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From "Ricardo Lecheta" <>
Subject Re: stafetul pages
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2008 11:42:23 GMT

Bob, in fact the Wizards demo also put the WizardPage in the session.. The
Step1.onNext() does " getWizardPage().setStateful(true);"

I think I´m going to implement the Filter.. As Malcolm said I also need to
be careful to not
clean the reference to the current page too.

The problem is how the Filter can know what´s the current Page... Currently
the Page.getClass().getName() is the session key...
since the clean up code will be in some Filter, would be easier if the page
path is used as the session key, may be ?

thank you..

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 3:58 AM, Bob Schellink <> wrote:

> Hi Ricardo,
> Some alternative options that comes to mind:
> Use a single stateful Page with a list of swappable Panels. The new Wizard
> demo uses this approach.
> The advantage here is that there are fewer Pages in memory (should be
> easier to manage) but each consume more memory
> and they are not bookmarkable. You might want to take some time upfront at
> creating a proper Wizard control where you
> specify workflows consisting of Panels. Once the final Panel is processed
> the Page can set to stateless again.
> If you have multiple machines, Terracotta might be interesting. This allows
> your application to have more virtual memory
> and by adding more machines you increase your overall memory size.
> kind regards
> bob
> Ricardo Lecheta wrote:
>> Hi Bob / Malcolm
>> I´m working in some very big application, that uses a lot of Stateful
>> Pages... In fact, this feature are very useful in a lot of scenarios..
>> I´m thinking now about how to clean uo the user session, since I don´t
>> wanna that a lot of pages remains in the session forever.
>> I can call setStafeful(false), but sometimes I don´t know if the user will
>> go until the end of the use case...
>> So may be can exist some pages in the session... and it will be a lot of
>> them
>> I was thinking to create a Filter to iterate through the session objects,
>> and if it find some Page that is not the current Page, the filter
>> will remove this page from the Session...
>> What do you think about this? any other idea?
>> thank you...
>> --
>> Ricardo Lecheta

Ricardo Lecheta

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