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From Manuel Chinea <>
Subject Re: EJB 3.1 injection of a SessionBean in a click page
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2010 12:01:04 GMT

I a have managed to do a cdi- based click servlet. Alpha quality code yet
(no error or edge cases handling, no javadoc), but it creates the Page
objects through the cdi api.

Here is the JIRA issue with
some instructions on the use of the Servlet.

So far i have tested injecting EJB (with the @EJB annotation) and Plain
POJOs using Producers.


2010/4/12 Bob Schellink <>

> On 12/04/2010 23:19, Manuel Chinea wrote:
>> Ok, i meant more of a project-specific Page, like MyPage, not the
>> Framework specific Page.
> Ah nods, I meant an application specific page as well. You can certainly do
> this in a BasePage or BorderPage, however the reason I'm suggesting you
> don't, is your BasePage can grow quite large as the number of services grow.
> We've found that large super pages can be difficult to digest by new
> developers working on our application.
> However since everybody's needs is different a super page exposing services
> might not pose a problem in your case. And if down the road it does, you can
> easily refactor the services into a separate Service Locator or Service
> Factory class.
>  Ah, that is very interesting. I totally forgot about the ClickServlet!.
>> I'll take a look on that option. That way i'll learn a little bit more
>> of Apache Click in the process! ;).
> Agreed :)
> I'm also hoping a future release of Click could expose a page creation
> service interface so the ClickServlet doesn't have to be subclassed.
> kind regards
> bob

Manuel Chinea.

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