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From "Christopher Highway" <>
Subject Re: [clickclick] new BooleanSelect field
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2008 20:59:10 GMT
Hi Bob,
Thanks for the answers

2008/10/19 Bob Schellink <>:
> I also don't think tweaking the control after onInit will be common. However
> if you want to support this a custom Option with mutable Label could do the
> trick.

I'm not going to put it in if it's not really needed, If a good reason
arises it can still be done.

> One thing you might want to consider for the StyledBooleanSelect is to
>  "hardcode" the option CSS classes with no option of changing it. This way
> you can document the available CSS classes and force users to use external
> CSS to style it if they want. (its a shame browser support are so flaky with
> Option styling)

I think this is a good middle way.
One can still tweak individual control styles if needed by using the
id of the select and an inner option.
(#form_select-ttt trueOption {color...})

We could also consider to make the StyledOption a topclass and not an
innerclass then you could use it for a a regular Select as well, and
you could create Selects like on the Jira searchpage
Setting an Id might be preferable to a class attribute then though, as
there might be more options.
Hmm... might be a bit overkill though, or maybe when more browsers
support the backgroundimage style?

> If you do consider this you might want to merge BooleanSelect and
> StyledBooleanSelect into one control where BooleanSelect has a StyledOption
> which appends the CSS classes.
> Lastly you could probably remove the isMultiple logic in StyledOption#render
> as BooleanSelect does not allow multiple selection.

I'll look into it.

> kind regards
> bob


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