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From Vasile Rotaru <>
Subject Proposal: setStatefulRedirect(Page page) method
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 17:15:50 GMT
Hi, to all. and thanks for the all the fish.. Ehhh, I mean Click, obviously

First I played a bit with Click, than used it in small project, all with
good results.

And since I've found, that it is very handy to use stuff like:

FooPage fooPage = getContext().createPage(FooPage.class); = "Oh, my!";
fooPage.baz = 666;


I've started thinking about ways of doing the same thing with setRedirect,
It turned to be doable and in a rather easy way:

public void setStatefulRedirect(Page page) {


And I guess a setFlashRedirect(Page page) method analogous with the
setFlashAttribite method is possible too.

  Vasile Rotaru

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