CloudStack?

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