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From Bob Schellink <>
Subject Re: Click web architecture questions - services, transactions, etc.
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2010 22:34:28 GMT
On 28/04/2010 23:15, gdenchev wrote:
> Thank you both for your fast responces, much appreciated!
> Apparently I have missed the Spring integration with stateful pages example,
> thanks for pointing that out.
> It seems that we will use the 3rd approach to Spring integration as
> described in the documentation.

I'm going to check in a fix shortly to make option 3 "bean injection" work for stateful pages.
Currently one can only "pull" the beans from the ApplicationContext.

> Regarding the transactions, I have started implementing the two-phased
> transaction approach, but ran into the following problem:
> I need to copy and modify (add logic) the SpringClickServlet.processPage
> method. The method contains calls to protected static methods like
> ActionEventDispatcher.getThreadLocalDispatcher(). In my experience this
> makes extensions quite impossible. The same holds true for the ClickClick
> extension project (hosted on Google code). Currently I will have to modify
> the Click code itself to perform the extension.
> Is this by design? Do you plan on making these static methods public or
> replacing them with non-static methods alltogether?

The ActionEventDispatcher is bound to a ThreadLocal, which is why it has the static accessor.
could make it public I suppose to in order to make extending ClickServlet easier. In a future
release we want to include better Ajax integration which could affect the ActionEventDispatcher
#processPage code. Perhaps some of the code could move into a service, making it easier to
the default behavior.

Have you looked at the upcoming PageInterceptor? It seems to have the hooks you'll need for
transaction code:

preCreate(Class pageClass)

This would also allow you to conditionally include/exclude pages (by checking existence of
interfaces?) from being involved in the transaction.

2.2.0-RC1 is fairly close to release.

Kind regards


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