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Subject Cayenne integration question
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2010 21:26:21 GMT

        I'm trying to into integrate Cayenne into a new Click project I'm 
working on and I have a few questions.  If I have a DataContextFilter from 
the extras configured in my web.xml, how does that work with 
CayenneTemplate from the extras?  It looks like DataContextFilter is 
storing the data context in the user's session whereas CayenneTemplate is 
storing it thread local.  Are they mutually exclusive?  Also, I need to 
create some utilities that will run outside the web application server, 
but will also access the same tables in the DB.  Because of this I wanted 
to break out my Cayenne DB access stuff into a common library, but if I'm 
using CayenneTemplate as the base for my DAO's this won't fly in utility 
programs, will it?  I looked at the source for CayenneTemplate and didn't 
see any "web specific" code in there, but all the stuff from Click is 
meant only for web use, no?

Quite a few problems in there I know, but I appreciate the help.  :)


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