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From Andrew Hart <>
Subject Branch for CSAG code contributions
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2013 12:33:56 GMT
Hey all,

For the past few day's I've been working with Chris Jack (cjack) at the 
Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town.  
and he's shown me a couple of really neat python libraries that he's 
built over the past few years to support the operation of their Climate 
Information Portal (CIP) [1]. There are a few things here that I think 
might really be beneficial to OCW, since some of what CIP has had to 
think about about is relevant to discussions we're either having now 
(e.g.: what things should go into a dataset class), or plan to have at 
some point (e.g.: how to support rotated, or user-defined grids).

To make it easier to have these discussions, I have created a 'csag' 
branch where Chris and I will be putting some of this code over the next 
few days. There's a lot that CSAG has developed that is complementary to 
OCW, and I think its an excellent thing for the community they are 
willing to share and participate. It would be great if anyone 
interested/involved in the core OCW library development could take a 
look at some point and bring questions/comments to the list.



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