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From Denis Nadeau <>
Subject Re: obs4MIPs program
Date Sat, 07 Sep 2013 16:37:31 GMT

I checked in "obs4MIPs"  in SVN.  You have the whole thing with examples 
for TRMM and ECMWF including the resource files (.rc). Taking care of 
Python dependencies will be the most difficult part I think, but the 
it's pretty straightforward to run.   Can someone try to run the 
examples on your side to know what needs to be improved?

You can use XLS spreadsheet to match variables(ex:ECMWF<->CMIP5) or use 
the python list directly in the resource file(ex:TRMM<->CMIP5), but the 
second option is less user friendly to maintain/read.

You can also create User Defined Functions that can be imported 
on-the-fly and create a new data array using the variable in the input 
file.  For example, with ECMWF data we want to convert "specific 
humidity (Q)" to "relative humidity(RH)" using "dew point (d2m)".

I am currently creating a resource file to convert MERRA data to CMIP5, 
I will give you an example when its completed.  MERRA data is HDF-EOS so 
let see how I can make this work...  :-)

Happy to hear that it's gonna be used!

On 09/07/2013 12:21 PM, Mattmann, Chris A (398J) wrote:
> Dear Denis et al.,
> Really looking forward to having you guys participate in Apache OCW
> and looking forward to the obs4MIPs Python program in there. I need
> to integrate it into my downstream CMAC task and I can see us also
> integrating it into the OCW UI/analytics end.
> Awesome work and if you need any help around here, feel free to ask
> and please use the mailing list for communications.
> Cheers!
> Chris
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> From: "denis.nadeau" <>
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> Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 1:49 PM
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> Cc: "MCINERNEY, MARK A. (GSFC-6060)" <>, "Carriere,
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> Subject: obs4MIPs program
>> Hi,
>> I am going to check in CISTO NASA obs4MIPs Python program into the
>> apache climate incubator this week.  The software is used here at NASA
>> NCCS to convert from hdf, netcdf, grads (ctl) files and matlab files to
>> netcdf using CMOR2 and following the CMIP5 convention.   Since the code
>> was written following obs4MIPs project requirements , some CMOR2
>> attributes are deleted and new ones are created in the output file.
>> Feel free to try it up.  If you have problem installing/running the
>> software send a ticket to the Apache JIRA.  You might have to do some
>> work on get all dependencies working first.   The sofware utilizes a lot
>> of third party package such as xlrd, cmor2, netCDF4, ....
>> I have written a INSTALLATION document which explains how to solve the
>> dependencies and set up a "resource" file to run the program. I have
>> also created 2 examples, one with TRMM data that I downloaded from the
>> GES DISC (as netcdf file) and one from the ECMWF ERA-Interim Y2013 data
>> file using a excel spreadsheet to match CMIP5 variables to ECMWF
>> variables.
>> In the future I will add a "grads ctl" file example, which is very
>> helpful to aggregate data easily.
>> Have fun with it!
>> Denis
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